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A regular dose of chic-lit

9 Dec

So this time, since I had decided to travel to Delhi super light, there was no laptop in my luggage at the airport and, in fact, no hand baggage at all… Like really, OMG!

So what does one do on a 3 hour flight, in a low cost carrier devoid of any inflight entertainment?

Why, the good old fashion reading of course! And thus I risked picking up a book at the airport with literally no recommendations… Wanting to play it safe, I had to pick up some racy thriller or something equally “me”, and stay away from the intellectual gibberish.
So it came to a choice between “The Lost Symbol”, and a random bit of chic-lit that I came across called “Keep The Change”. And lo-behold, I risked taking the latter!

Since it happens to be the second chick-lit I’m reading in the last 6 months, and the third book as a whole, I cannot help but occasionally compare it to Almost Single, the last book I was gushing about on this blog.

Sure, so KTC scarcely comes close to the literary brilliance of the narrative of Advaita Kala. Does that change the fact that the story is extremely amusing, the character is a tad easier to relate to, and the book itself is thoroughly enjoyable? No, it does not!

To sum it up in short, the book is about an ordinary, conservative Tam-Brahm girl who migrates from Chennai to Bombay in order to get a life, and halfway through the book, is coming close to it without “losing herself”. Yes, that’s right… I’m just a little beyond halfway through. HOW I’m enjoying it though! Yes, it isn’t as hysterical a read as AS (there I go off again), but it sure has its own charm to it.

I think the time has come to embrace the genre, and go all out in investing in every chic literature there is, and pretend it’s “my sister’s”.

Speaking of my sister, she got engaged yesterday. It was a decent affair, I had two bloody drinks and was extremely buzzed all evening, the evening seemed to last the shortest time, and I’m hopefully in a lot of snaps. For the occasion, pop bought me a nice, sleek and trendy, somewhat unusual western suit, that I cannot possibly fathom when/where I’ll be able to wear again.
Oh yes, the sister’s engaged. The ring is deliciously fabulous. I’m very happy for her. The entire family’s damn happy with the guy too. I am not so much… a tad too conservative for my tastes… but well, he’s completely her choice and she’s apparently more than happy to oblige, so what can I say?

So I was really buzzed. The only saving grace was that my most senior aunt too fixed herself one-too-many gins, and got so woozy that she hugged and greeted her own son’s domestic help!!! Oh, how I laugh at the thought of it even now. Didn’t get to see it, but heard about it. What a RIOT! ๐Ÿ˜€

I used to be intimidated by her all these years, but I’m really starting to like her now! She’s bloody elegant in her own right… Wish I’d been around in her prime.

Anyway, damn sleepy now, so gonna crash.

This is Unsung, signing off from a cold-but-going-to-get-colder-long-after-I’m-gone-and-that-just-sucks Delhi…



PS – And from those who have read either of the 2 books mentioned here, I invite recommendations!

Color Me Turquoise

16 Jul

Okay, one day late it may be but I’m going to attempt to adhere all other instructions issued pertaining to drafting this post.

So I finally met up with Chandu yesterday, making her the first co-blogger I’ve met from here. (Sowie Rani, but you and I will happen REALLY SOON!) She was accompanied by a really sweet friend of hers, quite funny, but the dude got really drunk and profane towards the end of the evening, what with all the whiskey, and she practically had to beg him not to take his clothes of then and there! But he was sweet nonetheless. Very sweet! At least before the alcohol, and for some time after.

And what can one say about C? Well, that she’s a significantly different from what she seems through her blog. Not only does she look 10 years younger than in her pictures (bad, BAD photography), she actually seems 5 years younger by nature as well! She hasn’t been able to, I think, figure out whether that’s a compliment or not. Actually, neither have I :-S
And boyyyyy can she drink! Okay, technically she didn’t drink SO much last night, and she wasn’t exactly running haywire and obscene (unlike her friend), she did seem to be struggling to keep from shrieking like an 18-year old bimbo (Groupies, they call ’em – Thanks, Chandu-friend) each time one of her favourite songs came on. But yes, she resisted. Thank you, Chandu!
Oh, and she INSISTS on making all the decisions (about the order etc etc) so one definitely knows who calls the shots in her household :-S

The pub that she chose, called TC (formerly Turquoise Cottage) at some godforsaken village called Adchini (though bang in one corner of the city, yes) was almost a blast from my (recent) past… Nearly every track they played exists on the frequent playlist of our frequented pub back in college.

