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A regular dose of chic-lit

9 Dec

So this time, since I had decided to travel to Delhi super light, there was no laptop in my luggage at the airport and, in fact, no hand baggage at all… Like really, OMG!

So what does one do on a 3 hour flight, in a low cost carrier devoid of any inflight entertainment?

Why, the good old fashion reading of course! And thus I risked picking up a book at the airport with literally no recommendations… Wanting to play it safe, I had to pick up some racy thriller or something equally “me”, and stay away from the intellectual gibberish.
So it came to a choice between “The Lost Symbol”, and a random bit of chic-lit that I came across called “Keep The Change”. And lo-behold, I risked taking the latter!

Since it happens to be the second chick-lit I’m reading in the last 6 months, and the third book as a whole, I cannot help but occasionally compare it to Almost Single, the last book I was gushing about on this blog.

Sure, so KTC scarcely comes close to the literary brilliance of the narrative of Advaita Kala. Does that change the fact that the story is extremely amusing, the character is a tad easier to relate to, and the book itself is thoroughly enjoyable? No, it does not!

To sum it up in short, the book is about an ordinary, conservative Tam-Brahm girl who migrates from Chennai to Bombay in order to get a life, and halfway through the book, is coming close to it without “losing herself”. Yes, that’s right… I’m just a little beyond halfway through. HOW I’m enjoying it though! Yes, it isn’t as hysterical a read as AS (there I go off again), but it sure has its own charm to it.

I think the time has come to embrace the genre, and go all out in investing in every chic literature there is, and pretend it’s “my sister’s”.

Speaking of my sister, she got engaged yesterday. It was a decent affair, I had two bloody drinks and was extremely buzzed all evening, the evening seemed to last the shortest time, and I’m hopefully in a lot of snaps. For the occasion, pop bought me a nice, sleek and trendy, somewhat unusual western suit, that I cannot possibly fathom when/where I’ll be able to wear again.
Oh yes, the sister’s engaged. The ring is deliciously fabulous. I’m very happy for her. The entire family’s damn happy with the guy too. I am not so much… a tad too conservative for my tastes… but well, he’s completely her choice and she’s apparently more than happy to oblige, so what can I say?

So I was really buzzed. The only saving grace was that my most senior aunt too fixed herself one-too-many gins, and got so woozy that she hugged and greeted her own son’s domestic help!!! Oh, how I laugh at the thought of it even now. Didn’t get to see it, but heard about it. What a RIOT! 😀

I used to be intimidated by her all these years, but I’m really starting to like her now! She’s bloody elegant in her own right… Wish I’d been around in her prime.

Anyway, damn sleepy now, so gonna crash.

This is Unsung, signing off from a cold-but-going-to-get-colder-long-after-I’m-gone-and-that-just-sucks Delhi…



PS – And from those who have read either of the 2 books mentioned here, I invite recommendations!

I’m in LOVVVEEE…….

24 Dec



With these 2 in my life, I feel much more complete.

If you guys haven’t caught either of them, and don’t intend to, be banished from Earth and never return again.

Enough has been said about the former. It was a journey. It was hyped around me beyond all norms, I went with tremendous expectations and the film surpassed them.

As for the book, my sister left it behind at home, and I thankfully opened it. I’m not able to read a single paragraph without laughing out loud, and am unable to finish a page without shaking with laughter and hitting myself to contain it. So you get my point.
Go watch the movie.
Go buy (and read) the book. And after having read 2 pages of the book, or however much it takes to fall in love with it, Tweet the author and tell her you love her, as I did.

Fashion, FoneCalls and F’book Flirting

7 Mar

Yesterday, I attended your average college fashion show. I saw 2 teams perform, and absolutely loved one. In the team that I supported so vehemently, the girls (and guys) were ugly, could not walk for nuts, were out-of-sync but were dressed like urban trash, made movements that would Muthalik a stroke and wore make-up that was reasonably scary.
But they were dressed soo profanely. Not in the sense that there was a lot of skin-show (though that too) but high heels, uber-trendy dresses, hair-dos, truckloads of make-up and gyrating movements and such. So very ruffling.
And I loved it.

And I love the idea of walking the ramp, shocking people out of their wits. I’d do it, if I were not short, and a bit heavy around the middle. But then again, I have a little too much brain to be able to join them up there so…

Anyway, urban trash has come to town, and I’m loving it so!
The team eventually ended in last place. It was pure politics, though. The other teams had senior students, whereas this one had only freshmen. That happens often, here.

In other news, I woke up this morning and read an SMS from my corporate-honcho uncle asking him to call him in the morning. As expected, the news of my Brazil internship had reached him, and he wanted to speak to me about why I wanted to go there, instead of staying here in good old India.
I expected that phone-call to be a rather arduous task, because he has ALL this industrial exposure, and I don’t, and he knows what’s better for careers, but then I talken him through the entire concept, my desire to travel as a student, live in a foreign country for some time (as a student), have a foreign internship on my CV and so forth, and at the end of some 20 uncomfortable minutes on the phone, he Hmm-ed and hung up saying “We’ll talk again.”
I mean, wow! I actually sort-of, if not convinced, was at least not bowled over by him! Like, yay!

This morning, I was scanning through queer-news in Indian papers on google, when I came across this book review. The author sounded obviously, you-know, and I recall a friend mentioning that he visited the launch some time ago, so I knew he was. And he’s really really cute!
So I somehow tracked him down (onto facebook) and shot off an e-mail from my anonymous account. A reasonably flirtarious email, mind you!
Like, geez! I’m SUCH a flirt! I called him a drama-queen twice (followed by 😛 and 😉 respectively, so that he wouldn’t take offence… I hope he doesn’t!) and complemented him on his looks two times as well. And I haven’t even read the book! 

Which reminds me that I must read the book !


I hope he writes back. It’ll be fun if he does! But then again, he IS a celebrity! But then again, I DO need sources to elicit queer-party-invitations 😛
Oh well, fingers crossed!

The Closet Afghan

7 Feb

He grew up as a child who didn’t enjoy playing or watching sports as much as he enjoyed books. He began to to write at a very young age, and most of it was sentimental work.
He was perpetually striving to impress his father, and usually always failed because he was a bit too ‘indoorsy’.
He took up English and other writing subjects in college, instead of medicine or engineering.

Khaled Hosseini may not know it or be candid about it, and pardon me for saying this having read only half the book so far, but Amir, the protagonist and narrator of TheKiteRunner is as gay as Elton John!