Ode to a watchmaker

24 Feb

I’m not much of a watch-person. I don’t know why but I simply don’t fancy them. Given all the money in the world, I’d never venture to acquire a collection. So it’s of little surprise that when the strap on my 4-year old excessively-scratched watch went broke for the third time some months ago, I didn’t bother buying a new one but set out to look for a watchmaker to spring on a new strap.

I don’t know how it is that I encountered that little shop in a run-down building hidden behind another relatively run-down building, after failing to find the relatively renowned store in the small town near my University.
For some reason I was drawn towards that shop, and months later, my mind ceases to forget that day (a feat quite unheard of for my memory). But something about that shop, and its owner was so old-world and so un-commercial. He did not try to hardsell, he did not give any “assurances” about what he was selling me. I asked him for a strap, he placed everything that he had before me, I selected, he wordlessly obliged. No frowns, no frustration, no impatience. He was a man who was so content with what he was, what he had. No grudge against those who had commercialized his profession, and cut into his income. Simplicity, sincerity, humility. A common man. It was as if he hadn’t stepped out there and seen the Titan’s and the Fast-tracks. Except that he had, and he wasn’t bothered.

It was once again one of those moments where I felt like emptying out my entire wallet for him, as an attempt at not charity, but compensation for all the business that he’d lost owing to our fascination with branded-wear. Quite the way all the shoe-makers were wiped out the day we developed a fascination for sneakers.

Maybe someday, if I’m able to return to that small watchmaker’s shop, I will. And buy a watch or two.


One Response to “Ode to a watchmaker”

  1. BlueMist February 25, 2010 at 12:04 am #

    I know that feeling. More and more I am believing that contentment has nothing to do with money and shine one has.
    Kudos to you for noticing all this and appreciating small things life offers. Thanks for sharing this USP. Unknowingly many people teach you something very important about life.

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