Anyhow, that WAS the last evening out in this Delhi trip. I thankfully caught what-could’ve-been the last train back home (god-bless-you Delhi Metro, else I would’ve had to drive, ergo I wouldn’t have been able to drink) and hopefully, by the next time I’m in town, I’ll be a confident driver (One can HOPE, can one not?).

The airplane takes off tomorrow, and once again, I commence yet another new life. No strange sentiments over leaving Delhi this time round. Maybe it’s the heat :-S What I do feel lousy about is that my flight is at 2, the airport is at the other end of the city, it’s 1 a.m. and I haven’t packed!!!

I think I owe a longish post about what transpired with Delhi-boy. Should come in very soon. And I thought I’d be clearing my blog-post-backlog this summer, but that certainly has NOT happened! I’ll get there folks… Though hopefully not before I finish start reading the course material sent to me by ze company I join this Monday. Have been waiting for that day for quite a few months, even if just to be able to add it to my Networks on Facebook.
Yes, I’m shallow like that sometimes :-S

Biting the bullet

25 Jun

So I finally solution to all my problems pertaining to the heat…

The solution is… to tolerate it!

Okay, not so much. Today, the weather gods had mercy on us. It rained in some part of the world, and the mercury lowered. What better opportunity to jump in the car, park at the metro and chug away slowly slowly to CP, right?

But then, it was soooo worth it! Did you know that this neat joint at Khan market offers Happy Hours till 9-10? And so how could I resist ordering an LIIT and consuming 2? Result:

Me: Hi Ma…. yep, am at Khan…. Errr, mom… might’ve had too much to drink. In the worst scenario, will need you to drive down with dad, and take me back… Or I could have <Hag 3> drive me back, and she’ll stay over.

Don’t think mom liked either of the options. But I went back, managed to drive home and nearly parked the car without having to drive back-and-forth to position myself. Would’ve done it in one neat move had mom not been ‘balcony-driving’, i.e. calling out instructions from the balcony!

Also, as I was pulling out of the metro station parking, the guard happily informed me that “India won the match!” Knowing that gay marriage would be legal here before India cleared the FIFA qualifiers, I take there’s some cricket tournament or something going on? For the guard though, I smiled and said “That’s great!” Ha, he doesn’t know he was yelping down the wrong alley!

Laying the foundation…

30 May

No updates for a whole week! What exactly HAS UsP been upto?

Well, a lot, to be honest. As we know, the last weekend and half of this week was spent in my college town. Upon return, I had to rush to work, and spend the day working because a substantial amount of work has come in. Alika and ex-roomate were transiting through Bangalore on Thursday, so in order to take yet another leave from work (the 3rd leave that week), which I absolutely did not have the courage to do, I faked a fall from the stairs on Thursday morning, and worked from home instead (all of 2 hours), and had a WHOLE lot of fun. It’s so much easier to open up to a group of people you’re out to!
At lunch that day at a nearby food court, I was walking towards my table, and this really HOT American dude passing me smiled and said “Hi!” I nearly fell in shock, but contained myself, said hello and returned to the table, sharing the story with the lot as it happened! As I lay there moping about not having carried out a full conversation with the hot-stuff, and as Alika discouraged, no, forbade me from thinking about him, guess who comes and sits next to me at the table … HOT AMERICAN GUY!

So just about the time I had offered him food (The way to a man’s heart…), asked him if I knew him from before, received a response in the negative and wondered why he was at our table, he starts talking about this “awesome guy named Jesus” and his “power to heal”. With a heavy weight on my heart, I told him that all of us were atheists, and that he was wasting his time. What I did NOT tell him was that I’d willingly believe in Jesus if Jesus would unite Hot-American-Dude and me. So I had to turn him away. I know, I know… shucks!

