Always heed the ocean’s call

28 Apr

Right, so it was a really really long weekend but I shall make all attempts to recount as much of my trip as I can. Be warned… this post is going to be extremely long!

To begin with, this is the second time I’m visiting that place in my life, and also the second time I’m visiting this month! I loved it so much a month back, that I had to return at the first opportunity!

The last time I went was with Alika, Roomie and 2 other people. We enjoyed the place immensely, relaxed and enjoyed each others’ company and no other. This time, I went with Hagatha and a friend of hers (and now mine… we’ll call him Amit) who I’ve been spending time with only recently, and through her. It was a flash plan, and I decided to go 4 hours before I actually did. For which I had to ditch Alika on her birthday which made her insanely mad, but she found it in her to be understanding!

So we arrived there early morning, only 3 of us, having been ditched by the rest of those who were supposed to accompany us. Initially, we just lay on the beach in the sun, trying to catch up for all the sleep we had lost in the night travel. Twice while we were asleep on the sand at what we believed a reasonable distance from the sand, the water would come right up to us and drench us a little bit, waking us with a start and with annoyance written all over our faces. Pretty soon, I realised that the entire beach bore a deserted look. There were a million stray dogs to be seen, and a handful of humans. Then we had breakfast at what was supposed to be the best eatery on the beach. The food was awful! I thought it was because it was so off season! I almost developed a sick feeling of having made a glaring mistake of coming again in the same month, with possibly the wrong company, thereby inviting upon myself a possibly miserable weekend that I’d keep comparing with the previous trip.

After a while, we set out to hunt for accommodation. We went into a shack that was quite crowded with TONS of westerners but turned out to be costlier than the place I’d lived in the previous time. So I suggested we check that out, though I was reluctant to stay there, and more eager to return to our previous stop. As luck would have it, my suggested place wasn’t accommodating as it was off season, so we returned to the initial shack and took a room.

In no time, we were lounging around on the verandah, strumming on the guitar, singing a little bit and soaking in the air of relaxation that hung around us. The drinks came one after another, I bought a pack of smokes all to myself (though I wouldn’t eventually finish it, of course!) after a lot of hesitation.

Meanwhile, a slightly Indian looking fellow, who was with an Israeli woman, the two of whom had observed us sleeping blissfully on the beach earlier in the morning, caught my eye and gave me a small smile. I wondered for some time whether he was Indian or not, and it turned out eventually that he wasn’t… probably brazilian.
He smiled at me on 2 more occasions that day, but to my extreme disappointment, our eyes never met after that. And yes, I totally would’ve done him.

Though not half as much as Rick!
Rick was a Swede who we first noticed when he was swimming in the ocean, near us. The reason he caught my attention was because he was European, but Amit noticed him because he couldn’t decipher Rick’s gender. My glasses were off so I couldn’t see much. However, I could make out that Rick was rather cute, irrespective of what Amit thought. I tried hovering as close to Rick as I could, hoping he’d initiate conversation… to no avail!

Eventually, I got tired and longed to return to the shack. Once I was out of the ocean, I turned back and noticed that Amit was exchanging a few words with Rick! Hagatha could see the look of sheer horror on my face, and the poor thing felt immense pity for me. I innocently took my glasses off again, and walked back into the water, heading towards Amit again, with whom I exchanged an innocent and extra accented “Oh, it’s only 7 o’ Clock! We have so much time left!” (even though I really was tired of the water)

Once with him, I turned around and smiled at Rick, who said Hi, and I returned it. We didn’t talk any more then.

That evening, we set out on a long-ish trek over the hills, through the thickets and onto another beach that was supposedly more gorgeous than the one we were on. The trek was over an hour long and very tiring and adventurous. Since Amit was the only one who had done it before, he attempted to guide us but turned out to be the worst guide! Usually, one commutes between the 2 beaches by boat. However, it was off-season and thus there were no boats to ferry us between the beaches. Amit didn’t quite listen when I made that point a million times over. By the time we’d completed three quarters of the journey, dusk was setting in, and we still had 130% of the trek to complete. To add to the challenges before us, Hagatha’s slipper broke, and she still had a most dense forest to walk back to. Eventually, we went as far as 100m before our destination before I decided to intervene for the sake of our safety. We then began to head back, and I discovered 2 abandoned slippers on the way that Hagatha wore for the remainder of the journey. Somewhere in the middle, we lost our way and, as I was leading the three of us, I found myself climbing rather threatening looking rocks, crawling under huge bloulders, knowing that I’d never been on this path before, until I beheld a rock that had some 7-8 crabs on it that scattered as I approached. And beyond that, there were no more rocks that I could possibly climb on to. At that very moment, I truly wondered if we were going to complete that trek alive. Or at least if we would manage averting a situation whereby we’d find ourselves spending the night among those rocks, hoping the tide wouldn’t rise enough to take us with it.
Eventually however, we did reach our base, having almost completed most of our trek but never having reached the destination… but having survived! 

