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YOU Decide!

14 Sep

You may want to read this post as pre-study material, before you’re in a position to comment on what you’re about to read.

Everyone is requested to comment on this! Please! Once-and-for-all!




Shan: sorry did u say something abt plebiscite….

UnsungPsalm: ya

Shan: and u know if we allow kashmir to do it, we would have to allow uttaranchal, arunachal, maharashtra, chattisgarh etc etc etc etc to do it as wel


if kashmir would want to be independent, why not the other states

hell, break the country into 28 new countries

the same what happened to USSR

UnsungPsalm: because… they don’t WANT to be independent?


well, it’s good that it did

Shan: u said they dont want to be independent?

UnsungPsalm: Uttaranchal?

Shan: are u in ur senses

UnsungPsalm: No

Maharashtra? No

Chattisgarh? No

Shan: ok…so u mean these states just fought to be different ‘states’ and they wud never fight to be different countries

UnsungPsalm: No, they wouldn’t

Shan: gng by your logic, i see no reason why they wud have wanted to be seperate states?

UnsungPsalm: they identify themselves as India

To identify local culture

and it works for the govt. because it’s easier to govern

Shan: tumhaare logics bahut convoluted hain….u think a zillion small states are easier to manage?

UnsungPsalm: i don’t think a zillion people are asking for separate states

and no body said that Kashmir wanted to be separated from india

Shan: it is common knowledge that if a plebiscite is conducted in kashmir, it would easily easily easily be against india

UnsungPsalm: and if you think it’s a good idea to hold on to people who don’t want to belong to your country, then i don’t think it’s my mind that’s convoluted

well then, too bad

Shan: fine…then dont meat out a special treatment to kashmir…i wud say conduct a plebiscite in all the states of the country…

hain na?

i mean why not

let the states be different countries if they want to be

wud u be up for that?

UnsungPsalm: ya

if the states want to be

but few states have expressed such sentiments

mainly north east

Shan: ya so lets let north-east also go its own way

UnsungPsalm: if it wants to, that is

we’re not asking them to leave

but if they want to leave

who are we to stop them?

Shan: ‘we’…nice to hear that word…

UnsungPsalm: might i ask you a question?

Shan: may i…khair bolo

UnsungPsalm: what FUCK of a difference does it make to Shan  whether or not Kashmir is part of India or not?

Shan: lollzzzzzzzzzzz

trust me, it might or might not make a difference to me, but it certainly SHOULDN’T make a difference to YOU….

UnsungPsalm: it makes a difference to me that those opinions are not taken into consideration that are the only ones that matter

Shan: ohhhh…..since when have u become so considerate of others’ opinions? errr…last time i checked, u had blocked ur ears from hearing arguments against plebiscite…that is certainly not being receptive to opinions….mmmm….is that another of ur unstabilities psalm? 😦

UnsungPsalm: oh

the opinions of others that i had to listen to were… yours?

Unfortunately, i didn’t quite miss that, did I?

Don’t you think I hear those same bloody opinions when I discuss it with friends here?

Unfortunately, they are a little more humane than you are

unfortunately for you, that is

Shan: why for me? and honestly, i mean if u dont want me to comment on ur blog, guess what, am absolutely fine with it 🙂

and ur opinions are good opinions, others’ opinions are bloody opinions? tch tch…not done no…

UnsungPsalm: my blog is for me to freely express my views

i’ve never disabled comments before

Shan: nobody is forcing u to change ur views…but hearing the other side of the story is always good…

UnsungPsalm: but i chose to reserve the right to not have people blab with blind ignorance

Shan: lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

UnsungPsalm: haven’t I told you a million times already?

Shan: u so shock me…

UnsungPsalm: I’ve HEARD the other side

you just gave me a very pathetic version

others are not so bad

others are atleast ashamed of the shallowness of their thought

you on the other hand seem proud

Shan: well, being on the opposite side of you, i cant help feeling proud

Sent at 9:26 PM on Sunday

UnsungPsalm: good

let’s end it there

but I’m glad you’re far away in UK

this country can do with fewer people like you

and you can’t harm the UK too much

Shan: i wish the situation reverses soon…


THIS country

do u have fever?

UnsungPsalm: why?

Shan: i have never heard you identify with india before

UnsungPsalm: I identify with humanity

or the lack of it over here

Shan: u are the same person who keeps saying ki u want to leave ‘this country’?

UnsungPsalm: I do

don’t deny it

Shan: yes…so shut up and care for ur future country

UnsungPsalm: does that mean I wish that evil befall everyone here?

