Dramatic Recollections

5 May

A few days ago, I caught this semester’s production by the theatre group that I’d had 2 stints with, before I entered (extremely) early retirement from the stage. The production was quite, quite substandard. Their quality has severely degraded over time!

Some of the performances were terrible. Around 3 were good. Their best actor wasn’t utilised to capacity. Some others were so bad, I almost cried. Each time, I’d think “Boy, I could’ve totally saved that role.”

I was thinking about the stage just now, and it totally seized my mind. I longed to return to the stage. Being on stage is a fantastic experience. The lights, the audience, their rapt attention.
The rehearsals get long, monotonous and dull. I despised them. Often, I surprised myself with how much I disliked my work and how mediocre I really was.

So I long to return to the stage, and at the same time, I don’t. This is the most peculiar form of Green-Grass Syndrome(I just coined the term 🙂 I’m sure you can figure out what it means) I’ve ever had.


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