I walk in Pride

1 Dec

This past Sunday, I finally managed to walk my first pride. In fact, this time round I ensured that there was nothing else on my schedule for the big day, unlike last year (although I admit I was relieved to have an excuse not to attend a year ago). I even managed to attend one or two pre-pride events, although not as many as I would’ve wanted, had my work-schedule and other obligations permitted.

The walk was amazing. The energy of the crowd was absolutely fabulous. The numbers were very inspiring, and the number of faces in the crowd were fantastic… all unmasked. I started out with covering my face with shades and a scarf, although those who know me well were able to identify me with little effort. A little after, a friend graciously gave me his mask. A little after that, I got tired of wearing it, and did most of the walk without any mask, just with shades on (which wasn’t intended to be and hence isn’t, the best disguise). It helped that there seemed to be very little media coverage, only a lot of arbitrary people taking photographs and that, I’ve come to realize, can’t be dangerous unless I plan to be a closeted celebrity or a politician someday. (Which I don’t!)

After the march came to an end, a long 2 grueling hours, I had the opportunity to spend some time connecting with a bisexual lady friend, who I absolutely admire and adore to bits even though I see her once in months. She shared some other very revealing and interesting aspects of her life that I hadn’t known before, challenging even my morals, and then we made out later that evening, for fun. The very first time that I made out with something that had breasts on it!

The rest of the after-party was absolutely amazing as well. There was this one guy who I’d interacted with online some years ago, until he decided to, one fine day, pretend that he didn’t know me at all. I’d pretty much avoided him until the day before the pride, when he took it upon himself to hit on me at a pre-pride event. I decided to give into temptation, and allow him to come on to me at the party. So I, yet again, enjoyed random making-out on a dance-floor. I just hope he doesn’t tell his boyfriend, who’s been trying to get into my pants since the day I met him, over a year ago!

I can’t believe I’ve wanted to avoid the parades before this. Then again, I’m sure I wouldn’t have had all this fun if I didn’t know as many people as I did, and that too, some so dearly.


One Response to “I walk in Pride”

  1. Pesto Sauce December 14, 2011 at 5:21 pm #

    I so want to attend a pride parade, I have never seen one

    Making out with boobs would have been fun, hope you enjoyed the suppleness

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