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The makings of a porn-flick (but not so much)

8 Jul

So what do I find, when I walk into the gym downstairs today, expecting to find it empty and dusty like it is on all other days?

A topless, quite attractive, well-toned WHITE GUY! Like, OMG!

What does he do when he sees me walk in? PUT his goddamn shirt on! How unfair is that!

Anyway, moderate amount of conversation followed. He’s french, has been here a week, living in my small apartment complex with an Indian family in order to learn English. He’s going to be here for about 3 more weeks, and I’m going to leave in exactly 8 days.

So we shared little in our intermittent conversation. He didn’t even ask me my name, and I didn’t ask him his. What he DID ask me, and what flattered me to no end though it really shouldn’t is whether I’m Indian!

So there I was, in the same room with a moderately well built French dude, quite suitable for casting in an adult film, working out alone in the gym with me… and I? Not the least bit attracted to him!

Now WHAT does that possibly mean? Am I not so into white people anymore? Was he not hot enough? (Nope, not that). Am I too madly into the 2 people person I’m into?

Hence, there was little remorse when he packed up his stuff and left the gym. The remorse lasted exactly until he went out towards the pool, started taking his clothes off, and stretching. I adequately positioned myself where I could stand, pretend to be working out, and watch discreetly. I wait patiently for him to dive in so that all his hotness would be submerged under water, and I could go back to my workout, but he enters the pool and continues stretching. Now there’s a hot wet guy stretching.

I give up, pack up my stuff and leave. As I’m walking along the pool, I look at the reflection on the glass to see if he’s at least looking at me pass¬† by. No luck.
Sigh… straightie.

What a waste of a french dude in my apartment complex ūüė¶

Triumph & Failure

10 Aug

Triumph. It took place last night. I’d come back from dinner, and wanted to check out a notice for a placement procedure that was to take place today. Tragically, half of the notice wasburried under a lot of other posters. These other posters included several events that were over already, as well as 3 duplicate copies of “Hostel Rules”, none of which have been read even once in the past 3 weeks at least!

So I thought I’d do the normal thing to do in the situation, and ask one of the caretakers to unlock the sliding glass that sealed the notice board, so that I could uncover relevant articles. To which he promptly responded…

Caretaker: Can’t be done. Will remove them tomorrow.

Big mistake!

Me: Whaddaya mean you can’t? I have the frikkin’ placement tomorrow and I need to read the full instructions TODAY!

Caretaker: You should’ve read the notice when it was put up…

Me: It was put up 2 weeks ago! What was the point of reading it then…

Caretaker: Well, I don’t have the key. The guy who does has gone for dinner… When he comes back, I’ll ask him to.

But I was too annoyed at him to let it end there.

Me: You guys are extremely incapable of maintaining a stupid notice board. Look at all the junk on it!

Caretaker: What do you mean by Junk? Those are all your notices that go up there!

Me: And then the event gets over, and the notices are supposed to come off… Can’t you people read?

Caretaker: Everyone complains if their notice comes off…

Me: Not if the bloody event is over! Besides, look at the 3 different copies of hostel rules that you’ve put up! And THAT copy is 5 years old!

Caretaker: It’s come from the administration! We can’t remove that… It has the director’s signature on it…

Me: So do the 2 updated copies from the same university! 2 copies of the rules are sufficient, without a third!

Caretaker: If it has a signature on it, we have to put it up. Otherwise, the higher authorities would scream at us.

Me: If the “Higher Authorities” had so much as looked at this notice board ever, it wouldn’t be having a 5 year old copy of Hostel Rules on it! Who ARE these higher authorities anyway? Tell me and I’ll go and talk to them…

Caretaker: Errr… Talk to the Director.

Me: So I’m supposed to go and tell the Director of the college that some idiots can’t maintain a notice board in the hostel…

Caretaker: All problems are created ¬†by you students only…

Me: Yeah, Yeah… we’re always the culprits, aren’t we! You are the poor victims of our antics! All we want to do in life is seize control over and misuse the noticeboard which was made for us in the first place…
What use IS the damn thing, if it isn’t useful to us?!

Somewhere around now, I got bored of fighting and knew that I wasn’t going to break any ground with the complacent bonehead. The 2-way argument lasted 10 minutes, after which I started talking to another friend present there, even though he kept shouting back, but having realized that he was shouting at someone who was engaged in conversation with another, he did eventually shut up.

