Hail Renuka!

8 Feb

In times when even a country’s administration begins to inadvertently side with the bad guys, one truly becomes thankful for small mercies.

In the wake of Mangalore and such, I’m rather thankful for one Ms. Renuka Chowdhury.
I won’t deny that I’ve always admired the woman. Sure she’s not much of a debater and for all I know, she must be as corrupt as the rest of them, but I truly truly admire her for standing up for the youth on this one.

Who could imagine that when all the chief ministers were on a mission to denounce “pub culture”, this fine lady could actually recommend a campaign to the tune of “pub bharo”?! I mean, wow! One expects that from celebrities, rockstars, on-screen personalities… but from the Union Minister for Women and Child Development? It’s utterly superb and fantastic! No, she’s not urging the youth to take to drinking, for all those narrow-minded cynics who are interpreting her intentions as such, but merely egging the youth to be as defiant towards unreasonable societal elements as she herself had been back in her day, and remains till today.

If that wasn’t enough, Renuka screamed bloody murder post Sri Ram Sene’s threat to unleash terror on valentine’s day, demanding action against them for issuing the threats that they did.

It’s a shame that no one takes her too seriously, whether in political debates or those pertaining to “morality”. Which only furthers my desire to run away from this land that’s so full of delinquents that are are the only ones who are heard, and of limited educated elite who may fill up newspapers with rational and reasonable thought that would still make no difference.

Sigh! Get me out of here, please 😦

One Response to “Hail Renuka!”

  1. Nikita February 10, 2009 at 3:22 pm #

    On a related note, i read your comment on chandni’s blog about the pink chaddi campaign. Just wanted to inform you that it’s not just for women, men are joining it too in large numbers. Go ahead, do your bit 🙂

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