Caught in the Hat

25 Jan

With the long weekend around, some members of this new club that I’ve just joined, decided to organise a barbecue on a nearby beach. We set out with bag and baggage, armed with tons of chicken, cottage cheese, cold drinks and a spot of rum.

It was after many weeks that I finally got high last night! Boy was it desirable! There isn’t much that I don’t remember that I mayn’t have said, but many assumed that I went quite tipsy after my first drink, and I won’t deny I did go a bit light in the head far too early in the evening. Nonetheless, I kept on drinking for as long as I could, and the high was sustained.
In the meanwhile, I seemed to have a bit of a disagreement with one of the few other drinkers that evening, and I think he was, in jest, a bit rude. Now normally I’d have brushed it off, or at least not shown that I was offended, but the alcohol had gotten to me, and I was a bit silent and sulky for a good few hours, prompting one of the other drinkers to come and profusely apologise in case he had been rude (which he had not) followed by the one who had, who admitted that he may have crossed the line… he didn’t know because he was really high.

So anyway, I got a good idea of what it feels like to be offended while in a state of slight inebriety. And the discourtesy that was meted to me was exactly the same, correction, less than the amount I meted out to another, that same evening. Except the one that I had endeavored to tease was thicker-skinned than I am, thus he wasn’t offended, whereas my pride is easily hurt if anyone as much as raises his voice while speaking to me, or makes a rude comment or a threat, even in jest. Thus, I couldn’t “normalise” myself last evening, in spite of wanting to. I just had to wait for the annoyance to blow over, brushing away apologies that came my way with a “Come on, man! Don’t embarrass me” and such.

Anyway, we went to sleep late that night, but woke up early and went on a hunt for coffee. We finally found a shack, ordered coffee and biscuits. I got up meanwhile, to go to the counter and pay, when I noticed a sleek, rustic black hat hanging from the top. Too embarrassed to ask him myself, I went back and urged anyone to ask him if it was on sale, and how much it cost. They couldn’t for their lives figure out why I couldn’t ask myself, and proceeded to dictate sentences to me that I could use to do so (“Bhaiyya, how much is that for?)
I explained to them that I very much could phrase sentences in Hindi, but felt embarrassed to ask (for some confounded reason). The lone girl in our company, a speaker of the native language, was gracious enough to go ask, which she did.
The shopkeeper was initially confused, thinking she wanted to take snaps wearing it. She corrected him of my intention, and he said that though it wasn’t for sale, he’d sell it to her for a certain amount (less than what it actually cost).

The amount was by no means the throw-away kind, but I was willing to pay whatever it cost, such is my passion for hats and boots. The hat was made of leather. Unfortunately, the stitching was coming off in one place.

The others, meanwhile, were observing me aghast. After it sunk in that my intentions were serious, a torrent of gay jibes started. Acknowledging that a liking for hats and boots (that too of leather) is quite common in the community and can scarcely be justified otherwise, I didn’t endeavour to protest beyond the forceful “Shut Up”‘s, which did not hamper their fun.
I however, had no intentions to conceal my awe of the hat, and continued to admire it, and had handed my representative the money to pay for it, when they finally dissuaded me from buying the goddamn hat. All I got from it was a snap, which too everyone found really funny.

I hope that I manage to buy that hat someday. It’s just so perfect! I know I won’t be able to wear it anywhere, but it would be fun to own, nonetheless.

But meanwhile, I would like to know from y’all… what is it about hats and boots that enamours the gay community but fails to appeal to heterosexual men?


2 Responses to “Caught in the Hat”

  1. BlueMist January 26, 2009 at 1:17 am #

    You sure had fun ! 🙂 btw you should have gone ahead and bought it IMO. The post is worth the pic of it I guess.

  2. unsungpsalm January 26, 2009 at 8:37 am #

    Huh? You mean? Pic?

    Ohhh no way!

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