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6 Dec

is the very desire that draws me to this city. A strange sort of fascination with all that this city harbours and hides. Little nooks and crannies, each with a tale to tell, or atleast some mysterious aura about it. A promise of unexplored opportunities.
At the same time, it is the vastless expanse of this city that I fear. The city in which I spent 18 years of my life, albeit on a shoestring budget, hence left behind mostly unexplored. Yet I wonder how my contemporaries survive here… How they go to work, sleep at night and yet, navigate and explore the city, all within 24 hours a day! I can’t even begin to imagine how one survives Bombay. Does the city ever sleep?

And hence I’m left wondering and wandering, torn between the 2 cities. The comfortable and laidback Bangalore, and unexplored and exciting Delhi.
What is my next destination? Delhi? Or the elusive west? Or in Bangalore itself, will I find reason to stay behind?

Color Me Turquoise

16 Jul

Okay, one day late it may be but I’m going to attempt to adhere all other instructions issued pertaining to drafting this post.

So I finally met up with Chandu yesterday, making her the first co-blogger I’ve met from here. (Sowie Rani, but you and I will happen REALLY SOON!) She was accompanied by a really sweet friend of hers, quite funny, but the dude got really drunk and profane towards the end of the evening, what with all the whiskey, and she practically had to beg him not to take his clothes of then and there! But he was sweet nonetheless. Very sweet! At least before the alcohol, and for some time after.

And what can one say about C? Well, that she’s a significantly different from what she seems through her blog. Not only does she look 10 years younger than in her pictures (bad, BAD photography), she actually seems 5 years younger by nature as well! She hasn’t been able to, I think, figure out whether that’s a compliment or not. Actually, neither have I :-S
And boyyyyy can she drink! Okay, technically she didn’t drink SO much last night, and she wasn’t exactly running haywire and obscene (unlike her friend), she did seem to be struggling to keep from shrieking like an 18-year old bimbo (Groupies, they call ’em – Thanks, Chandu-friend) each time one of her favourite songs came on. But yes, she resisted. Thank you, Chandu!
Oh, and she INSISTS on making all the decisions (about the order etc etc) so one definitely knows who calls the shots in her household :-S

The pub that she chose, called TC (formerly Turquoise Cottage) at some godforsaken village called Adchini (though bang in one corner of the city, yes) was almost a blast from my (recent) past… Nearly every track they played exists on the frequent playlist of our frequented pub back in college.

Anyhow, that WAS the last evening out in this Delhi trip. I thankfully caught what-could’ve-been the last train back home (god-bless-you Delhi Metro, else I would’ve had to drive, ergo I wouldn’t have been able to drink) and hopefully, by the next time I’m in town, I’ll be a confident driver (One can HOPE, can one not?).

The airplane takes off tomorrow, and once again, I commence yet another new life. No strange sentiments over leaving Delhi this time round. Maybe it’s the heat :-S What I do feel lousy about is that my flight is at 2, the airport is at the other end of the city, it’s 1 a.m. and I haven’t packed!!!

I think I owe a longish post about what transpired with Delhi-boy. Should come in very soon. And I thought I’d be clearing my blog-post-backlog this summer, but that certainly has NOT happened! I’ll get there folks… Though hopefully not before I finish start reading the course material sent to me by ze company I join this Monday. Have been waiting for that day for quite a few months, even if just to be able to add it to my Networks on Facebook.
Yes, I’m shallow like that sometimes :-S

Dating blues…

11 Jul

So I’ve literally been “dating”. Which means that I’ve met this fellow some 3 times over coffee-lunch-dinner, apart from the constant SMSing and occasional phone calls all day, over the past 3 weeks, who I’m extremely attracted to and haven’t even had the opportunity to kiss him.

Is it a choice I make? To be subtle and sober? No! We’ve always been in public! And I’m going to leave town in 5 days, will probably not return for a long period of time ever again, and something needs to be done soon, right?

So today, I’m embarking upon the longest metro ride ever (from one end of a metro line to another… and the longest one) because boy am I determined (and because his apartment will be empty and I somehow managed to elicit an invitation)! And I think we’ll throw in a bit of alcohol, just to make sure something happens.

Am I being predatory? Certainly not! The number of flattering, complimentary messages he has sent to me. Will this amount to something more long lasting? I’m afraid not, since I’m leaving and will return don’t know if/when.