The day ended blissfully, we all passed out post boozing, I woke up the next morning, tied my foot in crepe and limped all day at work. By evening, I’d gotten quiet used to limping and couldn’t stop… Go figure!

Saturday was uneventful. Sunday was NOT! Thanks to beloved Rani, I bought myself some lovely discount coupons at a fancy salon and spa, and they were expiring this month-end. So the sister and I decided to make use of them. I had thought of going in for a scalp treatment to save my ailing hair, but they didn’t have it available then. So instead I settled for a Hair Spa treatment… and indulged in a deep-tissue massage.

The latter was undoubtedly the MOST awkward experience for me! I’ve never gotten one of these things before, and have only seen it on American television. Was I REALLY supposed to take all my clothes off, and lie down in just a towel? I suppose the masseuse got the hint when he offered me the (really small) towel and said I could wear it, and I asked “Just that?” and gestured towards my protective covering and asked if I really had to get rid of it all. I’ve never been entirely unclothed in a room with a fellow who was entirely dressed and have had no fellow touch me all over, except in intimate moments. But I could SO get used to it.

The massage was quite over-hyped, though. My pop gets the same thing every other week much cheaper than I did (even at 65% off). The difference was that MY massage was being administered by a CUTE north-eastern fellow with a GORGEOUS hair-do, whereas his comes from an aged, nimble man. I’d happily dish out the additional bucks any given day!

However, it’s much different from what one sees on televisions. For one, they massage your back AND your front. For another, you manage to resist from getting aroused, as you were always afraid you would in such a situation. And third, for some reason, they keep adjusting your undergarment (in this case, only-garment) every now and then, and you keep wishing they’d just pull it off altogether. Okay, I should stop talking now.

Oh, the indulgent session was followed by lunch where I left the sister even more confused and guessing about my sexuality, but came clean about the purpose of the black-bands on my wrist. She was downright shocked, but seems to have come around to the fact that people CAN indulge in carnal pleasures outside of matrimony. But come July, when we start living together, it will be time to cmoe clean.

Oh, and the sister and I found a lovely apartment together, in a nice society. Except that there’s a graveyard in front and behind the society (in the gigantic, green field out balcony overlooks). I think the sister’s going to make life difficult for me while we’re there, jumping from behind doors and making loud noises. I HATE loud noises.

Flying HIGH

23 May

So I believe the last 2 updates I made to the blog from my phone didn’t take. Tragic, ain’t it?
One was a long, sob story of how I yearn for someone I can call anytime and blah blah, or stop yearning altogether.
So you’re probably glad that didn’t get published.

(EDIT: Found it in my drafts, and published it. Sowie, your bad luck!)

The second on the other hand was a FUN incident.
So I’m really high, and at our favourite hang-out place here in my college town. (Did I mention I was coming back here? The last time ever as a student of this university… Bitter-sweet feelings about that…) Most of the evening is over, I’ve made every chick I know here kiss me numerous times on the cheek (to make all the other guys burn in envy, or something to that effect. Or maybe I just like kisses on the cheeks, and it would be inappropriate to ask any guys… And none of the guys I know here well enough are desirable anyway!). Soon enough, I can barely walk straight, totter back into the darkness of the pub, to our table where one of the next hag-designates is sitting, bend over to her, and murmur ‘kissy’ into her ear for the 6th time that evening! And she does comply, but her performance is not at all satisfactory. So I demand it be done properly. And she does, and this time it’s good enough. What isn’t good enough is that once I have tottered back out of the pub, I find the hag-designate standing in front of me. Super-woman? Woman with apparation abilities? Not quite! Hag-designate had moved out quite some time ago and I had demanded a ‘Kissy’ of a random acquaintance from back in first year!!!
I head back in and apologize profusely, and she keeps laughing and saying that it’s okay. (To be fair, I always did think she had a serious crush on me, what with our once-a-semester chats in which she was always so giggly)

Hence, no prospective harassment case against me, thankfully.

But soon enough, everyone gets to know of the embarrassing incident.

Because I told them.

In great, animated detail.

Including Tanuja in Singapore.

At Rs. 12.50 per minute.

I REALLY need a detox from all this alcohol!

