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Does it get better than this?

6 Aug

These have to be among the best two-and-a-half weeks of my life! I got my first paycheck two days back, and the amount was larger than what I’d been receiving each month for my 5 months of internship, even though it was less than two-weeks salary! I have a comfortable cab pick me up in the morning and drop me home. I don’t recall the insides of a public bus, even though I probably boarded one last week. I have fun company for my meals, and good food (that I don’t have to go hunting for everyday.)
There are always people to joke around with, and talk to. I get to take coffee-breaks WITH other people, play some TableTennis or Foosball during. I have a pretty nice gym I don’t have to pay for, so that’s a lot of money saved. Basically, there’s a LOT of money saved! And the dress-code is casual, so there’s a LOT of scope for flaunting fashion (even if I don’t have any fashion sense :-S )

Oh, and I just got a new phone 🙂 A budget E-series (63) I like to call it.

To top it all off, a small victory for gay Americans today! (Why do I care at all about gay americans? I don’t really… I care about all gay people, regardless of nationality.)

I don’t know how long this optimism will last, but subsequent to this post, my guess is, not very long. Then again, maybe my time has finally come?

Biting the bullet

25 Jun

So I finally solution to all my problems pertaining to the heat…

The solution is… to tolerate it!

Okay, not so much. Today, the weather gods had mercy on us. It rained in some part of the world, and the mercury lowered. What better opportunity to jump in the car, park at the metro and chug away slowly slowly to CP, right?

But then, it was soooo worth it! Did you know that this neat joint at Khan market offers Happy Hours till 9-10? And so how could I resist ordering an LIIT and consuming 2? Result:

Me: Hi Ma…. yep, am at Khan…. Errr, mom… might’ve had too much to drink. In the worst scenario, will need you to drive down with dad, and take me back… Or I could have <Hag 3> drive me back, and she’ll stay over.

Don’t think mom liked either of the options. But I went back, managed to drive home and nearly parked the car without having to drive back-and-forth to position myself. Would’ve done it in one neat move had mom not been ‘balcony-driving’, i.e. calling out instructions from the balcony!

Also, as I was pulling out of the metro station parking, the guard happily informed me that “India won the match!” Knowing that gay marriage would be legal here before India cleared the FIFA qualifiers, I take there’s some cricket tournament or something going on? For the guard though, I smiled and said “That’s great!” Ha, he doesn’t know he was yelping down the wrong alley!

Mild Elation

4 Nov

So I was doing my best to study (finishing my Agatha Christie novel) for my Lab. Exam scheduled for tomorrow morning, when Mom came online and began calling me on skype.

“Did you check your email?” she asked.

“Ya… why?”

“There’s an offer letter from XYZ…”

“Oh.. really? I was going to tell you about it. They called this afternoon and asked me for suitable dates and all…”

I opened my email unenthusiastically, expecting an offer for an internship with no (or negligible) stipend, somewhere in Greater Noida…

“Dear Unsung,

…. pleased to offer you a position as Intern….. internship shall be for a period of 6 months …. you will be paid a stipend of Rs. 12,500 per month…”

Agreed 12.5k isn’t all the money in the world, but it’s definitely on the higher side of what most people are paid! And that I’ve been given the offer without as much as a telephonic interview (which I should feel guilty about, but don’t) seems to reiterate how amazing this opportunity is!

The downside is that I’ll be working in Bangalore. Which means I’ll probably have to live with the annoying, homophobic and belligerent sister.

Then again, I’ll be working in a company! And being paid a neat amount!

Yay, yay, yay!!!

Thought I’d post about this today, because I probably won’t think too much of it in a day or two, anyway :S

When fate co-operates on an important day…

15 Oct

Yep, final year Photo-shoots are quite important, they are!

I surprised myself by not making too much of a fuss. I had borrowed hair-gel to use on my hair, but did not.
I only used a face pack, had the smallest work out in the world, took a shower and got dressed… All in one hour!

The wardrobe was quite experimental. Black French Connec. shirt that I’d bought for my folks’ anniv., grey trousers to go with them (Thanks for the fabulous combo again, Rakesh!), borrowed leather shoes, a bright pink tie and the violet contacts! The trousers were damn tight, so my back is giving me a fair amount of pain at the moment. The shirt was very fitting as well, as a result of which I’d skipped breakfast and had the lightest lunch. Meals makes one bloat for a good hour or two!

Yes, I’m tempted to post snaps. Maybe I will post it in some form, once I get my hands on them.

My hair thankfully cooperated. As of now, I’ve not seen a single snap in which they look unpleasant or scanty! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So how was the response? As I said, the attire was experimental. Most refrained from commenting too vehemently on how contrasting they found the pink tie, with the shirt. Not in a positive sense.
Many others gave positive reviews. Hag Designate No. 3 said I looked very, very sexy! I don’t disagree 😀

Having reviewed some snaps, I see that there’s nothing to regret. I looked damn good, period! I surprised myself, really! I had no idea how much of a difference uniquely coloured eyes can make to one’s face…

As for the evening, I suppose I was drinking for some 3 hours, and I drank so much that it kept me going for another 4! Everyone was drunk like mad, dancing like there was no tomorrow, clicking away with cameras, singing, screaming, hollering.
I was dancing like mad with people I hardly speak to otherwise, and vice-versa. Alika refused to grind with me, I cannot imagine why. We’ve done it countless times before. I suppose she was intimidated by the surroundings (drunkards drunkards everywhere, not a sober soul). I was picked up three times by one fellow (who, again, I hardly speak to ever). I picked him up once and almost broke my back.
Another friend was damn drunk and nearly passed out. I sat there in the poshest club here, feeding him Pasta with my own hands!

I danced with about a million people. Everyone was happy, everyone was merry… The cameras were co-operating and I was looking hot.

It was a good day, folks!

I’m an Uncle again!

6 Jul

Imagine getting to know in a flash of a second that you’ve become an uncle…

So it turns out that my cousin brother, and sister-in-law, just adopted a baby girl! They hadn’t mentioned a THING to any of the family, before they held the little angel in their hands (earlier this morning)! I’ve not seen her yet, I just got to know moments ago, and I cannot express in words how elated I am!!

I’ve got SOO many nephews from my other cousins, but only one neice! But NOT ANY MORE!! 😀 😀

I mentioned in a comment in D’s blog that how it broke my heart that one of my sister-in-law’s who is a complete angel, cannot give her love and upbringing to a little one.

It’s not true anymore 😀

This one is going to be very, very special… For once, I’m old enough to hold her in my hands without being reminded by the “adults” that I shouldn’t “drop the baby”. Hold her like my own little one…
I’m going to go and cry a bit now :’)