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The Fear That You Won’t Fall

13 Feb

To begin with, if it occurs to any of you that occasionally the titles of my posts are the oh-so-simple-yet-profound kinds, I must confess that they’re often titles of songs or films or the like. It just saves me the effort of using up my creative juice and coming up with a title like “I just saw a very depressing movie” so why not?


So that gave away the subject of the post. I finally saw “Longtime Companion“, a film that’s been lying on my hard drive for nearly 2 years, and which I’ve attempted watching two to three times before, but never succeeded in finishing. It’s a touching story that captures the lives of two groups of gay folks living in New York story over a period of almost a decade, beginning from the time that AIDS first surfaced in the world. As we watch, the groups shrink further and further till there aren’t but a few remaining, all the rest having fallen victim to the erstwhile “gay disease”.

Though one feels more secure in the fact that we’re in safer times now, where there is more awareness and less chances of infection, one still wonders why us gay men, already afflicted with so many challenges in life, must also be susceptible to yet another. That on any given day, our lives might be drastically changed for the worse (if not end abruptly as it did back in the days), and that all it takes is one rotten experience to ruin it all. That one must live each day on guard, treading carefully and exercising caution given the community that we live in, and the lifestyle of the people to whom we expose ourselves. (Yes, AIDS exists among straight people too, and spreads through infected syringes and yada yada but I’m going to look at the larger relevant picture on my blog, so there.)

Nonetheless, it’s a beautiful film and a must watch. The irony is that it begins on such a merry note, with a lovely rendition (probably the original) of “The Tide is High”, where all seems hunky dory and all the men aren’t so grossly muscular as they are nowadays. With each passing frame, it moves towards a total contrast.

But such is life, mes amies. We are born with no concerns, then the hurdles start attacking us along the way, and eventually we die.
C’est la vie.


On a different note, how much do you think the folks in this video were paid to dance the way they are doing? (Credit to an erstwhile blogger for discovering it and posting it on Facebook)

All you get from love is a lovesong

4 Apr

So I’ve seen a million romantic flicks in the past few months (by my standards… 3-4 as per common methods of census)

With each flick, one finds it more and more ridiculous just how unrealistic they are. I really wonder why people make such films at all. Surely love isn’t so magical, so perfect… And nearly non-existent in the gay world.

The more and more I observe relationships, straight and (flimsy) gay (ones), the more I wonder how they survive the complexity of human emotions. For instance, the more and more Hagatha spends time with her boyfriend, the more compromises she makes for him (while I see him make none). The more her loyalties shift to him, to his opinion on matters (accelerated by the fact that she has very few of her own) and away from other friends. Clearly I could play similar games, but one could only do that unconsciously. The harder it will become for her to retain the equations she had with her friends. When one observes so clearly such forces in action, one can only look at them and wonder the complexity of relationships and romance. Sure one may say we’re young and immature and that we would change with time. But it would still be a far call from stuff that films are made of, right? One really wonders what all these romance flicks are made of. And what it is about them that makes one feel good. The illusion that someday they’ll have the same?

My first “Valentine’s Day” in B’lore

19 Feb

was 5 days post Valentine’s Day. Yes, I’m talking about the film…

I must say it was a delightful watch. It’s been just so long since I saw a film so ordinary on the big screen. No gigantic plot, no ground-breaking budget, animations and the lot. Just a plain, old ordinary film that one thinks wasn’t really made for the Big Screen at all but is usually found being screened on Star Movies at 3.00 PM. And yet, an extremely pleasant watch.

The best parts of the film? Why, the 2 hottest men in the film… were…. you guessed it! It was almost hilarious the sighs of frustration that were just so audible from all the girls around, including my sister! The disappointment they must’ve felt was practically liberating, since at least in the movies, there appears to be some justice for us!

Apart from that, the Indian restaurant, and the hindi songs and dance were quite amusing too! One doesn’t expect that in too many mainstream films, somehow, but lo behold, there it was. And once again, everybody who matters (on the big screen) is attractive with an awesome physique. I may as well just go drown myself.

