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Of shopping, and lunching in the past

19 Dec

So this morning, my (free of cost) Career&Fashion adviser Rakesh and I decided my wardrobe for my folks’ upcoming anniversary celeb.
Later, Mom and I set out to CP in hunt for a pair of fitted, flat-front grey trousers (with a shine) and black boots, to match my black shirt.

Naturally, it’s awesome to have a bit of fashion advice. From personal experience, I know that I’m one fashion disaster. And colour blind too. I remember once when I was quite young and had to go on a bit of a road-trip with a cousin and some relatives, I dressed in a checked shirt and a lighter shade of checked pyjamas. I turned up before her while she was on the phone, and she curtly replied, “Go change. I’m not taking you anywhere looking like this.”

I didn’t know gay people come without fashion sense as well. They’re like a total misfit in the community.

Which also reminds me of the 2 guys I saw swaying down inner circle together, both dressed extremely, well… gay! Coupled with dark glasses on their heads.

I never quite found any of the things I was looking for. The first pair of trousers I found was perfect, except that it was the first I came across so naturally I couldn’t buy it! That’s not what shopping is about.
After that, it was one shop after another of mundane wear. In each store, I entered and asked for my requirements. “Your size?” they’d ask, and I’d say “30”. “30?” they would look shocked, and I’d nod firmly.

30 did fit me in most places, but just. However, at one store where I found just the most perfect pair, trendy and wearable at college, which was only available in 30, and not 32. And 30 was a perfect fit. A bit too perfect, actually. I only just managed to squeeze myself into it. When I stepped out of the dressing room, mom looked at it and said a firm no. I protested a million times, and she brushed me off each time. The sales guy agreed that the waste was just fitting, slipping 2 fingers to confirm the same.
Eventually, she broke her silence and said it looked vulgar. I thought it was her conservative (read boring) taste in fashion at work. After much protest, she slipped that she didn’t mind the style, but would not settle for a size larger (which was not available) because the crotch area of the trousers was too small. She didn’t explain the issues in so many words. But when dad joined us later and I protested to him that she wouldn’t let me buy what I wanted, she leaned over to him and began to whisper into his ear, why precisely she disapproved. Needless to say, I could guess what was being discussed and it was humiliating.

Indeed, I thought a bit of readjustment would do the trick and later, I went and tried it on again, this time paying special attention to the area under question. As per her word, too much was showing! This time, I did not dare step out of the changing room!

Darn, mothers are always right…

The first thing Ma and I had done on arrival was lunch at Wimpy’s. It was quite an experience, almost nostalgic, going back to that place after all these years. We shared a pizza and a serving of fish and chips. The Pizza was okay, the fish was stale. But the burgers, that we did not buy any of, looked quite amazing! So massive in size with that typical “Wimpy” look! I really regret not trying one out today, and am definitely going to try and go back once again. One never knows with these places. Wimpy may have to shut doors any day. I came across the occasional store that had shut down in inner circle, and felt immense pity for a once-flourishing trade that had taken a beating at the hands of modernisation. Just the way Wimpy’s gave way to recent times to McDonald’s and KFC.
But whether its collapse was justified or not, I shall know when I have my next burger at Wimpy’s… hopefully within the next 20 days, for who can predict the future?

Well, many can, actually. And going by trends, Wimpys fortunes are not heading upwards anytime soon!

So yes, I suppose I should have my one (possibly, though I hope not) last burger at Wimpy’s before it happens. My kids are certainly not getting their burger at Wimpy’s because the restaurant’s definitely not surviving that long and the kids are probably not going to be born. Sigh!

Tanuja told me over chat that I sigh a lot. Do I?
She also just shared a rather beautiful poem with me, located over here.

Her description:


It’s abt this guy Tithonus , in love with Aurora , the goddess of dawn.
Because she loves him so much , she agrees to ask the gods for immortality for him. But she forgets to ask for eternal youth. So he just gets older and older.
I came home quite late (with nothing done) and missed my gym session today. I feel so guilty 😦

A modest prayer

7 Oct

But a moment of

Leaves you humbled and

When the heart and mind are

When the soul has been

When the world is joyful

Smiles upon the heart and

You are standing far from

A loser in the final

Guns are pointed, barrel

All the promises… they

Cast a shadow on the

Expectations have now

I am worn out, let me

Cannot face another

While I’m resting, demons

In my solace, come forth,

The Dark Night

8 Sep

1st September, 2008
1.05 am
Baleful magic of the night
Clouds usurp the starry sky
Danger lurks in shadows dark
Do not stop to question why

Streets are empty, lifeless, still
Hold your silence, do not cry
Thoughts are lacking, words can’t fill
feelings sombre, sober, sly

Do not hide behind my back
Do not soak my spirit dry
Do not vanish from my sight
What do you personify?

Baleful magic of the night
Cease me not, I do not spy
This land is yours and you shall rein
Let me cross, my home is nigh.