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Raghu ruins the Pub Culture argument

8 Feb

I think he’s far too used to screaming at people on Roadies.

So I was just watching the debate on Pub Culture, on which Raghu was representing the face of New India.

If you haven’t seen the videos, follow zis link.
And boy was he misrepresenting us. The guy sounded so angry, they must’ve thought he was drunk! He really did paint a most miserable picture of Young India.

What would I have said, in his place? Well, I would’ve been very calm, to begin with. I would’ve said that “Pub Culture” was not part of any culture, Indian or western. That no religion enshrined it. That it was a personal choice that made certain people happy, and it was of no one else’s business to deny it to anyone.

I would’ve said that people who visit pubs spend five days of their week working really really hard, and contributing more money to the country’s economy than the politicians take away. That we were the ones who were building the nation, and we had a right to decide what we wanted to do in our free time when we weren’t building the nation.
And that all those Politicians did was sit around and sound like they were from the 1890’s.
I would’ve said that it was part of Indian cultures to deny women an education and throw them into burning fires, but if they had to grow up and express views such as the ones that our politicians have been expressing, then burning fires are exactly where they belong, along with their male counterparts.

And I would’ve told them that they were getting quite quite old, and if they really wanted their kids to acknowledge their existence in their coming years, they should not try to be so imposing with their regressive views, or alternatively, prepare to spend their final days alone, or in old age homes.

Finally, I would’ve told BP Singhal to hurry up and die already.

Put down that drink, lady…

26 Jan

or you may be attacked.

A group of misbehaving, iconoclastic Indian women, who engage in heinous activities such as alcohol-consumption-by-women and such, were shown there right place in society by a group of cultured men from the “Sri Ram Sena” in Mangalore when they were chased, assaulted and reminded of their position in India’s patriarchic society. Which was done in an effort to “preserve Indian culture”.

The feedback on the matter was an interesting read. Tons of people came out to say that the country was going to the dogs. I, contrarily believe, that dogs are gentle and friendly creatures and should not be insulted by human beings in this way. But yes, society has fallen victim to the whims and fancies, say, rapists and molesters and other common sub-species of Homo Sapiens. A local from Mangalore has commented that little will be done about such incidents owing to the support that the responsible goons have, with the local leaders from the BJP in Mangalore.

Which goes to prove that little good can come out of voting the BJP to power. Which is why I take this moment to laugh at not only the supporters of BJP in this state, but those from everywhere else…

Ha ha.

Yes, I know that the Congress and others are not much better, but I do believe they’re slightly more progressive. (To computer freaks) Let’s say Congress is Windows 95, and BJP is Windows Vista. Congress is like a rotten tomato, and the BJP is a rotten egg.
You get the idea.

I mentioned the incident to Mom on the phone and re emphasized my keen desire to get-the-hell-out-of-this-country and mom started off again about how each and every place has its own demerits. Which is understandable, but the point remains that I find western vices more tolerable than Indian ones.

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but this girl in my class who is a very industrious student, a topper in our batch, diligent and with a simple small-town upbringing, went for an internship to Europe last year. Hagatha told me later that this friend was absolutely delighted with the culture there, and was only too eager to leave this country, with all that goes on here. I was way too shocked to think that this girl, from a simple background, who hadn’t even seen much of urban India, could want to leave the country forever. And for good reason… a 2 month stay in a foreign land!
And since I’ve gotten to know about her take, I’m not ashamed to express how excited I am at the thought of migrating westwards.

Anyway, so mom was insisting that she’s seen more of the world (what, with 1 US and 1 Europe trip, long long ago?) and interacted with more people than I had to know what the west is like in comparison to our homeland. I told her that though I had no desire to share with her the details, even I had been in constant interaction with people abroad over the years, and had a rather good idea of the merits and demerits of foreign cultures, and that my views were based on those interactions.

To which she said that I was as stubborn as my father. Hmph!
Sometimes I wonder how dad feels when he is as confident in his opinion on a matter (as I am on this one) and is told that he’s wrong and too stubborn to accept it. Aargh!

I hope that someday I’ll prove to her that I’m correct.

And to myself as well.


22 Jan

So I’m really getting into the book I’m reading at the moment (The Firm by Grisham), and will probably be finishing a full-length one after ages! 2 months to be specific. The last one I read was during my University exams, last semester. I only ever want to read when my exams are nearing, and never when I have all the time in the world.
After this one’s done, I suppose I’ll go out hunting for his other work, “The Pelican Brief”.