The makings of a porn-flick (but not so much)

8 Jul

So what do I find, when I walk into the gym downstairs today, expecting to find it empty and dusty like it is on all other days?

A topless, quite attractive, well-toned WHITE GUY! Like, OMG!

What does he do when he sees me walk in? PUT his goddamn shirt on! How unfair is that!

Anyway, moderate amount of conversation followed. He’s french, has been here a week, living in my small apartment complex with an Indian family in order to learn English. He’s going to be here for about 3 more weeks, and I’m going to leave in exactly 8 days.

So we shared little in our intermittent conversation. He didn’t even ask me my name, and I didn’t ask him his. What he DID ask me, and what flattered me to no end though it really shouldn’t is whether I’m Indian!

So there I was, in the same room with a moderately well built French dude, quite suitable for casting in an adult film, working out alone in the gym with me… and I? Not the least bit attracted to him!

Now WHAT does that possibly mean? Am I not so into white people anymore? Was he not hot enough? (Nope, not that). Am I too madly into the 2 people person I’m into?

Hence, there was little remorse when he packed up his stuff and left the gym. The remorse lasted exactly until he went out towards the pool, started taking his clothes off, and stretching. I adequately positioned myself where I could stand, pretend to be working out, and watch discreetly. I wait patiently for him to dive in so that all his hotness would be submerged under water, and I could go back to my workout, but he enters the pool and continues stretching. Now there’s a hot wet guy stretching.

I give up, pack up my stuff and leave. As I’m walking along the pool, I look at the reflection on the glass to see if he’s at least looking at me pass  by. No luck.
Sigh… straightie.

What a waste of a french dude in my apartment complex 😦


2 Jul

I’m going mmmaaaddd for some reason. So much/so little is happening and it’s driving me up the wall, don’t ask why. Maybe it’s the heat. Maybe it’s the afternoon heat, since mornings are usually very, very cool… almost like Bangalore. It’s windy and one doesn’t even need to turn the fan on. Then the afternoon sets in, and so does the hot, sultry weather.

A) I’m seriously falling for a fella who’s all the way back in Bangalore (the terrace-guy) and actively wanting a relationship with someone else. I like to think about him before I go to sleep or after I wake up, and I’d give anything to be able to hold and kiss him right now (and bite his neck). And there’s no way I can tell him that.

B) My almost-daily gymming has started showing results, and now I’m paranoid that even if I miss out for one day, they’ll magically vanish. And that I finished my protein powder yesterday is threatening my peace-of-mind and bank-balance.

C) I met this really, really cute dude (I’ve been in touch with for months online) in Delhi the other day. Meeting him again this evening. I have constant urges to kiss him, but I cannot for the lack of private space. And he’s a little camp, so cannot bring him home 😦

D) A fellow blogger-ess got drunk last night and rang me up, just as I was going to bed… My SIM was in another phone, so her name did not flash, and I couldn’t for my life figure out who the hell it was (since we’d never spoken before), and I thought something was wrong with the handset! She’s so cute when she’s drunk! Fun conversation 🙂

E) Spent the ENTIRE day at the hospital where a cousin was recovering from some funny-surgery business. Now he’s one cousin I can simply make no conversation with, but lo behold, I spent the entire day. No, not talking to him but to my sis-in-law, and the occasional visiting friends. A day I was dreading turned out to be not so bad. Can’t imagine I used to be awkward and tongue tied all through my childhood when I’m so perfectly capable of making random conversation. Except with that cousin of course!

F) There are recurring water problems in the society we live in. Infrequent, but recurring. It isn’t because there’s any lack of water, but because the water pump keeps breaking down and the new society admin. is too damn slow to take action. We’ve been waterless since last-night, and will continue to be till around 4-5 today, and I need to go out to lunch at 1!!! And I haven’t shaved in like a century, and I’m really desperate. And all I have to get ready is 3/4th of a bucket of (slightly muddy) water. Gahhhhhh!

“Mommy, make me a biatch!”

