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Gossip Queens

18 Jan

Someone who’s visiting the city recently pinged me on the “Networking website”. I responded, and introduced myself. He asked me whether my last name was A, B or C. (Yes, there are apparently 3 people with my first name in this city.) When I confirmed which it was, he responded saying he was glad he’d asked me that, because he’d been warned about my “mental and personal hygiene”,  and signed off.

This is the third instance that I’ve gotten the idea that I’m being gossiped about. What I cannot imagine for my life is why. My flatmate (the gay one) has warned me time and again to not be as talkative and naive when interacting with the “community” in this city, and that it’s the bitchiest of all, in the country. I didn’t believe it, since I always thought I surrounded myself with people of reasonable character and intellect. Clearly I was wrong.
Some weeks ago, an acquaintance, who is a friend of my flatmate’s (which I can’t imagine why, since my flatmate keeps lamenting how much he badmouths just about anyone he knows), was telling him that he heard from everyone that I had bad breath! He was telling my flatmate! What was he thinking? That my flatmate wouldn’t tell me that he’d said that? And the flatmate was given yet another opportunity to turn around and say, “I told you so”.
A week after the flatmate told me, I’m at a party and I come across Queen Bitch. I give him a polite nod, and he stops to make conversation. I make an excuse and move on, since I have no desire to engage in idle chatter with him. Some minutes later, someone stops me to introduce me to him, at which point I have to interrupt “Oh, we’ve met” and move away. Some more minutes later, I’m standing and talking to a few folks, I turn right and Queen Bitch presents himself there as well. How two faced can the guy get???
It’s of little surprise that another friend from long ago (that Queen Bitch and I have in common), who used to call on the phone often, and make an effort to stay in touch, is now barely cordial when we meet (and put me on a very, VERY limited list on Facebook. I outright removed him).

This is the third incident I hear of being spoken about. The first occurred sometime last year, when a friend suggested I keep a low profile, since he’d observed smirking at the mention of my name. I think I wrote this piece about it, but it could’ve been something family-related instead.

I really can’t imagine how I’ve landed myself in these circumstances. I don’t even know what people out there are saying about me, and who all particularly are doing so. Or if I even know all of them. Or how many of them will avoid me on the basis of what they’ve heard about me.

I need to stop being such an innocent, vulnerable lamb. But to begin with, I think I’ll have to change cities and pretty much start over. Which is difficult since I dislike Delhi, and I’ve ruined Bangalore for myself.

Fun days, suspicious mums, Arbit chuntering

17 Jan

I don’t know what’s gotten into her off late, but the mother always wants to know “who are these friends” that I’m hanging around with now and then. And giving that I’m expanding, though slowly, my circle of gay friends, coming up with fake names is so trying!

Speaking of which, life is decent. I got converted into a permanent employee (albeit on probation) at work, from a trainee. And got a jazzy new phone that the co. recently released!

The weekends have been kinda eventful. All of last-to-last week was Tanuja week, and was tremendous fun! The weekend before that, I went for a most divine dimsum-lunch with a fag-friend, and today, I spent literally the entire day travelling the streets of old Bangalore with 2 very cool and very fun fag-friends, who I HOPE will be coming over to my place next weekend for more fun-gay-friend-company.

Last night, I had the strangest dream. The sister had apparently hired (or something to that extent) someone to take away all the “accessories” that I wear (which in reality is just a silver, custom-designed thing given to me by Hagatha, because I liked the design so much… which the sister hated, of course) in an effort to straighten me out. Clearly, the person she hired, in this dream, was sort of extreme, because I recall explicitly cursing her, and telling her I never wanted to see her, or speak to her again. This dream was moments before I woke up, because I recall my sleep being broken by the sound of her arguing on the phone with my dad. As I lay there in those hazy moments one experiences being woken up prematurely, I wondered if I really did hate her so much, or it was just in the dream.
Clearly, she shouldn’t be introduced to the gang of folks I had the briefest cup of coffee with last evening. A friend that I made recently was in town, and I went to meet him. He said he had some 2 friends with him, which turned out to be five. That’s five very stereotypical young gay boys, with more coming and going, sitting in a public cafe (reputed to be a gay hangout on Sundays) wearing loud clothing and bitching in a rather typical fashion about others’ fashion sense and all things young-and-gay. Boy was I uncomfortable, though occasionally amused. I’ve not been so self-conscious in a public setting with a gay person in this long.
I was too uncomfortable sitting there, that I left within 30 minutes. As my friend was seeing me off, I encountered 2 college juniors (one of whom I would’ve never recognized had I not seen him with the other) and wasn’t I thankful that I wasn’t sitting AT the table when they saw me!
So I had my gay-rista (pun on Barista) experience that I’d been so curious about, and that too from the front-seat. And I think I’m quite done with that, TYVM.


6 Dec

is the very desire that draws me to this city. A strange sort of fascination with all that this city harbours and hides. Little nooks and crannies, each with a tale to tell, or atleast some mysterious aura about it. A promise of unexplored opportunities.
At the same time, it is the vastless expanse of this city that I fear. The city in which I spent 18 years of my life, albeit on a shoestring budget, hence left behind mostly unexplored. Yet I wonder how my contemporaries survive here… How they go to work, sleep at night and yet, navigate and explore the city, all within 24 hours a day! I can’t even begin to imagine how one survives Bombay. Does the city ever sleep?

