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I can hear the Ocean calling…

24 Apr

Remember the really awesome trip I took earlier this month? To a most sacred place, ethereal and serene?

I’m going again! Tonight! In a matter of Hours!

For which I’ll be missing Alika’s birthday party tomorrow night. Once I’ve told her about that later tonight, she might just kill me, but I hope to escape with a few scratches at the most.


In other news, I scored full marks in a paper earlier this week, after a gap of almost 2 years. Then another teacher, who totally likes me, gave me an extra half a mark in my paper (“So that’s 14.5 plus 1… Ahh, 16”) and a paper on which I was given the impression that I’d scored a horrendous 10.5 (on 20) turned out to have a totalling error. The actual score was 15! And it was one of my worst papers!

Good times, good times!

Sunday Cheer

31 Aug

Well, it has been an almost splendid start to the day. Naturally, it means I’m going to have a ruddy time for the rest.

It all started with Sunday Brunch, to which Pankaj sent out invitations yesterday. He wished to introduce his younger brother, who joined us here this year, to a joint that specialises in drowning a variety of egg and bread items in cheese, much to the delight of avid gluttons.

I felt quite guilty about adding as many calories to my system in one brunch, than I had in the past 2 weeks, but what the heck! A guy has got to indulge himself once in a while, right?

What I was particularly looking forward to was being introduced to the younger brother, which I hadn’t been as Pankaj and I were having our tiff the last time he presented his siblings to his friends over dinner.

I shall not go into the details of how the entire introduction happened. No, I wasn’t wanting to seduce him. He’s younger than I am, mediocre in appearance, and I’m not the kind of guy who would go after the younger brother of a guy I had feelings for once upon a time. Okay, maybe I am capable of it; but that wasn’t the intention!

The anticipation was not quite worth it. The brother was silent, not very interactive and scarcely interesting, unlike his elder sibling; which is contradictory to how I had imagined him when I had heard about him, before. I triend making some amount of conversation, but his responses were monosyllabilic. Maybe he wasn’t comfortable in our company. Maybe he’s just dull. Such matters are almost always a let-down.

But that of course was not the high point of the afternoon. From the moment I stepped out the door, I was calm, mentally present and quite happy. I was completely in my element, in terms of wit and humour!

Unfortunately, most of our actual gang was not present. Actually, none of it was; only Pankaj and I, along with other acquaintences, so I missed out on the opportunity to flaunt my restoration to my earlier self. Oh well, hopefully it will persist, this normalcy.

On the downside, since I’ve had such a good time uptill now, I’ll probably have a ruddy time for the rest of the day. It’s my roomie’s birthday tomorrow! I thought about getting him something for his birthday, but as he hasn’t really gifted me anything for the 2 I’ve had, and I did buy him something in his first here, I think I’ll give it a bunk, just to keep matters levelled. I know it isn’t how it is supposed to work, but I’m broke until the bank opens tomorrow, anyway, so I can scarcely do anything about it!

Well, that’s all for now, folks. I’ll not attempt at constructively utilising my sunday, as I’m in good spirits. I might fail, of course, but it’s worth a shot.