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10 Sep

I haven’t posted since March, and how things have changed…

Well, I wouldn’t have posted now either, if I hadn’t received adorably sweet emails from random readers in my inbox over the last few months.

What’s been up with me? I quit my job, packed my bags, left the country and am in the sunniest part of the United States. The people make it seem mostly like Mexico, but it’s like a campus town, so lots of hot college boys moving around, making me feel worse about my age and body… oh well! At least they inspire me to go out on a run once in a while!

I had tall plans for getting here (just as I always have tall plans for any identified “next” stage in life, none of which I end up executing) and that’s the case here as well. I thought that since I was going back to school and studying a more desirable curriculum, I’d be organized and attentive and diligent, but like hell.
On the other hand, I’ve been here 40 days, and have met 2 people in all (neither of which translated into a second meet), so it’s not like I’m not studying because I’m distracted for the wrong reasons.

Either way, being in the US is not as big a “progression” as I thought it would be, but maybe I’d have to go back to India to realize its full worth. Here, I mostly hang out with a few of the Indian folks, but they’re super cool and super fun, so even though I’m not hanging out with white people or whatever, I’m super happy with the company.
Romantic life is negligible. Not having a car in a town that’s so spread out and is with limited public transport, doesn’t help.

What else is up? Well, nothing comes to mind. You tell me?

Moments of solace

15 Feb

are when I stop and ask myself… “Why do I have to? Is there anything that can make it worth it?”

Fractional Existence

28 Aug

Wrote this on my bus ride to Bengaluru. Thought I’d finally post it.


I gaze at the starry sky, so eloquent and peaceful, as a cold wind beats against my skin. Those minute snowflakes, of which there are so many, do not shine or twinkle, but serenely hint at how little does meet my eye.

Yes, there is after all, so much out there. Gigantic balls of fire, larger in proportions than we could measure. Nebula’s that eagerly await their next cosmic catch. Planets that move further and further away, as we reach out for them, though not truly knowing if they are there at all.
The Universe has existed forever. I, for 20 years, and shall remain only a little longer. In Time, I am but a flash, so shortlived as if only a blink of an eye.