An overdose of Sisterhood

7 Jan

As mentioned earlier today, Mom decided that I escort her to meet up with her sisters, who wanted to get a bit of shopping done. With severe vehemence, I refused, locked myself up in my room and told her I’d see her in the evening when she returned. Once college starts next week (in full gusto) and I have classes daily from 8 to 4, sitting in my warm blanket on my bed in the wintry climate is a luxury I will not be able to enjoy. Especially since there will be no blanket and no wintry climate.
As the vacation is threateningly close to an end, Mom thought she’d deny me those said luxuries with immediate effect.

As luck would have it, an uncle called for help with his computer which I had to attend to, and she had her way eventually, as she always does.

I spent a small part of the afternoon at the Uncle’s office, then dropped in at my aunt’s where I was to pick mom up and head home. We stopped for tea and snacks of course… mom, 2 aunts, a cousin sister and her female friend. Which amounts to 5 ladies and me. Which amounts to tolerable but occasionally annoying company.

In conversation, my mother’s friend and family accountant came up in conversation and there was a short discussion on his flirtatious nature. Mom said “He’d flirt with anything on 2 legs.” I disagreed because he never tried to flirt with me or any other man, to my knowledge, so I added, “… and 2…” and gestured towards me…umm, bosom, before I realised that I was in the company of 5 ladies and 0 men. Too late. Couldn’t take it back. The ladies had a hysterical laugh at it, though.

Later, we were (supposed to be) driving home, and I kept insisting that she was driving in the wrong direction. She kept saying she was taking the route via a certain colony which is completely out of our way, which is when I began to suspect and subsequently confirmed that we were dropping in at her friend’s boutique. We were welcomed there by her (female) friend, her (female) attendant and the same 2 sisters. Once again amounting to 5 ladies and me. The absence of the cousin and friend pushed the average age up, so revise that to 5 aunties and me.
This is the third time I was entering that boutique, in this past month. I’ve effectively met that stranger-lady more times than I’ve met any friend or relative in this vacation.
We stood there for 45 minutes while the ladies discussed styles and combos for blouses for their sarees. Did you know that a net of any colour over a glittery golden cloth makes an excellent blouse? Or that having a hook at the back as opposed to a zipper on the side means you can alter the blouse later if you gain weight? Well, I certainly did not know it and I think I could’ve gone through my lifetime not knowing it, but now I do. Thanks to mom’s insistence that “we spend time together” while she spends time with her sisters.

Aaargh! I’m finally back home, back in my blanket and have effectively missed another work-out. Thus, another day in Delhi is over. Bravo!

I realise that when I’m away from Delhi and in me tiny college town, what I miss most is not the things that I would be doing if I were here, but the things that I can do (but never get down to doing). I like to have the option of doing them, without ever taking the option.
I just hope I remember this through the semester as I cry and cry over being trapped in a small place with zero privacy.



4 Responses to “An overdose of Sisterhood”

  1. Nikita January 7, 2009 at 11:50 pm #

    Oh my!! Some introspection going on there it seems. “what I miss most is not the things that I would be doing if I were here, but the things that I can do ”
    BTW the old template was much better than this one 🙂

  2. Vivek January 8, 2009 at 1:29 am #

    The worst part about my college is that it is not even in a small town like yours, mine is a thousand miles down south so, after every semester I’m like shuttling south to north, and it goes on and on…

  3. unsungpsalm January 8, 2009 at 1:31 am #

    Unless you’re in Australia, we do the same thing 🙂

    I’m down south too!

  4. vivek January 8, 2009 at 5:45 pm #

    i guess…

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