26 Jun

So the mom hired a domestic help a little under two weeks ago, was frustrated for the entire 2 weeks (what with him using more groceries than 3 of us put together, and answering back to almost everything) and let him off after lunch today with practically no notice, and a few days’ extra pay. When I asked her why she wasn’t following the 2-week-notice period system, she reminded me that it doesn’t exist in Indian households. And that we’re in as much of a position to let these folks off minus notice as they are to ditch us and go off to their villages (with lesser notice).

I don’t know where she garners the courage to fire someone. I cannot imagine doing so myself! As this was transpiring, I turned to dad and said “WHY did you have to be so nice”, and subsequently told mom, “Mom, please teach me how to be a bitch!”
Tragically, this isn’t one of those things you can acquire with so much ease.

So now it’s into the kitchen for most of my stay here 😦 Which would’ve made me SOO happy if it wasn’t insanely hot!

Meanwhile, it’s been a century since I got to look at my blog for more than a few minutes at a time, so I cleaned up the blogroll a bit today. Tragically, most of the links I had to remove were to blogs that were deleted (not a natural death, but deliberately deleted) were gay blogs. What’s WRONG with you, fellow faggots???

Is there a reader whose blog I’ve missed out? Please do let me know… Oh, and if there are any awesome-ness blogs (like Meira’s, for instance) or erotic ones (like Jack’s or Marvin’s) that I’m missing out on, drop a link…


Biting the bullet

25 Jun

So I finally solution to all my problems pertaining to the heat…

The solution is… to tolerate it!

Okay, not so much. Today, the weather gods had mercy on us. It rained in some part of the world, and the mercury lowered. What better opportunity to jump in the car, park at the metro and chug away slowly slowly to CP, right?

But then, it was soooo worth it! Did you know that this neat joint at Khan market offers Happy Hours till 9-10? And so how could I resist ordering an LIIT and consuming 2? Result:

Me: Hi Ma…. yep, am at Khan…. Errr, mom… might’ve had too much to drink. In the worst scenario, will need you to drive down with dad, and take me back… Or I could have <Hag 3> drive me back, and she’ll stay over.

Don’t think mom liked either of the options. But I went back, managed to drive home and nearly parked the car without having to drive back-and-forth to position myself. Would’ve done it in one neat move had mom not been ‘balcony-driving’, i.e. calling out instructions from the balcony!

Also, as I was pulling out of the metro station parking, the guard happily informed me that “India won the match!” Knowing that gay marriage would be legal here before India cleared the FIFA qualifiers, I take there’s some cricket tournament or something going on? For the guard though, I smiled and said “That’s great!” Ha, he doesn’t know he was yelping down the wrong alley!

The truth of the matter

23 Jun

How I should be spending this summer (and my very last) vacation:

1. Reading the books that I spent so much money on

2. Buying more books, after finishing these

3. Learning french

4. Meeting people (in the evenings/nights)

5. Going to parties

How I’m actually spending my summer vacation:

1. Whining about the weather

2. Whining about the weather on Facebook

3. Reviving my twitter account to whine about the weather

4. Surfing gay networking websites to find interesting people to meet, and not meeting them because it’s too hot to step outside.

5. Recalling how much nicer this apartment looked in the winters, when everything was foggy and accessible.

6. Finding the best spot/angle to sit in so as not to sweat

7. Using the gym downstairs (+10!!!!!!)


22 Jun

is fucking hot. Fucking with a capital F.



This is NOT acceptable. HOW am I supposed to survive 3 weeks in his? How, HOW,


Coming to a close…

17 Jun

As Monday looms large, thus comes to an end to my freedom… Well, till July. Time to head home soon. Would be quite happy to get out of this brilliant office (Sarcastic, yes… In spite of the fact that it helped me score a 10 pointer in my last semester at college. Ungrateful, I know!), yet quite upset at leaving the life that I have carved out for myself here. Depression comes in quotas, and then there are brilliant moments too. It’s almost like Yin and Yang.

For instance, I discovered not more than a month ago just how brilliant a terrace I have above my apartment that is NEVER used. Though it’s almost time to move out of there, I won’t forget the few but memorable experiences I had on that terrace 🙂 Late night phone conversations, making out, making advances or just having a smoke (alone and with company).

Thus, the hour approaches to leave it all behind, and head home (albeit temporarily) to the oppressive Delhi heat, literally no freedom and an atmosphere of gloom (owing to recent events in the family. I’m not being dramatic!)