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Gay Adoption – When Double Standards are good…

19 Nov

I just read an editorial on DNA that says that by allowing gay couples from abroad to be able to bear children through surrogacy here, it’s amounting to double standards since Homosexuality is banned in the same country. Though the article means well, I feel that more of such coverage would do more harm than good. I feel it’s somewhat unwise to draw attention to that fact, as it might just catch the fancy of the government, which would in turn endeavour to lay down further restraints on surrogacy programs and prohibit same-sex couples from adopting here. Yes, so this entire surrogacy program could figuratively be going on “underground” and not out in the open, but I feel that’s the only way it can exist within our boundaries, in the present context.

It is rather obvious that it is the ICMR who has so far decided the guidelines that must be followed, and obviously, would have to be more progressive to not object gay adoption, while it was in its jurisdiction. Quite the same way in which the Health Dept. would’ve struck down 377 decades ago if it had had the authority.
But trust the old goons, most of which run our country, to oppose anything that doesn’t reflect the opinion of “the people”, i.e. themselves.

Frankly, it’s wonderful that gay people have an option, and even more so that it is in this very country. Yes, so their may exist a rather important side-agenda of generating income for the donor mothers and for keeping the IVF clinics (and more importantly, the research) running, and not so much about “helping same-sex couples bear a child”, but I am not complaining! However, if it takes discreetness to keep the current state of affairs unaffected and unaltered, that’s the way it ought to be.

Turn a blind eye

14 Sep

For how long will we keep running around hunting out Bombs planted in random parts of massive cities? For how long will we keep vowing to hunt down those who cause unrest, to no avail? For how long will we keep claiming that “We won’t bow down to anti-social forces” in the wake of more and more attacks?

Who planted these bombs? We know. Why did they plant it? For some sort of twisted pleasure? No. A personal agenda? Do they earn money? No. Do they lose their livelihood and lives? Yes.
Why do they commit themselves to such a destiny? Would they not rather live safe and sound as we do, shop in markets, walk in parks as any other citizen would in every right?

Yesterday was no ordinary terrorist attack. They did not strike with a motive of mass killings, for low intensity bombs don’t quite do that; but they had a motive – they wanted to send out a message.
They are trying to speak out, in whatever crooked way. What they do is wrong; it is not fair to us. But they have no lawful forum to reach out to the government. The government does not give them one. The government does not recognise their voice, and rightfully so. But in the present context, the government MUST recognise their motives; for only upon addressing it do we have hope of ending such motivated acts.

Yesterday, it was allegedly for Gujarat. But why strike in Delhi when everything that went wrong was so far away from it?
I believe it was Kashmir. Kashmir, the root of all problems. Kashmir, a place which if it had not existed, there would’ve been so much more peace.
Who is to blame? We do not acknowledge that half the state is not in our control and will never be ours. For the remaining half, we’re too afraid to ask the inhabitants how THEY would want to live their lives.
Plebiscite, Plebiscite. Let there be plebiscite. Who governs Kashmir does not matter to a Delhi-ite or a Bombay-ite. It does not matter to the average Pakistani nor to the Bangalorean.
It matters only and only to the average Kashmiri. Then why don’t we ask them what they want? Why are we so afraid of the truth? Why are we so reluctant to let go of those who do not want to belong to us? Why are we so insistent on imposing ourselves?

In spite of all the terrorist attacks, I wonder. Why the terrorism? Is there something they’re trying to voice? Why are we not listening? Because we don’t want to listen to terrorists. But does that mean that the terrorists do not have a point? Will it really take 60 years and more? Why did the British ever leave India? Are we really worthy of ruling ourselves?
What the terrorists do is wrong. Our ignorance is wrong.

You can’t clap with one hand.

Plebiscite, Plebiscite. Let there be plebiscite.