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4 Jul

This post is written to commemorate the dignities of 2 fine individuals,

Sri. Rambunctuous Whipper Snapper, Honourable Homosexual from New Delhi and

Sri. Samuel Something, A crazy yet Honourable Homosexual, originally from somewhere in India

which were lost in the process of commenting on this blog, in a sudden mishap whereby they sought special recognition in Blogosphere for their frequent commenting on my posts, and not for frequent posting on their own blogs, as most others do.

Yes, their dignities will be fondly missed by them (not so much by the rest of us). But each and everyone of us can feel secure in their continued presence on our blogs, commenting rampantly on our posts, albeit demanding special recognition for the same.

Thank you RambWS. Thank you Sam. You brought a smile to my face (and occupation to your lives) with your frequent visits here, that I value tremendously (I actually do! No sarcasm!)

Thanks! Please do keep coming! I shall keep coming over too! (Provided you post.)


17 Jun

When I was around 14, and I used to log on secretly, searching for topless pictures of cute guys (but not nude, No!), I always told myself that when I was old enough, I would get married, have children and be happy. I thought that desire would come with time. Though I was somewhat aware of my sexuality, I did not imagine it would be permanent (or at least hoped so).

As time passed, I learned to accept that the “feelings” were not going away. I stumbled upon the concept of Marriage of Convenience, and thought that to be the ideal option. Find a good lesbian friend, get married, make everyone else happy, and be happy myself. Today, I think of gay marriage, be it in California (or France or wherever) or in good old Pondicherry, under French law (an incident of which I recall reading about, online, but can no longer find the story!) for if one should make such a commitment, it should be to another who one (intends to) spend the rest of his life with. Yet, the desire for children, or at least child, remains. That is where the greatest struggle lies. Though I think highly of adoption, I can imagine no pleasure greater than holding in one’s arms one’s own off-spring. One’s own creation. An element of one’s own being.

I know my thoughts sound somewhat shallow and trivial, but I also know that these same emotions lie buried at the back of nearly everyone’s mind, however much they may choose to deny it. And I wonder if I will ever come across a guy who would assent to my desire. Ideally, I imagine having one biological child of my own, and one biological child of his, through surrogacy. Is it all that fantastic?

Moreover, at 20, I face the challenge of making enough money to “buy” a woman for a year!

But most of all, I wonder if this desire, too, will fade with time. Is it a moment of childishness? After all that I think I have grown, do I still remain a tad but immature?

Thought For the Time-Being

“It is regressive to be old-fashioned, but it is classy to be fashionably old-fashioned”

– Me