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What not to do on New Years Eve…

1 Jan

Get so drunk at your first (and possibly last) Gay New Years Party that you have little recollection the next day…

Though it was good fun and very enjoyable! Met a friend from long ago, tried a lot of new cocktails (Green Apple Martini, Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Cosmopolitan, Possibly Some Unspecified Number of drinks, Long Island Ice Tea and Long Island Ice Tea), somehow managed myself and Daksh, thankfully did not lose my tie or sweater (thank you Mr. Assoc. Editor, Pink Pages).

I was naturally very shocked to realise that the party was out-doors, since I hadn’t put any thought into my sweater and my shirt was supposed to carry me through the evening but 6+ drinks down, I managed quite fine without the woolens.

I wish there was someone to tell me more about last night. For instance, I was chatting away with this straight (and only) chick who was there, but I don’t remember if I was dancing with her or not… I hope I was, but I’m not too sure.

Anyway, I have to go and discover ingenious means of ridding myself of a hang-over. No, this is NOT what 2010’s gonna be like…

Happy New Year folks!

Amerika Calling… Err, Wrong number!

1 Jan

So Rakesh told me yesterday that he’d give me a call to wish me on NYE, and took my phone numbers.

Once 12 had struck, one made a few phonecalls here and there and sent out a few messages. I promptly answered all the calls I received, and was expecting Rakesh’s at any moment.

So I was in the middle of conversation, and felt a subtle sensation coming from my coat, which I realised was the phone again. It was flashing a phone number in unfamiliar format, so I smiled and preceeded to press the Answer key. A fraction of a second before I could, the phone stopped ringing and “Call Diverted” flashed on the screen.

“Shit! Mom!”

The Delhi number I use is quite unused for most part of the year, so all calls are diverted to my mom’s phone if unanswered on it.

Naturally, I panicked! “This had to happen now! How else can one explain an otherwise enjoyable evening…”

In the miliseconds that elapsed, I imagined Rakesh in conversation with mom, realising the situation a bit too late, mom ending up bloody sceptical with his alibi, and my having to answer numerous questions later!

I called him back almost immediately, and got his answering machine. “How does a person get the answering machine on a number he just received a call from?!”

I hung up, and messaged him, explaining the crists. The New Year backlog naturally would’ve delayed delivery.

In the meantime, it dawned upon me that calls diverted from my phone to mom’s would only appear as a missed call on her phone. So unless she called back, which I doubt she would,¬† all was safe. I could always lie later about school friends calling from the states or… wrong number (on ISD, the poor bloke ūüėõ )

A few moments later, Rakesh called again, and I explained the moment of panic to him (before even wishing him a happy new year!) and he calmly replied that I could always tell her it was a wrong number. Damn, I love it how he always has the answers!

We chit chatted for a bit. I was uncomfortable for most part, because I hate talking on the phone with people I’ve not known for a life-time, and because I was a bit woosy! And took great pains of once again explaining to him how I could not hit on any “cute guys” in small (or any) gatherings because it would have repurcussions to be felt as far as college.
Eventually, we hung up.

Haha, I wonder how many from the rest of my family had a friend calling from across the 7 seas!

Thanks a ton for that, and a happy new year, R-Babe!

It Happened One Eve

1 Jan

31st December

7.00 PM
Shirt… check. Trousers… check. Sweater… hmm. Okay, maybe a jacket… nah, nothing matches. Socks… check. Handkerchiefs in socks to make the boots less painful… check. Boots… check (Wow, I don’t feel a thing!)

So I’m set with one layer of clothing and footwear. Now for the warm stuff. Sweater… again, nothing. Tweed court… Check!

Warm enough? Not for friggin’ 31st! Sweatshirt underneath shirt for warmth… check.

“Mirror Mirror on the wall, how ridiculous do I look in all?”
Mirror : Ummm, it’ll do, I guess.

Not enough!

So the sweatshirt&shirt combo is looking a bit weird, so shirt comes off. Back to one layer of clothing and an unprotective tweed jacket.
Hmm… looks great. But the sweatshirt is old! Won’t do.
Shirt and tweed jacket. Hmm, looks decent. But I’m bloody cold.

Mirror : “Then just suck it up, and putt through the night, Unsung.”


And that’s how I set out for the evening, shivering from home to the Metro stop, then from the metro stop onwards, in search of the house.

I enter the room, and lo behold, a senior from way back. Now this girl I haven’t met for several years, and I learn that she’s now dating an acquaintance from college.