But YOU go and enjoy “Valentine’s Day”… a terribly mediocre film that you’d enjoy watching simply because it’s been so long…

Khan he really do it?

16 Feb

Not only can he do it, he did it!

Yep, am talking about MNIK.

Karan Johar successfully took a brilliant plot, a fantastic storyline and mixed it into one of his melodramatic works that he honestly should’ve left behind in the 20th (more like 19th) century! And I rather doubt he has the right to portray America’s handling of emergencies in such an inefficient fashion. I’d like my American friends to watch the film and tell me if the country is likely to desert victims of a natural disaster when the area is as accessible as it was in the film.

But full credit goes to him for attempting to make a film with as brilliant a concept as the one this had. And full points to him for bringing Kajol and Sharukh on screen together without the chemistry that we always loved and adored. Now I won’t be so eager to see them act next to each other in the future.

All in all, a very, very mediocre film. Enjoyable moments, despicable ones too. I give it 3 on 5.

On a side-note, watching SF was quite a pleasure. Makes me long for being in the US yet again. Though at a more subtle level, I look at how an immigrant from this part of the world is likely to be treated there, and I’m forced to reconsider. Maybe if I could live on Wisteria Lane…

Anyhow, I thought I’d given that a long-needed break… The yearning to move to the States. And then I thought that I’d rather do Europe. And in between all that longing for everything out of reach, I’d told myself that being a first-grade citizen in India was pretty cool too… Yep, I want everything and I’m incapable of being satisfied with what I have. That’s established then. Nothing new there…

Mooovy Coming Soon

22 Jan

So I just caught a poster of this new film on the block, “Dunno Y… Na Jaane Kyun”. Hard as it is to do so, once I look past the disturbingly pathetic title and read up the vague description that HT has given of the film… I get goosebumps! Here’s another film that seems to want to portray all of Gay Society in all its shadiness.

But then, I look up the cast… Zeenat Aman? Helen? Zeenat Aman playing daughter to Helen? Maybe it’s just a spoof then 😛
Okay, no offence meant, Zeenu. You’re still quite hot. And I’m glad you’re offering to act in a film which is seemingly about the dirty, dirty lives we lead… Don’t mess it up, haan?

Of course, when it finally hits the theatres, it would be hard to find company to go and watch the film. But current trends suggest that my sister watches everything that’s ever released, so I might just end up watching it with her 😛

Anyhow, it’s been a long week, I’ve put in some 40 hours already, and it’s time to add another 10 to the kitty today. I’m becoming one of “those people”. In my second week of work life :-S But, well, I don’t mind. Maybe it’s just the initial phase of worklife. Maybe it’ll blow over, and I’ll start whining about work hours….

… or maybe it won’t.

I’m in LOVVVEEE…….

24 Dec



With these 2 in my life, I feel much more complete.

If you guys haven’t caught either of them, and don’t intend to, be banished from Earth and never return again.

Enough has been said about the former. It was a journey. It was hyped around me beyond all norms, I went with tremendous expectations and the film surpassed them.

As for the book, my sister left it behind at home, and I thankfully opened it. I’m not able to read a single paragraph without laughing out loud, and am unable to finish a page without shaking with laughter and hitting myself to contain it. So you get my point.
Go watch the movie.
Go buy (and read) the book. And after having read 2 pages of the book, or however much it takes to fall in love with it, Tweet the author and tell her you love her, as I did.

Battling Blues

7 Apr

I started my day with missing 2 of 3 classes, attended the third, stopped at the library for 4 hours, slept for 3 and a half of them, had lunch for 15 mins and studied 15. I skipped gym in the afternoon, and am unlikely to visit in the evening as well.

Basically, I’m feeling very very low. The last thing I want to do is study, and exams are a week away! Yet, I manage to waste the entire day. 

So I thought I’d watch Transamerica once again. I do love that film, as much as I love Felicity Huffman. It’s so heartwarming to see how Bree struggles through life, and manages to find happiness in the little that she has, all of which is her own. I hope I never have to live a life like hers, of course! That would be horrid.
But the film is so depressing and yet so reassuring.