Parting Ways

8 Oct

So one third of the triangle that I’d written about a couple of months ago will board a flight, and leave for good. He was a good friend. I enjoyed the time I spent with him immensely. I cannot imagine what he must feel like, leaving a town after spending 5 formative years in it. To me, too, it’s the loss of a the best friend I’ve made here so far, my friend, my confidant.

Yes, I know he’s just a phone-call away. But the thought that I wouldn’t be able to meet him as often as I want is terribly unpleasant, and I wish I’d spent more time with him, because he’s just so much fun to be around.

As for the other third of the triangle, the one I felt so strongly for, I’ve also decided to exclude him from my life, what with how reliant I was becoming on him, and how unreceptive he has been.

So I’m deprived of two very close gay friends, possibly the only people I thought I could count on.

That’s life… People leave. Some physically, some metaphorically. But the show must go on, right?

2 Responses to “Parting Ways”

  1. Harvey at 12:33 pm #

    The show must (and will) go on!! You will make new friends…i had to say goodbye to a good friend a few days back, but i know he is a phone call away and that is not so bad…as you said it already, that is life…and as Khaled Hosseini says in The Kite Runner “Zendagi Migzara” – Life moves on!

  2. Pesto Sauce at 4:22 pm #

    Log aate hain, log jaate hain
    Lekin caravan chalta rehta hain

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