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10 Sep

I haven’t posted since March, and how things have changed…

Well, I wouldn’t have posted now either, if I hadn’t received adorably sweet emails from random readers in my inbox over the last few months.

What’s been up with me? I quit my job, packed my bags, left the country and am in the sunniest part of the United States. The people make it seem mostly like Mexico, but it’s like a campus town, so lots of hot college boys moving around, making me feel worse about my age and body… oh well! At least they inspire me to go out on a run once in a while!

I had tall plans for getting here (just as I always have tall plans for any identified “next” stage in life, none of which I end up executing) and that’s the case here as well. I thought that since I was going back to school and studying a more desirable curriculum, I’d be organized and attentive and diligent, but like hell.
On the other hand, I’ve been here 40 days, and have met 2 people in all (neither of which translated into a second meet), so it’s not like I’m not studying because I’m distracted for the wrong reasons.

Either way, being in the US is not as big a “progression” as I thought it would be, but maybe I’d have to go back to India to realize its full worth. Here, I mostly hang out with a few of the Indian folks, but they’re super cool and super fun, so even though I’m not hanging out with white people or whatever, I’m super happy with the company.
Romantic life is negligible. Not having a car in a town that’s so spread out and is with limited public transport, doesn’t help.

What else is up? Well, nothing comes to mind. You tell me?

Mindless banter

6 Jan

Me : and I was excited to see an article about intentions of developing an IT park in Delhi, but disappointed to see that it was part of Vision 2020

Jay : ah yes, I saw that

Me : so I’ll be going to PnP next when I’m 41… Yay 😐

Jay : 2020 is no longer 20 years away, you know… we just celebrated 2010

Me : oh, shit… yes! stupid me 😛
i feel like a blonde, sometimes

Jay : I can understand that

Me : Oh, you feel like a blonde sometimes too?

Jay : No

Me : Hmm.

[This conversation has been slightly edited for presentation purposes. Standard journalistic practices.]

Towards a Global “Village”!

24 Oct

So here I am studying in my (air-conditioned) mess. The army of maintenance staff is struggling away, trying to keep the floor as spotless as it was when the place opened doors a few months back.

One of the cleaners, who for some reason is misleadingly not wearing their uniform, asks me to move my feet, to clean under the table.

As I comply, he asks, “You’re having exams?”
They start soon, so I respond in affirmative.
Then he decides to follow up with a most unrelated and unexpected query. “Which village are you from?”
I couldn’t believe what I’d heard, and actually asked him to repeat the question. Still unsure if I’d misinterpreted his query, I hesitantly responded “Delhi”. When he accepted the answer as plausible, I let out a small sigh!

Now please don’t misinterpret my statements as implying that I found it demeaning or anything of the sort, to be asked that question. Only, never has one phrased this particular query in such a manner. One usually settles for something more generic as “Where are you from?”
The very thought of imagining Delhi as a village, bursting at its seems with hundreds migrating into it daily, seems so ironical.

So that’s the village I’m from then. New Delhi 🙂

Oops I did it again (for the fourth time)

18 Aug

Right, so I have this friend, who I’ve christened Saanya (my third hag-designate) on an earlier occasion, on this blog.

Saanya and I have a rather precarious history. It seems that I love to abuse when I’m around her… which becomes slightly embarassing at times.

For instance, on one occasion, she was on the phone with an aunt, while we were all at dinner, and I happened to be talking (rather loudly) in the background about… condoms, enquiring about the differences between the various kinds. Apparently, I was audible enough for the aunt to hear.
On another occasion, once again when we were out for dinner, she was on the phone with her sister-in-law, and I happened to be screaming “Whore! Whore!” at Tanuja, loudly enough for my voice to travel into her handset’s microphone and out the ear-piece halfway across the country.

A third time occurred over the summer break. Some 7 of us were having a chat over e-mail (the reply-to-all types, that Tanuja had initiated for us to stay in touch). To one of Saanya’s vauge e-mails, I responded (in jest, as always) “You’re a wh*re”. Which she unsuspectingly opened before her father’s unexpecting eyes. An extremely embarrassing moment that was, she said months later.

So yep, Saanya and I go back, when it comes to my abusive habits.

