Color Me Turquoise

16 Jul

Okay, one day late it may be but I’m going to attempt to adhere all other instructions issued pertaining to drafting this post.

So I finally met up with Chandu yesterday, making her the first co-blogger I’ve met from here. (Sowie Rani, but you and I will happen REALLY SOON!) She was accompanied by a really sweet friend of hers, quite funny, but the dude got really drunk and profane towards the end of the evening, what with all the whiskey, and she practically had to beg him not to take his clothes of then and there! But he was sweet nonetheless. Very sweet! At least before the alcohol, and for some time after.

And what can one say about C? Well, that she’s a significantly different from what she seems through her blog. Not only does she look 10 years younger than in her pictures (bad, BAD photography), she actually seems 5 years younger by nature as well! She hasn’t been able to, I think, figure out whether that’s a compliment or not. Actually, neither have I :-S
And boyyyyy can she drink! Okay, technically she didn’t drink SO much last night, and she wasn’t exactly running haywire and obscene (unlike her friend), she did seem to be struggling to keep from shrieking like an 18-year old bimbo (Groupies, they call ’em – Thanks, Chandu-friend) each time one of her favourite songs came on. But yes, she resisted. Thank you, Chandu!
Oh, and she INSISTS on making all the decisions (about the order etc etc) so one definitely knows who calls the shots in her household :-S

The pub that she chose, called TC (formerly Turquoise Cottage) at some godforsaken village called Adchini (though bang in one corner of the city, yes) was almost a blast from my (recent) past… Nearly every track they played exists on the frequent playlist of our frequented pub back in college.

Anyhow, that WAS the last evening out in this Delhi trip. I thankfully caught what-could’ve-been the last train back home (god-bless-you Delhi Metro, else I would’ve had to drive, ergo I wouldn’t have been able to drink) and hopefully, by the next time I’m in town, I’ll be a confident driver (One can HOPE, can one not?).

The airplane takes off tomorrow, and once again, I commence yet another new life. No strange sentiments over leaving Delhi this time round. Maybe it’s the heat :-S What I do feel lousy about is that my flight is at 2, the airport is at the other end of the city, it’s 1 a.m. and I haven’t packed!!!

I think I owe a longish post about what transpired with Delhi-boy. Should come in very soon. And I thought I’d be clearing my blog-post-backlog this summer, but that certainly has NOT happened! I’ll get there folks… Though hopefully not before I finish start reading the course material sent to me by ze company I join this Monday. Have been waiting for that day for quite a few months, even if just to be able to add it to my Networks on Facebook.
Yes, I’m shallow like that sometimes :-S

12 Responses to “Color Me Turquoise”

  1. H at 10:39 am #

    Okay, where exactly are you headed, UsP?

  2. chandni at 11:06 am #

    Good Lord! Liar 😛

    • Meira at 1:09 pm #

      Hey there’s a TC in Gurgaon too. Absolutely fantastic music. Come over next time. Bring Chandu too. I want to meet her

      • chandni at 6:42 pm #

        Oye Meira, try the adchini one. Far better than TC, gurgaon and TC,Vasant Vihar….actually the Adchini one is not part of the cottage chain..its just TC 😀

      • unsungpsalm at 11:50 pm #

        Arre, don’t wait for me to meet her, baba… Meet her yourself! She won’t bite (at least not until she crosses her 7th pint)

    • unsungpsalm at 11:48 pm #

      Aisa kya bol diya?

  3. D at 12:33 am #

    O God, you make me nostalgic. About Delhi. And the Metro. And about Chandu, whom I was also supposed to meet up but couldn’t. About pubs. And their music. I wanna go back!! 😦

    • unsungpsalm at 8:08 pm #

      OMG you didn’t meet Chandu! You were there for MONTHS! Shame on BOTH of you.

    • flygye12 at 10:22 pm #

      how can you get nostalgic about metro? its been there only about a year 😛

  4. soulmate at 8:15 pm #

    Even D and I were supposed to meet each other, but somehow it didnt happen… 😦

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