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Ain’t all hunky-dory in the city?

4 Mar

I’m going through Sex And The City far quicker than is for my own good… It’s so comforting… 4 very hot ladies, hooking up with fairly attractive men one after the other, never settling down, no happy ending.
It’s so comforting when it doesn’t end happily ever after. Just hope that I’m fabulous & single by the time I’m in my mid-30’s (if I’m still alive, that is)…

But no happily ever after. And it’s still television, so it isn’t real life. But it captures the reality of real life in a very artificial way. So. Bloody. Confusing.

Aap Ja Sakte Hai, Namaste!

29 Aug

Anyone remembers “Kamzor Kadii Kaun”? The fantabulous show that emulated its English counterpart “The Weakest Link”? And probably Neena Gupta’s finest role ever? And one of the finest game-shows ever to hit Indian TV? Which was taken off-air, god only knows why?

Well, it’s just another example of how poor the Indian audience’s selection can be!

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Let’s watch a special of the original show, featuring none other than WWE super-stars!!!

I hope you enjoy the show…


Almost, but not quite real

26 Jul

“Idiot Box” is not entirely a well-deserved reputation. How else can a person witness moments that one would’ve never experienced before? The sight of a baby coming to life moments before the mother bleeds to death? Birth in one second, and death in another? The first wail of a premature newborn child, and the last breath of a mother-would-have-been? How can you call it an Idiot Box when it was the only way one could witness a most tragic moment that one would give everything to never have to confront in real life… and know exactly why…

Soap and Sexuality

30 Jun

Did I ever mention how I despise each and every hindi soap opera? Well, not anymore.

I was fortunate to chance upon one on some channel called “Colors”. The show is in Rajhastani.
Why did I take a liking to this one? Well, marriage celebrations seem to be underway presently, in the story. So I managed to catch one of the ceremony in which the family rubs Gram-flour(Besan) all over the groom. Yep, half clad super-cutie with only a stole covering his gorgeous upper half smiling as people touch him everywhere for us to see!
What’s more, initially only women are reaping the pleasure, but soon enough, another man walks in, makes eye-contact with the groom and both exchange very suggestive smiles!
Think I’m crazy? Wait till you hear this.
In the next scene, they show the bride. She’s on the heavier side, with a dull face, dull expression and downright depressing appearance. A hot guy marry HER? Not unless it’s a marriage of convenience, hell no!

And they say there’s no homosexuality in Indian Culture. Then what’s this? Ha!

Homophobia in the Family

23 Jan

Thankfully, not mine.

So I’ve taken this addiction to Family Guy off-late, which I spend tons of my free time watching. Uptill know, the going was good. And I would have to be exaggerating if I said that I’ve started enjoying it a bit less, but as I revel in exaggeration, I will say that I’ve started liking it a bit less.

All this while, there were these Family Guy moments in which I felt that my least favourite character, Stewie, was gay. And I just watched an episode which confirms that he is not. Which is utter deception, considering all those moments in which it seemed so explicit and obvious from his scenes.
I think that it’s about time prominent adult cartoons started having mainstream gay characters. It would certainly further the gay rights movement.

Anyway, I was searching Youtube for a nice accompanying clip for any of you who haven’t watched Family Guy before (*shudder*) and found one very much in line with the theme of my post…

Yes, I know it’s in humour. I love Family Guy… I always will 🙂

Say NO to MTV (For more reasons than one)

6 Jan

Yesterday, whilst at my cousin’s, MTV Roadies (6.0) happened to be playing on TV. So this hopeful comes in. Quite like the rest, he’s totally gavaar. And a gym instructor.

Both the interviewers went off about how only gay people are into body-building, and thus the guy was gay. And the dude kept denying the allegation. Then they asked him to unclothe, and commented on how the fact that he waxed (or specifically used veet or something) his tattoo was on his back, and only visible to someone behind him, and how that was gay and yada yada yada. (In retrospection, I wonder how they know so much about hair-removal products.)
Once he’d left the room, they said in closing comments that “they were kidding and that he wasn’t gay”. Because clearly, if he was, that would be the most humiliating thing in the world, right?

I wasn’t holding the remote control, so I couldn’t help our being parked on MTV. But as a rule, I avoid that dumb-shit channel. Even though I was interviewed randomly on the street by an MTV anchor last week, and people called screaming that they saw me on air. Because frankly, MTV is trash! I suppose the only reason I did not run away when the VJ came up to us was because he was cute. But yes, MTV is trash. Though I thought Roadies was interesting.

But if Rajiv & Raghu are going to go about suggesting that there’s something wrong or embarassing about being gay, even though they otherwise pretend to be responsible and mature adults and sensitive towards respecting women and blah blah, then sorry, I don’t want them on my TV!

Video Link

Check out “Sunny Paji…” and “Sunny Thakur – Bhagoo”

Of QAF and Bachi!

30 Oct

So it turns out that I’m a “Queer As Folk” regular, now. For those who don’t see the big deal, please refer previous post.
It so turns out that I’m not as obsessed with Brian as I had initially presumed and as I was telling this cute fellow I was exchanging messages with on “the website”. Of course, we weren’t each others’ type, so no prospect of flirtation, but a short and quick discussion on Queer As Folk, and the choice between gay reality and fantasy did ensue.
As I was saying, Brian with his immense sexual charm et all is not all that seductive after all (except in that one scene in the first episode! Mmmm!) On the contrary, it is Michael who has my heart. The guy is practical, seems smart, committed and has an amazing mother. And he seems a bit of a perfectionist too!

If QAF didn’t have endless amounts of homoerotic content, I would have passed it around to so many, but… damn! That is the worst bit, because I frequently want to discuss scenes from it but cannot. Not even with Hagatha. If I mentioned it to her, she would want to watch it, and I wouldn’t want that. I’m quite satisfied with my friends watching Will&Grace, thank you. Which, by the way, they do and all thanks to me 🙂

What I do love immensely about QAF is firstly that it is likely to introduce me to several fantastic music tracks. Here’s one I came across, called “Sleep” by “The Dandy Warhols”. And it’s straight from a fan video on QAF too…

I’ve also appointed characters from the show to be my gym trainers. Why? Because I look closely at the exercises in some of the gym-scenes, and try to emulate! If only that makes me look more like them soon 😛


In other news, Bachi Karkaria (very awkward name!), the fabulous freelancer, wrote this article for the TOI today, and I enjoyed it immensely. Her usage of the English Lang. of course, is beyond comprehension in places! But if one can look around that, it’s a brilliant read. Do have a look.

Bachhi Karkaria – Love you!