Silly Child

26 Apr

Silly child, silly child,
Won’t you shush, sit still a while?
Mother, mother’s always right
Laugh not loud, politely smile
To be seen, not to be heard
They’re strangers to whom you speak
Spare you not their judgments vile
Do not cry, but force a smile

Little child, little child,
Think not that you’ve come along
A long, long way, to destination yet
Many a path you shall tread wrong
Life is not a fairytale
You are insignificant at most
Music plays, but it shall cease
Silence, darkness, so morose

Little child, you silly child
Speak when spoken to, alone
Not too much, as less as could
Be not seen, but be about

2 Responses to “Silly Child”

  1. BlueMist at 10:13 am #

    Howdy ? long time ?

  2. Ian at 9:18 pm #

    Did you write this?

    Its very poignant, moving.

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