At night, Amit wanted to light a bonfire on the beach. I was extremely tired and wanted to sleep, but thought that maybe some of the other guests would want to join us if we lit the fire, so expressed eagerness to do so. Thus, the wood was ordered, and at half past ten, all three of us were slightly tipsy(except Hagatha who was extremely high) and bending over some logs of wood, desperately trying to light them.

Even before it was lit, we heard a chick’s voice ask “Hi, can we join you?”

“Oh, please do!” I responded more than eagerly, delighted to see that she was accompanied by a youngish fellow. Both turned out to be Californians, who were studying in Bangalore. The guy, looking at me struggling with matches, offered me his lighter to light some paper for the fire. I happily accepted it and got the job done. Later, when he asked for it back, I couldn’t discover it! I was profusely apologetic, and handed him my matchbox for the evening, which he seemed far more than content with.

Later in the night, when the fire was up, Amit started playing songs on his guitar, and the chick and I were singing in turn, depending on who knew the song. She eventually lit a joint and offered us a smoke. Initially, I thought she was offering ciggerates, and declined politely. Then Hagatha nudged me and said that she’d actually been offering weed! I asked the American chick if it was so, and she affirmed, and offered it again. I told her that I was very tempted, but at the same time afraid that I’d go running into the ocean if I did try some. Which was true because my ciggs already had me on seventh heaven. Her boyfriend said that he too had felt like running into the ocean earlier that afternoon but had resisted.

(You’re probably wondering why I’m documenting this. It’s obviously for myself! And I’ve been wanting to try weed for the longest time, and when I got the opportunity, I passed it!)

 The evening proceeded really well till some 4 idiotic guys from a college in Bangalore, who are currently working, asked to join. We politely said that they could, and they did. While three were more or less quiet, the one nearest to us kept asking us questions. When he got to know which college we were from and realised that it was ranked way above his, he seemed to feel offended and kept trying to glorify his college, even though Hagatha and I were absolutely not interested. In the rest of the evening, he would often try to assert his “wisdom” and I would cut him short, or correct him more than once.

Eventually, we tired of their company, donated the rest of our wood to them, and headed in. Instead of returning to the room, he retired to the verandah that we used to sit in all the time, and lay there instead. Hagahta was really high, which I find unpleasant, but Amit didn’t seem to so I left the two of them to each other, and was listening to the iPod. 2 tables on the verandah were occupied, one by Rick and some acquaintances of his. But as the clock approached 2 and then 3, people began to leave, as did Rick’s company.

He was sitting alone over there, when he noticed our guitar and asked me if he could play. I said he could, so he sat there before me for the next half an hour or so, playing most beautifully. I had to keep myself from staring at him through that period, should he notice, and would thus keep looking this way or that. In between songs, we’d make a little bit of conversation. He eventually asked my name, and introduced himself. He turned out to be a student from Sweden who was taking time off after college to travel alone, and had been on that beach for about 20 days. That is when I realised that I had actually noticed him in my last trip! I was amazed that I remembered him from then.

After the half hour, or maybe more, Rick finally stopped playing and headed back in. We shook hands, and once he had left, I tried to put myself to sleep (Amit and Hagatha were already out) to the thoughts of me and Rick having the most romantic night of my life. Sigh!


9 Responses to “Always heed the ocean’s call”

  1. flygye12 April 28, 2009 at 7:31 pm #

    Para 9: ”Rick was exchanging a few words with Rick!” high when your wrote this?

    its ‘bonfire’ not ‘bornfire’

    ps: just so u know what it feels like to be corrected 😉

  2. unsungpsalm April 28, 2009 at 7:42 pm #

    Cheapo! There are tons more mistakes in there, I’m sure. I was high when I wrote it, yes 😛 That was last night.
    But as you can see, it’s very long and I wrote it very quick. So tons of mistakes on the way.

    And if I got down to correcting you, you’d ban me from your blog!

  3. Rambunctious WhipperSnapper April 29, 2009 at 12:47 am #

    I don’t know why, but all I want to say is,


  4. unsungpsalm April 29, 2009 at 8:57 am #

    It’s because the post was too long for your level of patience to take, and you didn’t want to read it.

  5. Dark Knight April 29, 2009 at 10:59 am #

    May be you should have done sth… i dunno wat tht sth is though… (may be my wish speaking here now:( )

    take care….

    P.S. not becoz it was too long to read.

  6. Rambunctious WhipperSnapper April 29, 2009 at 11:50 am #

    Ur such a c**t sometimes!

  7. unsungpsalm April 29, 2009 at 3:14 pm #

    Huh? Whaa? Why!

    Thank you, but why’s everyone hugging?? I had a glorious trip!
    Or is it a “You’re so hot, I want to be close to you” hug?

  8. BlueMist April 29, 2009 at 3:44 pm #

    I know you wont tell it here but I am getting curious about this place. I know a similar one not so sure.

  9. Dark Knight April 30, 2009 at 10:24 am #

    you hit the bull’s eye…. haha 😛

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