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Unsung blends in…

9 Jan

So another accomplishment of a different kind… Unsung went tonight to a party at his cousins’ place… a perfectly straight party with seemingly straight people…
Now these specific cousins are those that I don’t really blend with. They’re your typical Delhite crowd… the kind for whom booze is like water, cigarettes are morning-afternoon-evening tea, and so on… clubbing regulars, fancy-bar-drivers and so on. Now Unsung doesn’t really gel in too well if there isn’t intellectual conversation on politics, religion etc to be found. But not only did Unsung induce mild conversations of that nature, he blended in perfectly with the spoil-brat friends of the cousins, was laughing away, inducing laughter, sharing smokes, borrowing smokes, dumbing up, dumbing down, being introduced to people. In short, I went there knowing 3 cousins and vaguely knowing 1-2 others, but left bidding several of them brotherly goodbyes!

I huge accomplishment in terms of social interaction and not feeling awkward in an environment that he’s almost always very uncomfortable in.
Booze helped a little bit, yes ๐Ÿ˜›

Now he’s going to sleep at 4 a.m. and hopes to be up in time… It’s a big day! Unsung might just get to meet a fellow blogger… none other than BlogQueen, Chandu!

What not to do on New Years Eve…

1 Jan

Get so drunk at your first (and possibly last) Gay New Years Party that you have little recollection the next day…

Though it was good fun and very enjoyable! Met a friend from long ago, tried a lot of new cocktails (Green Apple Martini, Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Cosmopolitan, Possibly Some Unspecified Number of drinks, Long Island Ice Tea and Long Island Ice Tea), somehow managed myself and Daksh, thankfully did not lose my tie or sweater (thank you Mr. Assoc. Editor, Pink Pages).

I was naturally very shocked to realise that the party was out-doors, since I hadn’t put any thought into my sweater and my shirt was supposed to carry me through the evening but 6+ drinks down, I managed quite fine without the woolens.

I wish there was someone to tell me more about last night. For instance, I was chatting away with this straight (and only) chick who was there, but I don’t remember if I was dancing with her or not… I hope I was, but I’m not too sure.

Anyway, I have to go and discover ingenious means of ridding myself of a hang-over. No, this is NOT what 2010’s gonna be like…

Happy New Year folks!

I believe I can Fly

13 Nov

So ex-roomie and I had a dance-off at a crazy party, an hour or two ago. Was insane. He won, I was too tired. A first for me!

So what’s new? Yesterday, I was depressed all day. I received an email informing me that certain students had qualified for an interview by a company, and I was the first or second person in line who had missed the cut-off. I was extremely depressed because the work description sounded rather suitable.
In the evening, I was relieved to hear that the location was in Chennai. Even more reason to celebrate… there’s no way in hell I want to spend 6 months there when Bangalore is an option.

This morning, I was EVEN more delighted to hear that the stipend being paid is (a measly) 500 less than what my present internship offer has quoted. Hurray Hurray!

And lo behold, last I heard, they had lowered the cut-off, and I was now eligible!

So I had all of 5 minutes to decide whether or not I wanted to appear for the exam. I was told that the first written round was entirely an aptitude round, and would be a CAT aspirant’s baby. So I said, “what the heck” and wrote it.
They took 60 of the top unplaced students of the batch, and reduced it to 16. I made the cut-off.

Naturally, in round 2 I would have to under-perform in order to not go further in the selection process. Afterall, I didn’t want this internship and didn’t want to deny it to someone who wanted it. So I under-performed… or so I thought.
I have an interview tomorrow morning.

I feel so guilty. I actually attended a party and got as high as I could to offset the guilt.

On the way back, ex-roomie (who called me his “best roomate ever” ๐Ÿ™‚ ) insisted on taking me on a bike ride, before taking us back to our hostel.

We must’ve been on the road for at least 30 minutes, at an average speed of 90 kmph. We saw some glorious sights. It was a glorious experience. It was DAMN scary. But I practically flew tonight. I practically flew. And I saw corners of the town I never thought I would, and that I wouldn’t recognise in daylight.

But I flew tonight. Tomorrow, I must be interviewed, so now I should sleep.

Bonne nuit!

When fate co-operates on an important day…

15 Oct

Yep, final year Photo-shoots are quite important, they are!

I surprised myself by not making too much of a fuss. I had borrowed hair-gel to use on my hair, but did not.
I only used a face pack, had the smallest work out in the world, took a shower and got dressed… All in one hour!

The wardrobe was quite experimental. Black French Connec. shirt that I’d bought for my folks’ anniv., grey trousers to go with them (Thanks for the fabulous combo again, Rakesh!), borrowed leather shoes, a bright pink tie and the violet contacts! The trousers were damn tight, so my back is giving me a fair amount of pain at the moment. The shirt was very fitting as well, as a result of which I’d skipped breakfast and had the lightest lunch. Meals makes one bloat for a good hour or two!

Yes, I’m tempted to post snaps. Maybe I will post it in some form, once I get my hands on them.

