Flying HIGH

23 May

So I believe the last 2 updates I made to the blog from my phone didn’t take. Tragic, ain’t it?
One was a long, sob story of how I yearn for someone I can call anytime and blah blah, or stop yearning altogether.
So you’re probably glad that didn’t get published.

(EDIT: Found it in my drafts, and published it. Sowie, your bad luck!)

The second on the other hand was a FUN incident.
So I’m really high, and at our favourite hang-out place here in my college town. (Did I mention I was coming back here? The last time ever as a student of this university… Bitter-sweet feelings about that…) Most of the evening is over, I’ve made every chick I know here kiss me numerous times on the cheek (to make all the other guys burn in envy, or something to that effect. Or maybe I just like kisses on the cheeks, and it would be inappropriate to ask any guys… And none of the guys I know here well enough are desirable anyway!). Soon enough, I can barely walk straight, totter back into the darkness of the pub, to our table where one of the next hag-designates is sitting, bend over to her, and murmur ‘kissy’ into her ear for the 6th time that evening! And she does comply, but her performance is not at all satisfactory. So I demand it be done properly. And she does, and this time it’s good enough. What isn’t good enough is that once I have tottered back out of the pub, I find the hag-designate standing in front of me. Super-woman? Woman with apparation abilities? Not quite! Hag-designate had moved out quite some time ago and I had demanded a ‘Kissy’ of a random acquaintance from back in first year!!!
I head back in and apologize profusely, and she keeps laughing and saying that it’s okay. (To be fair, I always did think she had a serious crush on me, what with our once-a-semester chats in which she was always so giggly)

Hence, no prospective harassment case against me, thankfully.

But soon enough, everyone gets to know of the embarrassing incident.

Because I told them.

In great, animated detail.

Including Tanuja in Singapore.

At Rs. 12.50 per minute.

I REALLY need a detox from all this alcohol!

2 Responses to “Flying HIGH”

  1. Tanuja at 3:13 pm #

    How can it cost you 12.5 bucks a minute? That’s ridiculous ! As are you, and this story 😛 This one’s for you to tell the grandkids, UsP

    • unsungpsalm at 4:42 pm #

      Grandkids honge tere… I don’t want stretch marks!

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