Ego hassles

5 Mar

So today, I was trying to call a club brain-storming session to order, when the senior who had earlier led the club, and pretty much given it to me on a silver platter to head, was being a bit of a nuisance causing distractions nineteen-to-a-dozen.


Eventually, it came down to quite a bit of an ego-clash, though I tried to be at my politest best. He was clearly very offended, in spite of all my efforts, but he was being an agent of distraction and no work was getting done.

So I had to ask him to leave, and leave he did.


Later, he appeared much later with a friend who had also been part of the club initially but doesn’t really care much about it anymore. They both called me aside to discuss the “shoddy job” I’d done on advertising club events, and I was quite quite confused because the friend didn’t care much for club activities anymore, and here, he seemed to be the only one talking.

It didn’t long for the ex-head to lose his temper, and it was pretty much evident that what I was witnessing was pretty much a drama being staged before me to avenge my having asked the ex-head to leave from his own… well, ex-club. Which I wouldn’t have done if he hadn’t been such a prick!

In no mood to sit and watch the drama, I turned around and left, rather annoyed but more disturbed by how childish people can be.


I’ve been working with the kids in the club for some time now, and I think I can suitably say that I’ve done enough to be able to win their acceptance, if I’m capable of it at all. If the problem persists, I’ll simply offer to quit. Even if I have to, it won’t be a tradgedy. I think I’ve gotten a substantial amount of benifit from holding the post as long as I did! But I have enough faith in my own faculties to know that it shouldn’t come to that!


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