I was at the mess last night, with a few friends. Now Saanya and I haven’t had much time to catch up the last few weeks. Since we’re in our last semester in college, it is only imperative that we spend quality time together, right? So much so that we’d had a quick chat on the phone, the day before, and had decided to meet up the following day. Unfortunately, it was dinner time, the day was just about over and our meet hadn’t materialised. And here I was, minding my own business, having my dinner, and what do I behold but Saanya sitting on another table with her best friend from school, in a hostel mess that neither of them ever visit! And the b*tch couldn’t even come over to our table to say hello, let alone join us!

So I decided to join her instead. I picked up my plate and strutted over to her and greet her with “Oi r*ndi [Indian equivalent of wh*re], weren’t we supposed to meet today?? Why couldn’t you call?”

Normally, she wouldn’t react much to my occasionally vulgar language, except maybe a burst of laughter-in-shock. 3 years were quite enough for her (and her best friend, for that matter) to familiarize themselves with my antics.

But on this particularly evening, she just looked at me in an extremely odd and uncomfortable manner, and mumbled something I couldn’t quite understand. Meanwhile, I turned to say hello to her best friend, who rather impolitely hadn’t even looked up from her plate so far. I couldn’t get down to saying hello. I just kept looking, confused. She looked… different. But then, it was her surely! But there was something amiss. What was it that was so odd about her face? Everything seemed normal… the hair, the shape of her face, the complexion… but she still looked extremely different.

And then it all came rushing back to my mind… my phone conversation with Saanya on the previous day, when she had mentioned that her best friend’s elder sister was coming into town…

So… errr… oops!

I was at a total loss for words, of course. The poor visitor must have been wondering why Saanya was tolerant of this dude walking up to her, and calling her a r*ndi

It turns out I was wrong. This afternoon, I learned that the friend’s sister wasn’t so caught unaware by the casual vulgarity in my greeting but instead… by my attire. She was, in fact, so scandalized by my choice of a dinner suit that she had asked Saanya, and I quote, “Is he gay?!”

So I know the trousers aren’t really common around here, but hello!! Let’s exhibit some civility, shall we?

Oh right, I should be the last one to be saying that :S

Unsung Psalm 2.0

29 Jul

where “Unsung Psalm” refers to me. Yes, I need to get a pseudonym, I sound most ridiculous being called that! Any suggestions?

So I’ve transformed a bit this semester, I have. For one, I have 2 eyes instead of 4, which hasn’t quite been observed since year 1998!
Which also means that I can wear sunglasses now! Boy do I abuse it… It’s given me a new lease of life. The smallest bit of sun, or even a threat of it coming out from the perennial clouds and out come the shades… making me pretty much the only person walking on campus, wearing shades. If anyone interjects with the argument that I’ve long used to condemn “show-offs” (“Why pray must he need sunglasses when there is no sun? ‘Stud!'”), I simply tell them that it’s to “protect my eyes from dust, since I’m wearing contacts” which thankfully they don’t think much about because when you think about it, this isn’t Delhi and there is no dust!!

Another new feature in Unsung 2.0 is that he’s getting fat again! So what does he do? Join the swimming pool and gym ASAP! Today, if possible.

Last but not the least, Hagatha reminds Unsung that he’s suddenly become quite sarcastic and condescending all of a sudden. Through the entire club meeting that he was holding yesterday, welcoming prospective new members, he might’ve actually scared them a bit (even though he thought he was being extremely nice!) by ticking off the existing club members with sarcastic one-liners for being complete lazy bums (which they in his defense most certainly are). Then again, he ticked Hagatha off in lab yesterday with a sarcastic comment because she didn’t seem to know the contents of one particular subject that we’re taking this semester. (It sounds nice, saying “we’re taking a subject” even though it isn’t true because unlike in professional “professional” colleges, unlike our pseudo-professional ones, our subjects are forced on us!) It later turned out that Hagatha was right!!

Anyway, late for class. Laters, mes amies!

Back to the grind

23 Jul

Right, so it took some time but Unsung is posting again. Yay for that 🙂

So I’m back here, in this little ole town of mine. Lots has changed… my room, for one. We moved across the corridor, so I took the opportunity to sort out my things before putting them away, and discard what I think I’d be unlikely to take back home.
For instance, several kinds of hair oils, herbal shampoos and what not, that were supposed to help me save my hair, but failed miserably.

