Out of My Mind

28 Mar

So I was cycling back after breakfast this morning, the scorching morning sun beating down upon me. The iPod was as usual belting into my ears, and a calm persisted on the campus, as everyone enjoyed the windfall… a saturday entirely off.
I was nearing the hostel, all ready to seek respite from the heat, when James Blunt’s track “Out of My Mind” happened to play. This brought back memories from about 3 years ago when I’d discovered the album. Those were the days just before I was to begin college here. Back then, I had all these plans and would revel in the thought of coming here, exploring the place, walking through the wilderness. Uniting with nature, a far cry from the deal I got in Delhi. And I listened in on James Blunt’s music, as I carved these ambitious plans. Unsurprisingly, all these plans stood forgotten when the time came.

But today, as the song came on, the memories came rushing after; and as I approached the gate, I cycled on… not too far beyond, but atleast as long as the song played, almost like an attempt to make up for not executing all those plans I had made. A tribute to the innocence of those days, when one thought everything would go as per plan.


One Response to “Out of My Mind”

  1. D March 28, 2009 at 8:29 pm #

    Much better 🙂

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