Yes, I’ll do that

It’s a shame though

just when I couldn’t think any lower of the average india


you had to come along

Sent at 9:31 PM on Sunday

Shan: i know…conceited as u are, u always love to think that the others around u r below you….

little do u know…

UnsungPsalm: Little do I know, eh?

very well

leave it at that

I’ll give you the last word

if that’s what it takes

Sent at 9:33 PM on Sunday

Shan: thanks…and just fyi, i wont comment on ur blog ever again….we are very different ppl and our views clearly do not match…no point getting involved in a tirade on either of the blogs….

UnsungPsalm: ever again?

that’s dramatic

i can’t force you

Shan: sometimes i need to be a bit dramatic too, isnt it? cant keep living this boring life u see 😉

UnsungPsalm: pity

it suits you

Shan: for once i have to agree

Sent at 9:38 PM on Sunday

UnsungPsalm: Hmm

just a thought

how would you like if you wanted to leave your job and come back here…

and they said that you couldn;t?

and they wouldn’t let you?

Shan: who said?

UnsungPsalm: who said what?

Hypothetical, purely

Shan: who said i couldnt and who wouldnt let me?

UnsungPsalm: Your bank

Shan: thats too unlikely to even imagine

UnsungPsalm: Chhi

Shan: considering the state in which banks are these days

UnsungPsalm: Ohh

so now you’re going to use such a lame tactic?

just answer the question as it is

how would you feel

if you really wanted to come back to India

and everything was perfect

but the bank said

that you may not quit?

Shan: i wud stop gng to the bank, i wud escape, go underground…there are just so many options to leave ur job yaar

UnsungPsalm: That’s not the point

suppose you HAD to

you HAD to go to the job as long as you were still in the company

you didn’t want to go

but you HAD to

unless they let you go

because they had you in their control

how would you feel?

Shan: if u r comparing this to plebiscite, its a lame analogy

UnsungPsalm: Mind if I copy this entire convo onto a blog post?

identity protected?

I’d like to hear others say that this is a lame analogy

UnsungPsalm: at least that would be acceptable to you, right?

we could let them decide?

what say?

Shan: arre plz do so…i wont mind at all

UnsungPsalm: Cool

will do that now

(after concealing all the details of course)

and I’m posting it in exact form

absolutely unabridged

Shan: haan baba….i really do not mind….why ask me…

no problemos

UnsungPsalm: because you’re at the other bloody end of the conversation

Shan: huh?

UnsungPsalm: it’s OUR conversation

not mine

so i need your consent

Shan: i dont need to say yes a thousand times i believe?

UnsungPsalm: Tchh

Shut up



Now YOU go!

Turn a blind eye

14 Sep

For how long will we keep running around hunting out Bombs planted in random parts of massive cities? For how long will we keep vowing to hunt down those who cause unrest, to no avail? For how long will we keep claiming that “We won’t bow down to anti-social forces” in the wake of more and more attacks?

Who planted these bombs? We know. Why did they plant it? For some sort of twisted pleasure? No. A personal agenda? Do they earn money? No. Do they lose their livelihood and lives? Yes.
Why do they commit themselves to such a destiny? Would they not rather live safe and sound as we do, shop in markets, walk in parks as any other citizen would in every right?

Yesterday was no ordinary terrorist attack. They did not strike with a motive of mass killings, for low intensity bombs don’t quite do that; but they had a motive – they wanted to send out a message.
They are trying to speak out, in whatever crooked way. What they do is wrong; it is not fair to us. But they have no lawful forum to reach out to the government. The government does not give them one. The government does not recognise their voice, and rightfully so. But in the present context, the government MUST recognise their motives; for only upon addressing it do we have hope of ending such motivated acts.

Yesterday, it was allegedly for Gujarat. But why strike in Delhi when everything that went wrong was so far away from it?
I believe it was Kashmir. Kashmir, the root of all problems. Kashmir, a place which if it had not existed, there would’ve been so much more peace.
Who is to blame? We do not acknowledge that half the state is not in our control and will never be ours. For the remaining half, we’re too afraid to ask the inhabitants how THEY would want to live their lives.
Plebiscite, Plebiscite. Let there be plebiscite. Who governs Kashmir does not matter to a Delhi-ite or a Bombay-ite. It does not matter to the average Pakistani nor to the Bangalorean.
It matters only and only to the average Kashmiri. Then why don’t we ask them what they want? Why are we so afraid of the truth? Why are we so reluctant to let go of those who do not want to belong to us? Why are we so insistent on imposing ourselves?

In spite of all the terrorist attacks, I wonder. Why the terrorism? Is there something they’re trying to voice? Why are we not listening? Because we don’t want to listen to terrorists. But does that mean that the terrorists do not have a point? Will it really take 60 years and more? Why did the British ever leave India? Are we really worthy of ruling ourselves?
What the terrorists do is wrong. Our ignorance is wrong.

You can’t clap with one hand.

Plebiscite, Plebiscite. Let there be plebiscite.