I remember her distinctly for being a daughter of an adorable teacher, and having a younger sister who looks almost exactly like her.

“Ohh err… which one is she?! Shit!”

So in conversatin, she tells me she’s pursuing her post grad. so she’s got to be the elder one. “How’s <Younger One> doing?” I ask nervously.
“She’s doing well,” comes the response. Phew!

So a bit of conversation with her, and then we set out to decide where we want to parrty! 2 cosey rooms indoors, or the cold semi-open terrace. They want the terrace. Dammit! No problemo, the alcohol later will make us feel better.

So we set up. I know most of the people there, but aren’t on talking terms with the majority. So I instead turn focus on getting to know friends of friends, and exchange enjoyable dialogue with them instead. “Score (on the inter-personal skills front), Unsung!”

Another 2 girls turns up in a while. That’s 3 girls in a gang of 30. Wow! One of them seems bitchy looking, and a bit dull… she’s not even mixing, and hasn’t introduced herself to anyone. Well, except the 3 she’s speaking to, and then me, because I was talking to everyone else she was interacting with.

Anyway, so it’s been a few hours, there has been sufficient interaction, and 2 guys, I can decisively say, are gay.
One is talkative, interactive, has seen a bit of life, but extremely gay (on your average gaydar.) Lo Behold, he’s “committed” to the bitchy looking one!
Ha! I’d like to hear him say that in a few years… Anyway, the chick seemed quite dull, as I mentioned, so maybe a resonant personality (even if with the wrong orientation) is the best she could do.

The other gay guy also mentions a girlfriend somewhere, later into the night. Hmph! Why do Indian guys need to come to terms with their sexuality so much later in life!
Nonetheless, I talk to this fellow as much as I can, and manage to keep him in laughter. I like having an audience to my cracks, even if small.

There are high points, and low points in the evening. Highs include group Hookah games (The Best Hookah I’ve ever had till date is here!) that never quite take off, and there are lows where the gang-from-college is thick in personal jokes, and I wish I had some closer friends with me. I like to be in the thick of affairs and feel quite out-of-place otherwise (to hell with tons of others who are as incongruous… I’m not them!)

So the evening goes by, with 3 drinks, a few drags of weed that never quite “took” and tons and tons of Hookah (that gave me a tremendous high in the beginning, but did nothing after… even on addition of Vodka to the liquid!)

The music is mostly rap and punjabi, and not to my taste at all. How I die for a party where I can play my music! Pure dance, that is.
So eventually, I get really bored, and settle into a bedroom on the pretext of resting a bit. I pop on my iPod that I’m thankfully carrying (as always) and indulge myself with my own preferences. It’s about 2.30 am, now.
That’s where I go to sleep, feeling darned cold with no blanket. And with my boots on! I must say it’s quite a transition from not-being-able-to-walk-in-them to sleeping-in-them. I only have my coat for warmth, and I tug at it more.
I wake up at 7.00 am. Everyone is asleep, and will be for a few more hours. I pick up me boots (that I’d removed later) and quietly step out, head to the exit, wake up the caretaker to let me out, and walk to the station, a bag of quivering bones, to head home. It’s insanely cold outside, not to forget darned misty. I won’t be surprised if I end up really ill soon!

Now I’m in the comfort of my warmish blanket, and am finally ready to take a real nap!


In other excitement, Just ‘A’ has been Just so Generous to confer an award to us at the beginning of the year! I hoope that’s setting a precedent! It’s called “The Resonance Award”, crafted by Kiran.
The terms are that it must be given to at least 6. So I pick those that truly touched “The chords of my heart”.


1. Ramby – For reinforcing my belief in the absolute, over the relative.

2. Cacophonic Clamour – For his occasional words, that captivate each time (except the one about the TV soaps ūüėõ )

3. Simply D – Whose simplicity advocates humility.

4. The Freeeezing Flames – For inspirational grit and pride

5. FlyGye – In the hope that he returns soon, for we miss him so!

6. Last but certainly not the least (au contraire, the extreme opposite of ‘least’) – To Rakesh. He mayn’t blog for you all, but he fills up pages for me, morning and night. Not only does he touch the chords of my heart, he also occasionally changes the strings, whenever I’m getting a little rusty.

Happy 2009, every one!