And hence I’m left wondering and wandering, torn between the 2 cities. The comfortable and laidback Bangalore, and unexplored and exciting Delhi.
What is my next destination? Delhi? Or the elusive west? Or in Bangalore itself, will I find reason to stay behind?

Pardy People

19 Nov

Yes, yes! Shame on me for being so negligent! I’ve been so preoccupied with regular life, that there’s literally no excuse for not updating this space, except for sheer laziness…

Anyhow, 3 weeks ago I attended my first gay party in Bangalore. The week after that, there was one literally a kilometre from home, so I attended that. And then a week after that, which was last weekend, I was forced to attend my 3rd by this cute twinky boy who I’d been talking on the phone through the week, literally every night, for over an hour a day. Exhausting, it was alright. When we finally met, from the moment we met, he was either extremely disoriented, or completely disappointed by me. Which didn’t bother me, because I found him too frivolous for my taste, not to forget that he was 2 whole years younger than I, but I had promised him refuge in my apartment that night, and much as I would’ve wanted to (not have to introduce Queen Sheeba to my sister the next day), I couldn’t abandon him at the party. Though I did try to push him onto someone else, I must admit… onto one of the several people who were incessantly hitting on him, almost molesting him on the dancefloor (which he thoroughly seemed to be enjoying) and so on. But to no avail. Well, let’s not sound hypocritical though. He and I did make out quite a bit on the dance floor, and went further later that night in my bedroom. But the following day, all it was was an “experience” and back I am now, patiently waiting for my knight in shining bell-bottoms.

What thrilled me about that party though was the number of people I knew at the venue! It was quite thrilling, to be completely honest! I had no idea I had networked to that extent, even if they were mostly acquaintances 🙂

Anyhoo, that’s mostly been the social life I’ve had this month. I think I’m done with gay parties for a while! They sure can be somewhat exhausting :-/ (not to forget make a person look somewhat desperate)…


16 Aug

No, there is no excuse for neglecting the blog for 10 whole days. But then, I did it, did I not?

Life has been extremely occupying! In 3 days, I’ll complete a month at work. Tomorrow, I’ll be introduced to my team/home for the next year and a half, and will commence working “US Day Shifts” or hopefully, “Europe Day Shifts”. My only concern remains that I get to snatch some time to meet/date, but well… one will have to find a workaround.

Today, I caught a play in the afternoon, a one-man show (except that he was a woman). Amazing performance, amazing capacity (to act on stage for 75 minutes, non-stop!) I’d gone for the play with A, who I shall henceforth call Nimit. After the play, I invited him to my home for the first time, we made coffee, conversation and just about the time we had removed each others’ trousers, the sister came banging on the door. Gahhh!

Thankfully she hasn’t asked what we were doing in the locked room thus far, or why it took a bit of time to open it. My carefree approach to being discovered disappeared the moment she was in front of me. Gahh! What I did get, from the episode, was a snap of us making out 🙂 Now I have a memory!

Anyway, tons has been happening at work. I was mixing brilliantly, I was entertaining, the HR called me aside to lecture me on being respectful and not going too far in pulling peoples’ legs in jest, I discovered that both the HR lady and the Director of the team I’m going to be working on (both of whom had interviewed me for like 20 mins) seem to remember my name (:-) ). On Friday night, 9 of us from work went to a shadyish club, so I had my first (straight) night-out in Bangalore! 7 of them came back home with me, 4 (the guys) left at 4 a.m. and the three girls left the next morning. FUN! I’ve hosted more people this weekend than I’ve done all my life in Bangalore!

Anyhow, that’s sufficient round-up on those lines.

Tomorrow, I draw closer to discovering my self-worth, possibly in this company. I need all the luck!

Items off the To-Do List

20 Jun

Quite a few were accomplished this evening:

1. Making passionate love, in which kissing was the highlight…

2. Making love with music

3. Making love on a cold windy terrace under a single blanket with the stars and clouds smiling down…

A worthy and memorable last weekend in Bangalore, before I head home for a whole month 🙂

Coming to a close…

17 Jun

As Monday looms large, thus comes to an end to my freedom… Well, till July. Time to head home soon. Would be quite happy to get out of this brilliant office (Sarcastic, yes… In spite of the fact that it helped me score a 10 pointer in my last semester at college. Ungrateful, I know!), yet quite upset at leaving the life that I have carved out for myself here. Depression comes in quotas, and then there are brilliant moments too. It’s almost like Yin and Yang.

For instance, I discovered not more than a month ago just how brilliant a terrace I have above my apartment that is NEVER used. Though it’s almost time to move out of there, I won’t forget the few but memorable experiences I had on that terrace 🙂 Late night phone conversations, making out, making advances or just having a smoke (alone and with company).

Thus, the hour approaches to leave it all behind, and head home (albeit temporarily) to the oppressive Delhi heat, literally no freedom and an atmosphere of gloom (owing to recent events in the family. I’m not being dramatic!)