My fishie, Marcello, is back with me. He’s bleeding on the sides, so I’m not aware how long he’s likely to hang on. I’m told by my fish-caretaker-cum-friend that he’d popped in one of my friends’ fish into Marcello’s tank, and it died. I wouldn’t put it past Marci to be responsible for it. Since I’m not into fish-fights or that sort of entertainment, I’m not very proud of him. Then again, it’s all about the survival of the fittest, no?

In other news, Vikram, the person I met for 3 of my last 5 nights in Delhi, seems to be lost and perpetually busy now. Strange how people find it hard to make time for those who are physically remote. I almost feel exploited, but whatever we shared was mutual, so not so much. I didn’t let myself get emotionally attached thankfully (particularly since I think I’m still emotionally attached elsewhere… no, no details about that over here!) so that helped a lot as well.
Nonetheless, it was a good lesson on how it works in the community, back in Delhi. And I was prepared for it, so I’m not surprised. It seems I’m “growing up” (what I would’ve earlier called “losing my innocence”).
One thing is for sure… I was right about the fact that life is extremely bland without at least the prospect for some romantic entaglement. No, I don’t speak for everyone… just me!

Hagatha has been going on and on about how she used to see countless gay couples in Bangalore, in coffee shops and bakeries etc. which again sounds a bit tempting. Should I give the city a shot? If I do, it’s a 4-6 month commitment. I’m utterly confused! On the positive side, I’d be living away from home. Then again, the folks didn’t come in my way, much. On the negative, I might be living near the sister. I simply cannot make up my mind on that one!
But wherever I land up, it’s all good as long as it’s at least 5 times the size of this town!

It’s supposed to be raining like mad over here, but surprisingly is not. One only has showers for a few minutes, 4-5 times a day. Otherwise, it’s cloudy, windy and very pleasant.
Last night however, when I was returning to the hostel with a friend at half past eleven, we discovered that the gate we usually climb over to get into the campus, has been declared off-limits for tresspassers with the help of some barbed wire. So we discovered a stretch of boundary wall that did not have shards of broken glass to ward off wall-climbers, such as ourselves. I hauled myself up with some effort, and was sitting on it, waiting for him to join me so that we’d jump off the other side. He was unable to follow (which made me pretty proud of meself!).
At the exact comical moment, while I was perched on the wall, and he on the ground, it started raining! Raining? It was pouring cats and dogs!
So I sat there on the compound wall, looking like a foolish, petty thief, caught in the act. Since the wall is pretty high and the stone ground was wet and slippery, I risked my well-being by jumping off on either side. So I sat there, in the rain, on a compound wall for some 10 minutes, he mulling over whether he should risk climbing up, and I wondering if I should jump down, and if yes, then on which side of the wall. Eventually, I clambered down on the other side, clinging to the edge of the wall and effectively scratching myself quite severely. He walked around it.

Anyway, not much happening this side. Seems that my life is heading for a dull turn! I really hope that doesn’t happen!

In other news, I spoke to this fellow on chat yesterday, who I came across randomly. The fellow had a display picture, and seemed offended that I couldn’t place him. He’s allegedly a former Mr. India, hosts some lifestyle shows and works in English and Indian cinema, when he’s not busy practicing medicine. Oh, and he was born and brought up in S. Africa. Any leads?


7 Apr

So I happened to be going through one of my junior’s movie collections. Before I get into it, I must mention that I’ve been suspicious of him for quite some time. Not that there’s anything explicit about his behaviour, but I suppose my gaydar seemed to siren when he was around.

So as it turns out, I was going through his collection yesterday and found “Brokeback Mountain”, “Transamerica” and “Amelie” on it. I mean, that’s a total give-away, isn’t it?

Oh, more about my trip in the next-post. It was just goddamn divine!

No La la, only Na na

3 Mar

Geez, I’ve not been so caught up with work for over a year now!

Yesterday took the cake. Morning at 8, I head to class. At around noon, I head from class to the gym. A 2 hour workout, and back to lab. 3 hours in the lab, and club work till midnight. And then finally, back to my room. And I happened to miss a 2 hour class as well! Like wow!

