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Who Your Daddy!

10 Jun

Remember the exams, that I appeared for a few weeks ago? And how I fell violently ill and had to write 3 out of 5 papers with a scorching temperature?



Guess Who Did



Yep, thaaaaaaaaaat’s Me!!
Alika called in the morning to ask for my Roll No.

Me: Shit! They’re out?
Her : Yes, they are!
Me: Damn! Damn! Damn!
Her: Arre baba, don’t worry! 

She also had an idea of how poorly my papers had been written…

She didn’t have to call me back with my result, though. I logged on to find Hagatha online, in the know. She thought I knew my result, so went ahead with congratulating me. Initially, I didn’t believe her. She sensed it, and confirmed my registration number with me, which as it turned out, she had noted correctly. Following that, I verified my results online, and found reason to gasp-in-shock and subsequently, celebrate!
Hagatha, the poor thing didn’t do very well, so I’ve been spending all morning talking to make her feel better. As a rule, I try to keep communication minimum between us duing the summer because, well, it’s some time away from “us”, as we spend ALL our free time together in college. But I felt really bad for her, even as she was feeling delighted for me.

After a bit of talk, I think she felt better. I’m gonna keep talking to her through the day, and occasionally over the next few days. What I’m also going to do is meet up with Alika and the gang, and Paaaaarrrtttttttttyyyyyyyy!!!!

Oh, and Tanuja’s coming to town at the end of the month! Yay! Finally, there’s reason to cheer 😀


Yes, you can congratulate me now 🙂

1st Anniversary

1 Sep

Today, we completed one month together. I tried to remain committed through the period, and I believe I did quite a fair job!

There was scarcely any celebration; but as we spent time together this afternoon, I realised that we had come such a long way.

I hope this equation lasts. I know I’ve become a better person since it all began! I know that you’ve changed very little, and will scarcely see any more in the times to come. I, on the other hand, hope to become more and more desireable with time.

I have invested quite a bit in our future together. 3 months of my time and money’s worth, to be precise. At the end of the 3 months, I hope to that it would persist for another 6. So on and so forth. I really do hope it works out.

One month ago, it was all just errantry; a new doman, an experiment, that had failed on previous occasions. But I was inspired, and looking back, I believe I have been quite devoted! You haven’t been hostile either. I hope it stays that way.

Happy One Month, dearest gym! Here’s hoping for many more!