2 Jul

I’m going mmmaaaddd for some reason. So much/so little is happening and it’s driving me up the wall, don’t ask why. Maybe it’s the heat. Maybe it’s the afternoon heat, since mornings are usually very, very cool… almost like Bangalore. It’s windy and one doesn’t even need to turn the fan on. Then the afternoon sets in, and so does the hot, sultry weather.

A) I’m seriously falling for a fella who’s all the way back in Bangalore (the terrace-guy) and actively wanting a relationship with someone else. I like to think about him before I go to sleep or after I wake up, and I’d give anything to be able to hold and kiss him right now (and bite his neck). And there’s no way I can tell him that.

B) My almost-daily gymming has started showing results, and now I’m paranoid that even if I miss out for one day, they’ll magically vanish. And that I finished my protein powder yesterday is threatening my peace-of-mind and bank-balance.

C) I met this really, really cute dude (I’ve been in touch with for months online) in Delhi the other day. Meeting him again this evening. I have constant urges to kiss him, but I cannot for the lack of private space. And he’s a little camp, so cannot bring him home 😦

D) A fellow blogger-ess got drunk last night and rang me up, just as I was going to bed… My SIM was in another phone, so her name did not flash, and I couldn’t for my life figure out who the hell it was (since we’d never spoken before), and I thought something was wrong with the handset! She’s so cute when she’s drunk! Fun conversation 🙂

E) Spent the ENTIRE day at the hospital where a cousin was recovering from some funny-surgery business. Now he’s one cousin I can simply make no conversation with, but lo behold, I spent the entire day. No, not talking to him but to my sis-in-law, and the occasional visiting friends. A day I was dreading turned out to be not so bad. Can’t imagine I used to be awkward and tongue tied all through my childhood when I’m so perfectly capable of making random conversation. Except with that cousin of course!

F) There are recurring water problems in the society we live in. Infrequent, but recurring. It isn’t because there’s any lack of water, but because the water pump keeps breaking down and the new society admin. is too damn slow to take action. We’ve been waterless since last-night, and will continue to be till around 4-5 today, and I need to go out to lunch at 1!!! And I haven’t shaved in like a century, and I’m really desperate. And all I have to get ready is 3/4th of a bucket of (slightly muddy) water. Gahhhhhh!


8 Responses to “Woe-be-me”

  1. Rani July 2, 2010 at 1:17 pm #

    I called you???? Are u crazy? I never called you!! I think u were drunk ad spoke to some other cute dame!!! Wasn’t ME! :O

  2. Aparna July 2, 2010 at 4:10 pm #

    ahhh the paani ki sammasya makes me miss India..
    you are getting hot for two guys at the same time..interesting

    • unsungpsalm July 3, 2010 at 10:54 pm #

      Who said just two? I wrote about only 2 😦
      God I hate my life.

  3. Papa Hen July 5, 2010 at 3:22 pm #

    Re A), tell him– albeit in a different way. What’s wrong with that? The only hitch I can see is that he’s supposed to move back to Delhi in a few months– but then that’s was the story even 1.5 years ago, so he might as well have made Bangy his home without realizing it.

    Re C), taking him home might help you peep out through the closet a bit and gauge the reaction of your parents. I’d suggest you gather some courage and give it a try. You also have to learn to stop hiding your friends from the world because you are afraid what people will think. In my experience.

    Re E), something one of my ex-s that pointed out to me long time ago, was that EVERYBODY in this world feels awkward about themselves and unfamiliar crowd. Some people take the proverbial bull by the horns and no one ever notices the awkwardness but only see how friendly the person is. And when one does that, one also realizes how easy it is. Something I think I’d tried to tell you earlier as well, I believe.

    • unsungpsalm July 5, 2010 at 11:51 pm #

      *Papa Hen

      A) No, not who you’re thinking of…

      C) I do that in every other way. Don’t want uncomfortable questions being posed to me until I’m standing on my own two feet, because of my inability to lie on these matters.

      E) Naw, I’ve attempted thawing the ice with him, but we simply don’t connect.

      And while I cannot stop you from reading my blog, I would certainly discourage you from doing so (or at least requesting you to pretend that you don’t read it) in light of the fact that it interferes in our acquaintance on ground, which was made evident from some emails exchanged recently that I thought unnecessary and avoidable.

      • Papa Hen July 7, 2010 at 1:26 am #

        Yep, point taken.

  4. Pesto Sauce July 12, 2010 at 7:34 pm #

    Water problems are only in Delhi

    Nice chat with blogeress…must have been fun

    And you can think of kissing that guy in backseat, hidden spaces etc

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