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Notty-ness and Aftermath

19 Aug

Remember how a fortnight ago, Unsung had a bout of cheekiness?

Do you recall how he said that his “insolence” would probably have a certain cousin or two condemning him for it?
He thought the condemning would occur in email exchanges and so on, that Unsung would never quite get to read.

But two weeks hence, he had a rather pleasant surprise in his email inbox, at 9.00 PM at night, from the cousin sister…

“Hi Unsung,

That’s a rather rude reply! If you must be rude, why copy everyone on the message and make a public spectacle? I don’t think this will go down well with most people who are on this message.”

How misguided Unsung had been to think that the cousins would keep their opinions to themselves, and instead leave the father-and-son to sort out the matter between themselves.

Not only did she respond with the content above, she copied my father on it as well (no surprises there, since he had initiated the chain of emails to begin with)… and my mother as well!!
My mother hadn’t been copied on either the original that dad sent out, or my response (which went out to all of dad’s reciepients) but the cousin made sure that the email she shot to “tick me off” would reach my parents, so that they could “discipline” me.

What makes her think that I’ll be disciplined by her at age 21, I fail to understand. That too on a matter which, I’m positive, left my father most unaffected.

I was shocked to realize this past winter that my mother was right on her observation that my two cousins were a tiny bit more important to my dad than his own kids, after a certain incident. It seems they respond very well to his affection.


8.00 AM

So her email elicited a gracious and flowery response from daddy dear (who didn’t find the matter worth commenting on earlier, but since his beloved daughter neice has intervened, it must be worth talking about, right?)

Hi <cousin’s name>

thanks for the intervention,,,that’s what elder sisters need to do..tweak–when needed…U, learn to close the issue in a graceful manner using a 5 letter word…even if communicated directly to me.

bye..take care.

to which I responded, though only to him…

If only 5-letter words were the solution to everything, it would make
all our lives a whole lot simpler.
But to be on the safer side and avoid this sort of a situation in the
future, let’s just say you don’t send me any email forwards

I know all of this may sound very rude, but I am extremely annoyed, offended and downright motivated to get out of this family this very moment.

Oscar Wilde’s quote comes to mind, and makes a LOT of sense at the moment…

“Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes, they forgive them”

My folks aren’t really sky soaring at the moment…

Unsung is a Notty Boi!

1 Aug

I’m sure you must’ve all seen this snap at some time or another, in your lives, probably in the newspaper or a magazine special :
Sonia, Rajiv

My father passed on the snap in an email forward titled “Very rare old photo – Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh at India Gate” to my sister, me and a few relatives.

I opened the email, saw the snap and wondered why ever he’d forward it to us. That, and because he’s so not into the Gandhis (the exact opposite, of course) to propagate anything pleasant relating to the family.

I was waiting for the other snap(s) to load, the one with Manmohan Singh in them, but realized that no more were loading. Then I noticed the caption on the earlier photograph, which read

“Very rare old photo:
Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh at India Gate”

Yes, yes! I know most of you probably understood the email long before I would’ve myself.

Anyway, it certainly ticked me off that my father should send this forward to me, knowing the supporter I am of the Congress. I couldn’t let him get away with it, no?

So I quickly pressed “Reply to All” and shot off a response that read…
“Isn’t it fascinating how ice-cream vendors end up going so much further in life than… say, students of economics? or Law? Even businessmen?”

As you could’ve guessed, my father is all three of them. Since it was on “Reply To All”, it’s also going to make it to the mail-boxes of my sister (no issues), two people whose faces I cannot quite place and my cousin sister and brother, who have already earned a mention on this blog prior to this.
So evidently my email is going to get some tongues wagging, but evidently I couldn’t care less!

Mind your Language, Aunt is Reading

8 Mar

So here’s the downpoint of having your middle-aged cousins (with kids et all) on your Facebook account. They tend to pry. And copy things from your profile and send it to their mother.
Or maybe it’s not a downpoint after all?
So some years ago, my mom checked my computer-illiterate aunt’s email as a favour. The aunt never changed her password (she woudn’t know how to) so the now-jobless mother occasionally opens her email ID and goes through some interesting content there…

For instance, my cuz emailed me on facebook the other day saying “Heard you’re going to Br… watch your back!” as a subtle warning of the dangers that await me. I responded saying that I would, though there are usually many interns from Europe who visit all the time, so I’d get along. Implying that safety would be more of a concern to them, so they wouldn’t be visiting if it wasn’t safe.
She forwarded that email to her mother (my aunt) putting in that I’d mentioned that “there would be lots of goras there from Europe,” which made her wonder “what ideas we kids were growing up with” and “behaving as if we just came off the trees.”

I was rather shocked initially, but then amused in equal quantities.

Later, my cousin bro~ (aunt’s son) forwarded my “25 Random Things about me” note on facebook to my aunt. Her response was forwarded to me my mother yesterday. Having read it, my aunt wrote back wondering “how full I am of myself, at my age”, of how I find nothing that I dislike about myself. “Looks, inteligence, humorous… every quality he has” she added noting “how different” I was “from my ancestors” (which left me confused) and adding that my uncle was not like that till he had achieved something to boast about.

Mom and sister are furious over these exchanges. I’m bloody amused 😛