When dreams are unreal

17 Feb

Right, so last night, I dreamed that I was in Delhi, staying at a Hotel somewhere near Defence Colony in New Delhi. Why would I stay at a hotel, when I have a home in Delhi? Good question! I have no answer.

I was with Maa, and I dragged her out to a huge open Drain that passes nearby, just to show it to her, because I wanted her to experience New Delhi, the city in which I grew up and so on and so forth.
Why would I have to show Maa New Delhi??!! She’s only lived in it for 5 more years than I have, and many more adult years than that!

Later in the dream, at which time I was standing in my folks’ bedroom in my own house in Delhi, and not a godforsaken hotel, Mom had asked me to accompany her to a Keertan or some religious occasion of the kind, which I declined stating my atheist beliefs. In real, she doesn’t respond really. At the worst, she would say “This is not how I brought you up” and I would reply that she did indeed not, and that she did her job; and that I was an adult now and had to make these decisions myself. But in the dream, she started screaming really really loudly at me, and I was screaming back about religious fanaticism, and about how I’d been talking about embracing atheism all along, which she would’ve known sooner had she paid attention and not dismissed it as immature talk.
I do believe that neither of my parents think that I actually intend to remain an atheist, and that it’s not a “passing phase”. Or maybe they do understand and consider it as my own personal choice, that only I have a right to make… Ha, fat chance!
Either way, they’ll get a jolt in a few years, and maybe then, mom will scream really really loudly as she did in my dream. And I would shout back.


One Response to “When dreams are unreal”

  1. BlueMist February 17, 2009 at 6:23 pm #

    Dreams are wired. arn’t they? They make you think about possibilities that might never come up in real life.

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