My hair thankfully cooperated. As of now, I’ve not seen a single snap in which they look unpleasant or scanty! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So how was the response? As I said, the attire was experimental. Most refrained from commenting too vehemently on how contrasting they found the pink tie, with the shirt. Not in a positive sense.
Many others gave positive reviews. Hag Designate No. 3 said I looked very, very sexy! I don’t disagree ๐Ÿ˜€

Having reviewed some snaps, I see that there’s nothing to regret. I looked damn good, period! I surprised myself, really! I had no idea how much of a difference uniquely coloured eyes can make to one’s face…

As for the evening, I suppose I was drinking for some 3 hours, and I drank so much that it kept me going for another 4! Everyone was drunk like mad, dancing like there was no tomorrow, clicking away with cameras, singing, screaming, hollering.
I was dancing like mad with people I hardly speak to otherwise, and vice-versa. Alika refused to grind with me, I cannot imagine why. We’ve done it countless times before. I suppose she was intimidated by the surroundings (drunkards drunkards everywhere, not a sober soul). I was picked up three times by one fellow (who, again, I hardly speak to ever). I picked him up once and almost broke my back.
Another friend was damn drunk and nearly passed out. I sat there in the poshest club here, feeding him Pasta with my own hands!

I danced with about a million people. Everyone was happy, everyone was merry… The cameras were co-operating and I was looking hot.

It was a good day, folks!

Unsung goes on a Holiday!

1 Oct

Yes folks, it’s that time of the year when Unsung goes away to that lovely sea-side tourist stop that he was raving about all of last April!
No, please do not attempt to guess where! Secrecy is Priority!

Anyway, no sun this time round. Just plenty of sand, rain and lazing in the shack, eating, boozing, smoking, laughing, talking. All of this evening, tomorrow, the day after, until sunday afternoon!

Hoping to find as many Firangs to drool over, as I did the last time, but not counting on it. Hopeful nonetheless.

Thankfully, I have access to internet through my beloved phone so I’ll let you know if anything exciting happens. Until then, au revoir mes amies!

Observations upon Whiskey consumption…

16 Sep

1. 150 ML is not good enough to get you as high as the same amount of good ole Old Monk.

2. Flavour is much better.

3. Slightly harder on the pocket.

4. If you listen to songs on your iPod post whiskey high, they seem to sound nicer ๐Ÿ˜›

5. The songs seem to finish quite quickly.

5. When there are over 600 songs to choose from, paucity of music is a situation that never arises.

4. You loose track of numbering, and it’s hard to count till 10.

4. Wait, it’s harder to count from 2 to 1.

3. Make that 1 to 10.

5. You get the drift?

5. You’re soo happy when you come back home, and see that your hag, who’s a few time zones ahead is still online at 12.50 AM (your time)…

6. And she has news she’s not telling you. About her visit to India. Becoming longer than initially planned. Yay!!!!!

7. Jackdaw sends you an email asking you to come online on chat, and he’s not responding. SO annoying! Jack-o! Not fair…

8. You have 50 blog entires to catch up on, and you’re farrr behind, and test series is a week away, and you did damn poorly in the previous ones…

9. You end your post very abruptl

The Hangover

12 Sep

Right, so the sister finally got some friends here! They’re not bad at all, in fact. She ranks No. 2 or 3 in dumbness quotient among all of them.

So last night, she decides to take little Bro. out with her friends to a …..

….. Unlimited Booze Hip-Hop night!! ……

What happens then?

1. The brother gets just slightly bored.

2. The brother gets into a competition with one of her male friends over who can drink more. He’s protecting his college’s reputation here!!

3. The brother has 240 ml of whiskey… and he hardly ever drinks whiskey!

4. The brother “Spins Right Round, Right Round” so much that he falls… Twice! And gets back up as if it was intended.

5. The brother and the competing friend drink exactly the same amount. But the friend throws up in the building’s lobby! Brother won!

6. The brother is somehow brought home. He doesn’t recall much of the journey back home, the next day.

7. The brother wakes up the next morning with his head spinning. The brother is blogging this post, and he can’t even see straight!

8. The brother cannot even recall what day of the week it is.

9. The last memory the brother has is of the journey back home.

10. The brother wakes up the next morning with 2 (thankfully empty) buckets next to him. He’s wearing different clothes from last night (so the sister stripped him down to his friggin’ underwear!!) and his contacts are out (so the sister really took care of him :S)

11. The Brother is REALLY gonna hear it when the sister wakes up. And tells the mother. He’s gonna hear it from the sister AND the mother.

12. You should all wish the brother good luck, but he’ll probably be over with it by the time you read this post.

13. The brother might’ve come out last night, to the sister. Willingly or unwillingly. She might’ve read my SMSes. There might be something revealing there.

14. The brother should avoid Unlimited Booze parties with sister, henceforth.

15. The brother is having his first ever hangover.



The sister tells the brother that he puked last night… a LOT!