This afternoon, when I logged in to read the paper, I was enthralled with the headlines… Obama’s new policy decisions would be music to the ears of social activists!
Off with those old, stupid, intolerant men who believe so strongly in military dominance and white dominance and all that nonsense. I’m surprised I didn’t realise that even the US of A could be run by orthodox, conservative fools.
Nonetheless, their time has come… and many congratulations to them, for it! I sincerely hope Obama’s fabulous policies will trickle down and bring change in the world, as Bush’s policies unfortunately did. I believe his stance on Afghanistan was long overdue. And with all the money the US is spending in militarising space, and Iraq, he should manage just about enough to feed the people of his country!

I think all republican supporters should be ashamed of themselves, at this moment.

And if they lose their jobs, I’m not going to feel bad for them! (Vindictive, I know. I am like that, sometimes.)

Talk about Politicising

28 Nov

The first print converage that the Mumbai attacks comes hand-in-hand with a Front-page quarter advertisement from the BJP saying

Brutal Terror strikes at will.

Weak government
Unwilling and Incapable

Fight Teror, Vote BJP

I feel utterly sick. To think those people will govern again.

Gay Adoption – When Double Standards are good…

19 Nov

I just read an editorial on DNA that says that by allowing gay couples from abroad to be able to bear children through surrogacy here, it’s amounting to double standards since Homosexuality is banned in the same country. Though the article means well, I feel that more of such coverage would do more harm than good. I feel it’s somewhat unwise to draw attention to that fact, as it might just catch the fancy of the government, which would in turn endeavour to lay down further restraints on surrogacy programs and prohibit same-sex couples from adopting here. Yes, so this entire surrogacy program could figuratively be going on “underground” and not out in the open, but I feel that’s the only way it can exist within our boundaries, in the present context.

It is rather obvious that it is the ICMR who has so far decided the guidelines that must be followed, and obviously, would have to be more progressive to not object gay adoption, while it was in its jurisdiction. Quite the same way in which the Health Dept. would’ve struck down 377 decades ago if it had had the authority.
But trust the old goons, most of which run our country, to oppose anything that doesn’t reflect the opinion of “the people”, i.e. themselves.

Frankly, it’s wonderful that gay people have an option, and even more so that it is in this very country. Yes, so their may exist a rather important side-agenda of generating income for the donor mothers and for keeping the IVF clinics (and more importantly, the research) running, and not so much about “helping same-sex couples bear a child”, but I am not complaining! However, if it takes discreetness to keep the current state of affairs unaffected and unaltered, that’s the way it ought to be.

“It’s a question of love”

12 Nov

A most sensitive and heartfelt article – Olbermann : Gay Marriage is a question of love, was pointed out by Closetalk on Sam’s blog.

Rakesh explained the difference between Marriage and Domestic Partnerships etc. etc. to me the other day. My viewpoints that were expressed a few days ago, are beginning to change. We do not need to find another name for the institution. Yes, we deserve equal rights. And the Church cannot hijack marriage, especially since it’s becoming so obsolete anyway. How long will it’s unlawful dominance last anyway!
In the aftermath of Prop. 8 vote, one can see that it is pretty much evident… California is in fact ready for gay marriage.

A close shave, and other tidbits

7 Nov

A friend started a blog a few days ago and passed around links on e-mail today. Being the good friend that I am, I visited his new home promptly, read up the write-ups and commented.

When one does something far too often, one simply becomes accustomed. In quite the same manner, I typed out the comment, selected the OpenID option, typed in this blog’s address and pressed “Submit”.


God was kind, and the “You need to be signed into WordPress to continue” prompt appeared, and my comment was not posted. Had that happened, I would’ve happily left a link to this blog on his, and he would’ve traced the blog to my identity for sure! For a moment, I was confused, and then realised the blunder that I had nearly committed!

OpenID won’t even let us delete a comment that we’ve already made. One of these days, a person could get into serious trouble over it! Atleast a voracious commenter such as myself.
It bites to be so opinionated, sometimes…


In other news, the Delhi HC has “reserved” its verdict on the “Gay Rights” issue. I cannot figure out for my life what that’s supposed to mean! How long have they reserved the verdict for? I wish the legal system, and the media for that matter, wouldn’t use such ambiguous terminology! One would think that after all these months, all the HC wanted to do was to come to a verdict and inform the public that it wouldn’t be sharing it at all!
So I suppose it’s a matter of days. Going by the theme of the hearings thus far, I would’ve considered the verdict to be obviously favourable, but as of the vote on Prop. 8, nothing is that predictable anymore.