I was walking past the reception the next morning, and was pleasantly surprised to see the entire notice-board crisp and clean. The 5-year old copy of the Hostel Rules were gone. A friend who had witnessed my argument told me later that he had seen the caretakers frantically cleaning up later at night. It sounds like a trivial matter, but our heated argument over it entirely suggested otherwise. My efforts bore fruit ūüôā

Failure. Didn’t even clear the written (first) round of the placement exam. Didn’t deserve to either, bearing in mind that those who did had probably spent a lot more time flipping through our course books over the last few days, whereas I don’t even own a copy of them! So no surprises there. However, I do enjoy an undeserved treat, so I was ever-so-slightly dismayed at the result.

Triumph. At the gym today, I observed an acquaintance of mine talking to a pretty darn hot dude. They were both standing in the area dedicated to dumbell exercises, whereby they face a large looking-glass and train. I was on the machines, which I promptly dropped and made my way to the dumbells. In the process, I skipped (or delayed rather) several machine-exercises that were in my routine, to skip forward to the dumbell ones.

A dumbell in each hand, I proceeded to squeeze into a little gap next to my acquaintance (who shall hence be SteppingStone), who was still in conversation (thankfully) with the Hot Dude, let’s call him Aby. Now Aby and the SteppingStone¬†were talking on general topics (Swine Flu) so it wasn’t long before I’d caught up, and was stealing a bit of their air-time for my own comments, addressing them only to SteppingStone¬†of course. Obviously, my comments were laced with my standard sarcastic humour, which unfailingly makes SteppingStone laugh, but seemed to be working on Aby as well. My input to our conversations grew dramatically. Soon, all 3 of us were in rapid conversation, and eventually, SteppingStone was thrown aside (okay okay, left voluntarily) and it was only Aby and Me. From there on, the conversation went everywhere else… to his academic background, my academic background, music favourites, university gossip, exercise tips, my laziness, subtle compliments to his physique, the occasional confession by me [ Aby: “You don’t give a damn about fitness, do you?” ¬† ¬†Me: Nope! I just want to look good :)” ] and so on and so forth.

It was in the midst of this that he asked the damned question…


Aby: So how are the girls in your college?

And it all came tumbling down. Why did GIRLS have to come into the conversation?! Ugh! Girls!
Gay… Straight… girls are the root of all misery for all kinds of men!

But then there was hope…


Me: Ummm… they’re okay. Apparently, not so bad for an engineering college.

Aby: ¬†The girls in my college are wild. They’re far wilder than the men… They drink sooo much more… It’s nuts!

Ahh! No mention of how they “look”! Just how liberated they are! There is hope after all… there is hope!

The icing on the cake… Just as he was leaving,

Aby: Hey dude, do you come around this time every day?

Me: Not religiously. The occasional day, I go for a swim. But I try to be regular.

Aby: Gimme your number…

Me: Errr… okay! It’s 9987654321

Aby: I’ll give you a missed call?

Me: Umm… sure!

Aby: Okay… we should hang out sometime… See you then!

Me: Umm… bye!

Before we all start getting excited, there’s only one other reason, apart from the one that Unsung’s company is always interesting and entertaining, which would make a person want to hang out with a random, interesting but far less hot dude who he met at the gym.

Failure. He has few friends!
Which totally seems to be the case with this fellow. He’s studying in a class/course that has less than 5 people in it! No class-mates, thus few friends… Thus, turn to the funny, interesting and nothing-homosexual-about-him-as-far-as-I-could-see dude at the gym.

Frankly, I hope he doesn’t call or anything!¬†(Yes, even though he was soo fuckin’ hot! See? I’m not completely shallow! Oh, and he has a dusky complexion… so not completely racist either! So there ūüôā )

Much ado about…

3 Aug

So I get off from class around 4. I could either head back to the pool and use it in the 4 to 5 hour (though I wouldn’t be in the pool before 4.15 due to the travel time etc. so that would only give me a little over half an hour in the water) or I could head to the gym straight after class but that would mean that I would have to go in part-gym clothes to class and would have to wear my ugly exercise shoes as well.
However, that would mean that I’d wrap up with the day’s quota exercise by 5.30 and hopefully study a bit in the evening.

But tomorrow’s Tuesday and the pool is closed, so I should probably use the pool today, since I won’t be able to use it next till Wednesday. But then, I haven’t had a work-out since Friday so if I don’t go today, it would translate to 3 consecutive days minus gymming and ruin the workout.
But then if I go to the gym today, I probably won’t feel like going again tomorrow, and I cannot go to the pool tomorrow because it’s closed anyway.

Then again, I could do both… go to the gym first, and then into the pool from 5 to 6, but it’s so crowded at that hour and one can hardly swim. Then again, it’s not that I cannot swim at all so some exercise is better than no exercise.