Freaky Friday!

30 Jan

So the earlier part of Friday was quite horrid…

1. I had to do a LOT of copy-paste work at office! Like helloooo… How annoying is that?! What are all the freshly recruited employees for, I ask… Hmph!

2. I reached office and saw my boss dressed in Bridal wear. Then, I noticed TOO many people wearing Lungis et all… Has everyone lost their minds???
Then was told by boss that it was “Ethnic Day”!!! Thank god I wasn’t told sooner…
Was later informed that it would be nice if I could come to office “tomorrow” a.k.a Saturday. How nice is that!
Then I was asked to join in a gazillion (read Two) Photo Ops with people dressed in “Ethnic Wear” (read Fancy Dress)… I truly felt like a foreign exchange student!

3. Had to sit through a long, dull “interactive session” for the employees. The high point was a junior employee making fun of the senior employees. And a guy who came dressed in drag!! Or maybe he was a transexual. One really needs to get to the bottom of that! How can such a thing miss my eye!!

But the evening compensated…

1. Caught some drinks with an occasional blog-visitor who was in the country for some work. Right, so the fellow simply doesn’t believe in me when I tell him I know of places to catch a drink. But, well, it was a pleasant evening. If all 40 year olds are like him (damn sweet, sophisticated and look younger than 30) then I really need to widen my search-criteria a bit!

2. Caught MORE drinks with sister and cousins after that. Sang karaoke. “Boulevard of Dreams” as my sister puts it. An entire table of people was cheering and hooting for me. Tragically, it was my cousins. Oh well! Some appreciation is better than none, right? Besides, I was toooo high to care!

3. Came back to aunt’s place and attempted to put up a good drama of being sober et all. Will get to know the results of that tomorrow.

4. Came back home past midnight and finally posted something in the Booze Clues category after a long, long time!

I think I might enjoy Bengaluru after all!

Unsung blends in…

9 Jan

So another accomplishment of a different kind… Unsung went tonight to a party at his cousins’ place… a perfectly straight party with seemingly straight people…
Now these specific cousins are those that I don’t really blend with. They’re your typical Delhite crowd… the kind for whom booze is like water, cigarettes are morning-afternoon-evening tea, and so on… clubbing regulars, fancy-bar-drivers and so on. Now Unsung doesn’t really gel in too well if there isn’t intellectual conversation on politics, religion etc to be found. But not only did Unsung induce mild conversations of that nature, he blended in perfectly with the spoil-brat friends of the cousins, was laughing away, inducing laughter, sharing smokes, borrowing smokes, dumbing up, dumbing down, being introduced to people. In short, I went there knowing 3 cousins and vaguely knowing 1-2 others, but left bidding several of them brotherly goodbyes!

I huge accomplishment in terms of social interaction and not feeling awkward in an environment that he’s almost always very uncomfortable in.
Booze helped a little bit, yes ๐Ÿ˜›

Now he’s going to sleep at 4 a.m. and hopes to be up in time… It’s a big day! Unsung might just get to meet a fellow blogger… none other than BlogQueen, Chandu!

What not to do on New Years Eve…

1 Jan

Get so drunk at your first (and possibly last) Gay New Years Party that you have little recollection the next day…

Though it was good fun and very enjoyable! Met a friend from long ago, tried a lot of new cocktails (Green Apple Martini, Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Cosmopolitan, Possibly Some Unspecified Number of drinks, Long Island Ice Tea and Long Island Ice Tea), somehow managed myself and Daksh, thankfully did not lose my tie or sweater (thank you Mr. Assoc. Editor, Pink Pages).

I was naturally very shocked to realise that the party was out-doors, since I hadn’t put any thought into my sweater and my shirt was supposed to carry me through the evening but 6+ drinks down, I managed quite fine without the woolens.

I wish there was someone to tell me more about last night. For instance, I was chatting away with this straight (and only) chick who was there, but I don’t remember if I was dancing with her or not… I hope I was, but I’m not too sure.

Anyway, I have to go and discover ingenious means of ridding myself of a hang-over. No, this is NOT what 2010’s gonna be like…

Happy New Year folks!

