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When Strangers Call

4 Nov

So I was minding my own business, having my daily dose of QAF and sending smses at the same time, when I received a phone call from an unknown number.

Me: Hullo?
Him: Hey, how was your exam.
Me: It was good. Errr… who’s this?
Him: #@*&ddy
Me: Sorry?
Him: Maddy
Me: Ohh… heyy!

I glanced at my roomie. Did he notice anything weird? Was I caught talking on the phone with a complete stranger?
The roomie was too occupied. I hopped into my slippers, and ran outside with the phone.

Needless to say, I was caught completely offguard. And I’m not particularly brilliant at handling these situations, particularly as I’m absolutely terrible on the phone… it simply isn’t my thing!

Thus, we spoke for some 10-15 minutes, a period of intense discomfort for me. It was casual chit-chat, mostly things we had already spoken of before but were being repeated for the sake of conversation. I couldn’t wait for the phone conversation to get over, so that I could text him instead, an activity I’m all too comfortable with. Eventually, the ex-roomie passed me in the corridor, and I hung up promptly, gasping for air… okay, that would be overstating it.

I’m wondering now… do we ring each other up? For one, I would be damn puzzled about when to call. He’d surely be busy at almost any hour. Then again, if I don’t ever call and he does so frequently, it would indicate a lack of interest. I suppose it would be best to stick to messaging, even though it may seem miserly (which it is, in fact, not!)

Golly, that’s a lot of thought to put into an equation involving no infatuation, flirtations or any prospect of it!

Time is an Illusion

17 Sep

Well, the last one was only just a stub I typed out from my phone, so this one is due late!

He would only ever comes on weekends and that was absolutely frustraing. Agreed it wasn’t his fault that his weekdays are so hectic, but it made things an awful lot hard for me. Patience was never my virtue.

Even on the weekends, he would have social obligations towards his family etc. and film outings and what not, so it isn’t as if we spent hours talking. Maybe just an hour or two. That was always grossly insufficient for me!

Conversations were always pleasant (except the one that ended all hope, of course!) and I would eagerly await the next. This weekend, I downloaded a Gtalk software for my phone so that I could check when he was online. He came on while I was in the middle of my workout at the gym. I promptly changed and rushed back to the hostel.

He’s not the only one I’ve gone to such (minor) extremes for. For Arun, I configured my Yahoo account to my phone, so that I would get alerts if anyone came online or sent me messages. When he did, I would rush to a cyber cafe and log on. I only managed to catch him once owing to it.

Yes, I desperately need to get a life! With real people in it!

This is just another episode that came to a screeching halt. I should’ve known it would’ve, actually. They have an uncanny habit of doing so! Besides, there were substantial signs, even though he had felt to the contrary on one ground. Another ground wasn’t discussed at all!

I know this stuff sounds mysterious and cryptic, but as my real and blog identities come closer and closer together, I’m far too uncomfortable talking about it, so sorry!

I wonder if we’ll talk this coming weekend. Tests start from Monday, and I really ought to study instead.

Whenever either of us was signing off (almost always him), I’d say “See you in a week, I guess.” He never seemed in the least perturbed about it. I know it sounded like he wasn’t interested at all, but there were distinct comments made by him that would testify against that.

I tried to maintain a shield. I think he aided me in breaking it as well.

Now I wish I hadn’t.