Maybe I’ll just stay in and watch some TV instead :S

When life isn’t too kind

31 Jul

I returned to the gym yesterday, after a 3 month hiatus. I’ve lost whatever little muscle mass I’d gained, and I’m struggling with dumbbell weights that I’d graduated beyond, if not perfected, several months ago.
I’m inflexible, feel foolish around the ultra-muscular dudes around, and some not-so-muscular fellows who still lift heavier weights.

Nonetheless, there was a slight feeling of belonging. A ray of hope that I’ll be fit again, and may even go beyond. I want nice biceps (and more)! Period!
The gym I’ve joined this time round isn’t the most elite, but has far more equipment than the “Fitness Centre” I was going to, earlier. So that brings added expectations as well!

In other news, the Unsung that we’ve known all along may soon be extinct. The Unsung with the falling hair may soon give way to the bald Unsung. That’ll be the worst tragedy to hit the world since WW2. My scalp is becoming increasingly visible, even though I’m struggling to prevent.
Moreover, my hair either keeps breaking (as opposed to falling) or is not rooted to my scalp anymore, since the fallen hair has no “root”.
I’m alternating Ayurvedic oil with good old “sarson” (mustard) oil, hoping that my scalp will find familiarity in the latter, that mom would forcefully apply on our heads through childhood.

If I knew this day was to come when I was young, I would’ve regularly oiled my hair every night of the year myself!

Anyway, the parents being negligent as they are about matters that are important to their kids, will be in for a rude shock if I go bald. I plan to shave my head off completely, get a visible tattoo somewhere and grow a funny beard. Or something. Get purple contacts. Totally punk. Just to teach them that this is what happens when you don’t take your balding son to a Trichologist when his hairfall is all that he ever talks about.

If anyone so much as dares to utter a word in their defence, you are banned from UnsungLand.
So there!

Mayday, Mayday

7 May

I’m nearing completion of one month minus gymming, and the evidence is beginning to show. Today, I was walking along the corridor, and peeked at my reflection on the windows on one side… The tummy was actually shaking! Like honestly, literally vibrating with every step!

And I’ve made a conscious effort to reduce my food intake and what not!

HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEE! Exams are around the corner and I won’t be able to join the gym for at least another 3 weeks. My routine, when I left, was quire vigorous. And I’ve been gymming for 7 months non-stop, so I guess I can imagine the toll of this minor absence.

Tonight, I begin to run. I run like I’ve never before, I run like a mad dog, I run to save every inkling of effort that I made through these months.

God is just so unfair. Imagine investing SO much time and SO much effort to lose flab, that comes back in a jiffy if you as much as take a short break. Bah!

Arbit Ramblings

6 May

I was thinking about time just now. About how volatile it can be at times, and at others, seems to stretch.
Then I realised that I’m incapable of being insightful or having profound thoughts on matters not concerning melancholy, so I gave it up.

I want to ramble right now, because I’m feeling a bit brainless at the moment. I want to ramble about how I’m disappointed at not having been able to speak to a senior from school, who I came across on “the networking website” some days back, because I don’t think he’s come online since. I want to ramble about yet another victory at having traced his profile on orkut AND facebook. And how strange it felt when he did the same with me. I want to ramble about how I hope to give him my phone number when I next make contact with him, online. I want to ramble about how he’s a taciturn, gizmo freak and how bleak the possibilities are, of finding a friend or lover in him, and how I still want to atleast try.

I want to ramble about how my last-but-one semester is going to come to an end in a matter of weeks, and this will be the last time I go home with the intention of returning after a break. I want to ramble about having found an internship in Delhi, and about finally realising my plans to finally witness the gay scene there in terms of parties, movie screenings and so on, even if I have to do it alone!

I want to ramble about how I don’t feel guilty enough that I’m going to be completing a month-long hiatus from the gym, that my belly seems to be growing, that my gymming targets remain unaccomplished; and the implications of the same.

I want to talk about how I hope to return to the place-I-visited-twice-last-month, albeit with a love interest, and make love everywhere possible over there. Or alternatively just visit again with friends and relish the presence of hot Europeans all around me (Why are Europeans so congruously hot??)

I want to ramble about a lot of things really, but I think I’ll take a quick nap instead.


26 Jan

Once again, a depressing post. Idleness doesn’t only pull one down, it also renders a person quite quite useless. There are a million things I can think of doing, to put my mind off, but none that I could actually get myself to.

The day is almost over, and the high-point is nowhere in sight. May not come at all.
Time to head off to the gym for possibly my first and last workout for the week (as I head out-of-town tomorrow) and I’m certainly in no mood to. Yet, I have assignments to finish, packing to see to, research to (begin and) complete. But the gym clock is ticking, and I don’t want to go. Thankfully, I have to accompany a friend there, today, I have no choice but to relent.

Cannot think of anything that could cheer me up for the moment. Nothing. Not one.