In the meanwhile, I learned that Brazil (where I’m probably headed) is amongst the unsafest places in the world, and I will be mugged on the streets at some point in the 2 months. I could also be molested, though as long as the molester is really really hot, and protected, I don’t really mind 😛

So that pretty much rules out my stepping out at night, frequenting their gay clubs. Which ruins half the purpose of the vacation 😦
On the positive side, we’ll have a hospitality team to take good care of us (hopefully) and hopefully, the internship will be good too. Which it better be, because the pay is miserable. It so turns out that Brazil is nearly as expensive as European countries, yet salaries paid to employees are lower. No wonder people get mugged! I mean, like geez !!

10 points to anyone who can decipher the exceptionally lame title to this post.

A good start on an accented note

20 Feb

So it’s 3 p.m. and I’ve been having a rather good day. As per the Law of Balance that I strongly believe in, the horrid part of the day should start sometime now.

What was so good about the day? This morning, I had lab which ended in one hour, so we went off for a king-sized breakfast of omelette dripping with cheese spread and garlic toast. I was riding behind my ex-roomie on his fabulous bike, and thoroughly enjoyed the ride so much so that I wish it wasn’t him steering it but my hot gay (presently non-existent) boyfriend, or alternatively, me, with the above-said fictional person sitting behind me and clinging on to me.

Later in conversation, we were talking about music and how I never utilised my talents when I was young, as a consequence of which I never trained my voice. Since it cracked, anything that I sing sounds awful.
Meanwhile, I mentioned to Hagatha how I’d suddenly taken to hindi music and would listen to a Atif Aslam number before going to sleep every night. I couldn’t recall the title of the track, so I started singing it. Another friend at the table, who’s a trained singer, started laughing hysterically. Apparently, my singing in hindi is more accented than my speech.
It’s been mentioned many times, but this particular friend hasn’t heard me sing in Hindi before, and melodramatic as she is, she really got me very very embarrassed about the whole affair!

Usually, I’m flattered if someone says I’m accented (pathetic, I know) and would’ve been delighted to be told what she said to me. But somehow, she was sooo dramatic about it, that it got embarrassing. Then she whisked out her phone and said that she wanted to record me singing, so that she could set it as a ring-tone!
I refused to oblige, though I would’ve done it for anyone else slightly less animated about it.
Awkward as it was, I found the whole situation really really funny.

Afterwards, I discovered that I’d made a decent score (finally) in one of my tests earlier, which added to the optimism. To top it all, I bunked gym and returned to my room after a whole-some cheesy breakfast and no workout. Sheer indulgence!

In other news, I’ve once again acquired a bicycle (the last one was over a year ago) and am cycling my way around campus. Sure it leaves one a little sweaty, with the sweltering heat, but hey, I think it looks really really cool! Sort of… umm, *coughwesterncough*.
It’s cutting my travel time significantly, I reach classes easily, and my legs are getting some exercise, so I think I can safely bump off the leg workout from my weekly routine (and focus more on what can be made more visibly appealing 😛 )

So basically, it’s been a good day. And I’m scheduled to depart tonight for Bangalore, so I would’ve prefered if that was the highlight of the day.

Hmm… maybe the trip won’t go off all that well… Geez, I hope not!

Tid Bits

16 Feb

Read this article.
It’s not just me. It’s an entire country!
Geez, I never knew I was so… Indian!

So I was tagged on Facebook some days ago which required me to write 25 random facts about myself. Boy did I write! I spent nearly an hour writing everything. And some of it got really really personal too, which was quite bold of me!

So I’m due to visit the sister in Bangalore this weekend. And I’m supposed to meet up with my latest hag! And catch a cuppa coffee with someone, if he finds the time.
Except that I’m apprehensive about the cuppa coffee. It turns out that the hair-oil I was using for the past week-and-half had soaked through my pillow cover, spread onto my face and triggered off a burst of pimples. Though I think it should clear in 2-3 days, as I’ve suspended the daily hair-oiling, and changed the pillow cover. Time will tell, I suppose.

Last night, I slept at 3 am, because one million viruses that had taken to my computer were making things hard for me. Then today, I had 3 classes in the morning, a one-and-a-half hour workout, 3 hours in the lab and then some club work.
So 4 hours of sleep after a really long day comprising 4 hours of bus-travel itself, apart from other strenuous activity, was slightly insufficient.
It’s nearing 11 PM now, and I’m off to sleep. Cheers!