Raging tempers…

8 May

So I broke off (platonic equivalent of break-up… is there a better phrase that is as compact and more established? Okay, parted ways) with old friend, Pankaj, today. This once, it was him who did the honours (block on Gtalk, delete from Facebook) and not me (and I wouldn’t succumb to those actions in this matter, which I consider trivial), and I would like to have that on record.

Anyway, it started with an argument. He read this article very fleetingly, and made an elaborate and (I feel) ill-informed opinion on it. I objected in strong words. We argued. It ended badly.

He says Kasab should’ve been shot as soon as the investigators derived from him that he had no information to offer.
[He also feels that Kasab may as well have been accommodated at the Taj, since his cost of daily up-keep would’ve probably come to the same amount of Rs. 85-lakh per day. {The figure in the news article reads Rs. 8.5 lakhs per day. As I said, he read the article in one fleeting glance. Thank you for pointing it out, Tauja!}] But I’m not saying that Rs. 8.5 lakhs is an acceptable amount either.
But that he maintains that Kasab should’ve been shot as soon as they figured out he had no more valuable information to offer, ergo without trial is worth discussing.

When celebrities or politicians are accused of any crime, and receive special treatment in their trials etc. etc. the common man is up in arms saying that they should be treated like anyone else.
So is it fair for us to deny Kasab a trial? Would that not be equivalent to denying him the rights accorded to the common man? Or should nobody be accorded a free and fair trial?
Is it healthy for us to nurture such glaring hypocrisies in our attitude? Or should we just go ahead and rewrite the constitution to accord different rights to different types of people? Or just go about making exceptions everywhere and then fighting over which exception is fair and which is not?

Are most/all of the democratic countries of the world (Please correct me if I’m wrong on this, peeps…) stupid in allowing the accused, any accused, of any crime a trial before convicting him of charges? (And the right to appeal the sentence in higher courts.) Would we be okay if tomorrow YOU weren’t allowed to appeal in a higher court? Sure, Manu Sharma would have been acquitted.
Or maybe we could just make an exception here and an exception there, and then argue over it forever?

I welcome your comments on the questions phrased above. What I do NOT welcome are comments about how the judicial system needs to be improved. Yes, the judicial system needs to be improved. The trial should’ve been completed in a matter of months and not 18. We all know that, and I’m sure we’d all agree on it too. So let’s discuss the issue that I wrote this entire post to discuss. We can discuss Judicial reforms on a later date, capisce?

Oh, and one more thing. Rs. 1,500 crore for a cricket team in a month-long intra-national cricket event. Rs. 31 crore over protecting the escape of the most dreaded criminal this country has ever set hands on, over a period of one and a half years. Am I the ONLY one who thinks the 31-crores is REALLY inconsequential here?

5 Responses to “Raging tempers…”

  1. Stuti May 8, 2010 at 1:33 am #

    Your last line. COMPLETELY AGREE. Seriously, for a country that is so poor, spending so much on IPL is so late capitalist it is an anomaly in itself.
    Honestly, I am completely against death penalty. Yes, he wrecked lives. He was not a minor when he attacked Mumbai. He joined the LeT voluntarily. Even so, killing him only sends across a message of complete fear. We are afraid of the terrorists, let’s kill them, one by one. No matter if the day of the hanging the Parliament is bombed. That is secondary, isn’t it?
    Then again, what punishment should he be accorded?

    31 Crores is actually inconsequential. For a long time, Kasab promised to be a key witness. I think a country so severly attacked needs to spend that much for witness protection. Why do people not cry hoarse when that same money is spent on cheerleader outfits and scandals we’d rather not know about?!

    • unsungpsalm May 8, 2010 at 5:14 pm #

      Ahh, the death penalty itself is such a huge debate.

      I sometimes wonder if there’s any point in incurring the costs of keeping someone alive and in a prison cell forever, with no intentions of releasing him/her ever!
      Anyhow, it’s a huge separate debate altogether.

      What I DO maintain that Hanging is an outdated and barbaric form of execution, quite like using an electric chair or pelting the person with stones. I quite prefer the simple lethal injection that is used in the US. A simple way of saying “We’re doing this because you’re a threat to society and thus deserve to be removed from it, and aren’t worthy of even having a single penny ot state money being spent on you.

  2. V May 8, 2010 at 4:53 am #

    My 2 cents….. the end result would be he is going to get the punishment which he has been sentenced….. and we are a proud democracy i guess and not some regime, where anyone can be shot at any time….

    We are in a democracy right…. and as he was caught alive and entered into the judicial system of justice then the law is the writ of the land

    yes !! it boils my heart too!!! i was in my office for 2 days even though it was miles away ,as there was total lock down of the city and i know what we all went through….but there is something called as due process of law and we should allow to take its own course and even though there are cases registered somewhere in the 1860’s and i feel no sane government would ignore the wishes of its people and in this case it may create some fast track process and see the justice is meted out…

    oh!! but what pankaj is suggesting is a very scary thing….. akin to Salem witch trials where anyone was accused ,convicted and sentenced…. its a scary scary proposition and this is not a democracy does….. if something like this starts ……..

    Pankaj … read this and then speak what happens when there is no democracy….http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuol_Sleng_Genocide_Museum

    Decisions taken being emotional would come full circle…..

    • unsungpsalm May 8, 2010 at 5:15 pm #

      You put my exact thoughts into words, V 🙂

  3. V May 8, 2010 at 5:07 am #


    If Pankaj blocked u from FB and Gtalk… then its sad and he is getting so much emotional about something which he has no control and instead shaking hands and having a cold beer after such a heated argument he is willing to sacrifice friendship is bit sad… We are becoming too too too emotional … and he is straight right i thought LGBT were more emotional now i can say atleast we are not

    People are ready to shove friends ( true and honest ones are scarce )for some petty things like cost …. Cricket these day is really cricket ….everyone did roar like a toothless lion a couple of days a go and an honest person he step down from office and when it came to know their own neck would be next on the chopping block all seems to have gone on a collective silent to protect each other….

    cricket …. blah it feels like we are watching some cheap strip show at some sleazy strip mall… Yes …as we indians never get to see white girls dancing around in real life within meters of our eyes … so !! so they are full filling their never to be achieved dreams and let cricket go to hell…

    even though i never loved cricket accept the occasional nerve edging one dayers with our good neighbours…. this one month show , is not cricket…

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