I believe I can Fly

13 Nov

So ex-roomie and I had a dance-off at a crazy party, an hour or two ago. Was insane. He won, I was too tired. A first for me!

So what’s new? Yesterday, I was depressed all day. I received an email informing me that certain students had qualified for an interview by a company, and I was the first or second person in line who had missed the cut-off. I was extremely depressed because the work description sounded rather suitable.
In the evening, I was relieved to hear that the location was in Chennai. Even more reason to celebrate… there’s no way in hell I want to spend 6 months there when Bangalore is an option.

This morning, I was EVEN more delighted to hear that the stipend being paid is (a measly) 500 less than what my present internship offer has quoted. Hurray Hurray!

And lo behold, last I heard, they had lowered the cut-off, and I was now eligible!

So I had all of 5 minutes to decide whether or not I wanted to appear for the exam. I was told that the first written round was entirely an aptitude round, and would be a CAT aspirant’s baby. So I said, “what the heck” and wrote it.
They took 60 of the top unplaced students of the batch, and reduced it to 16. I made the cut-off.

Naturally, in round 2 I would have to under-perform in order to not go further in the selection process. Afterall, I didn’t want this internship and didn’t want to deny it to someone who wanted it. So I under-performed… or so I thought.
I have an interview tomorrow morning.

I feel so guilty. I actually attended a party and got as high as I could to offset the guilt.

On the way back, ex-roomie (who called me his “best roomate ever” ๐Ÿ™‚ ) insisted on taking me on a bike ride, before taking us back to our hostel.

We must’ve been on the road for at least 30 minutes, at an average speed of 90 kmph. We saw some glorious sights. It was a glorious experience. It was DAMN scary. But I practically flew tonight. I practically flew. And I saw corners of the town I never thought I would, and that I wouldn’t recognise in daylight.

But I flew tonight. Tomorrow, I must be interviewed, so now I should sleep.

Bonne nuit!

When fate co-operates on an important day…

15 Oct

Yep, final year Photo-shoots are quite important, they are!

I surprised myself by not making too much of a fuss. I had borrowed hair-gel to use on my hair, but did not.
I only used a face pack, had the smallest work out in the world, took a shower and got dressed… All in one hour!

The wardrobe was quite experimental. Black French Connec. shirt that I’d bought for my folks’ anniv., grey trousers to go with them (Thanks for the fabulous combo again, Rakesh!), borrowed leather shoes, a bright pink tie and the violet contacts! The trousers were damn tight, so my back is giving me a fair amount of pain at the moment. The shirt was very fitting as well, as a result of which I’d skipped breakfast and had the lightest lunch. Meals makes one bloat for a good hour or two!

Yes, I’m tempted to post snaps. Maybe I will post it in some form, once I get my hands on them.

My hair thankfully cooperated. As of now, I’ve not seen a single snap in which they look unpleasant or scanty! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So how was the response? As I said, the attire was experimental. Most refrained from commenting too vehemently on how contrasting they found the pink tie, with the shirt. Not in a positive sense.
Many others gave positive reviews. Hag Designate No. 3 said I looked very, very sexy! I don’t disagree ๐Ÿ˜€

Having reviewed some snaps, I see that there’s nothing to regret. I looked damn good, period! I surprised myself, really! I had no idea how much of a difference uniquely coloured eyes can make to one’s face…

As for the evening, I suppose I was drinking for some 3 hours, and I drank so much that it kept me going for another 4! Everyone was drunk like mad, dancing like there was no tomorrow, clicking away with cameras, singing, screaming, hollering.
I was dancing like mad with people I hardly speak to otherwise, and vice-versa. Alika refused to grind with me, I cannot imagine why. We’ve done it countless times before. I suppose she was intimidated by the surroundings (drunkards drunkards everywhere, not a sober soul). I was picked up three times by one fellow (who, again, I hardly speak to ever). I picked him up once and almost broke my back.
Another friend was damn drunk and nearly passed out. I sat there in the poshest club here, feeding him Pasta with my own hands!

I danced with about a million people. Everyone was happy, everyone was merry… The cameras were co-operating and I was looking hot.

It was a good day, folks!