Festive anticipation

31 Dec

I recall the lone New Year resolution that I made a year ago. That at the end of year 2008, I would be ushering in 2009 in the company of friends, far away from my parents (unlike last year). And god bless, with mom far away from town with her family, sister down south, and dad at his friend’s place, I will be joining some college friends at a house party! Lord be praised!

From what I hear, it’s going to be a smallish gathering. I don’t know many people there, but there’s always opportunity to make acquaintences. Since college started, I’ve become quite good at it, even if the frequencies don’t match. I make them!

Even though it’s going to be a sober affair, I refuse to not-dress well. Which signals a return to those darned boots that will be tearing the flesh off my feet once again. But so be it! I have nothing else (new and) worthwhile to wear. I may be a bit overdressed at a relatively sober get-together, where booze is the only consideration, but so be it.

Well, here’s wishing you all a very very happy new year. I hope the party goes well, and I don’t end up regretting last year’s resolution. I shall make this year’s tomorrow (when I return home). And I must make my horoscope forecast for Year 2009 as well!

Ta everyone, and break a leg!

Another Year

30 Dec

passes by, and I turn a year older in just a few months. Turning 21 shan’t be as bad as 20. There was nothing positive about turning 20! The thought of leaving the teen-age behind ūüė¶ Almost a Rites of Passage that I would’ve wanted to avoid.

But 21 is a completely different story! I will be eligible (legally) to attend gay parties. Not that I’ve been able to do it thus far (illegally) or would end up doing it in the near future. From what I hear, gay clubs are as bad as networking sites to meet people. And it takes tremendous courage to visit one alone… the kind of courage I do not have (under normal [well, as normal as they ever get] circumstances).
On the other hand, I could slow-dance with a guy… no wait, the guy at a gay club as opposed to a regular one. Or, alternatively, at a private place that we could find with music at hand. Geez!

What am I thankful for to year 2008?
1. The new friends and acquaintances I discovered here, a.k.a This Blog (One in particular… RM, take a bow)
2. (Slightly) Better (though still not good enough) grades
3. The hags ūüôā
4. More frequent boozing
5. Understanding my family better
6. (I hope I’m not being delusional here) More maturity and rationality

Things that I missed out on

1. Finding (and meeting) him [Okay, I seriously have a one-track mind. But to be turning 21, and never in a relationship {even a straight one} is not easy. And I’m only talking about finding the guy-I’m-going-to-spend-atleast-a-substantial-amount-of-my-life-committed-to as opposed to guy-I’m-going-to-spend-the-rest-of-my-life-with; not that I don’t hope for finding the latter, but I wouldn’t want to get my hopes up or be unrealistic about it]

2. The music. I think I penned down more songs in 2007, and even more in 2006. Has the music gone from my head? I’ve suddenly started listening to several dance-able (read gay) tracks, compromising on the good music I used to enjoy. I hold my sexuality, my gymming and QueerAsFolk responsible for it!
In fact, “Another Year” (aka the Title of this post) was a song I’d written in early January 2005 in the wee hours of the morning while studying for exams or something of the sort. I don’t think I ever completed the song though. One last verse remains, and the rest that had been written lies penned down on a piece of paper that I’d have to turn over the house to find.
No Rakesh, I’m not sharing a recording!

Wow! 6 Thank-you’s and 2 Regrets. Either I’m being forgetful as always, or optimistic. For the time-being, add Optimism to the former ūüôā

Year 2008 – The Unsung Stats

30 Dec

Romance & Relationships                               (Change since 2007 & Before)

1. No. of Coffee Dates                                 0                            (-2)
2. No. of worthwhile friends made (chat)        2                            (+1)
3. No. of worthwhile friends made (blog)        Tons!                   (+Tons!)
4. No. of Relationships                                 0                     (No Change)
5. No. of friends I’ve come out to¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† 2¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† (+2)

Health Statistics

1. Magnitude of Weight Loss                           5-6 kgs
2. Magnitude of Inch Loss (Waist)                    2 inches
3. Hours spent in Gym                                    70 hrs (Since August 2007)
4. Magnitude of Gain in Self Image                   + 60%

Family Relationships

1. Change in compatibility with Mother            +55%
2. Change in compatibility with Father             -85%
3. Change in compatibility with Sister            +60%

Possible targets for Year 2009

No. of relationships desired                        1 (worthwhile!)
No. of people to come out to                      4 (approx.)
No. of inches to gain¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 2+1 (approx. … in the right places ūüôā )

*These figures are subject to change and additions in the event of future brainwaves