A Cold Goodbye approaches

3 Jan

Geez, so the new year has started on an excellent note! The city is literally frozen, right now, and not a drop of sunlight to be seen. Yay! I love me Delhi winters. Even though I’m in my blanket at 11.30 am, trying to keep myself warm. Hypocrite, I know!

So last night, we were returning from a dinner with family through the ridge forest. There was little fog on eye level, but about 15 feet high, a dense cloud had gathered, at the same level as the street lamps. Watching those wisps of vapour swirling in the yellow light made the moment so magical and straight out of Harry Potter, I was balled over, thinking nothing of how cold it was!

Though it sucks that I have to leave town whenever it starts to get this cold. I hope my last day here is bright and sunny, so that leaving town doesn’t hurt so much.
I’m rather excited to go back, though. The sooner I go back, the sooner college gets over and I leave that dreaded town for good 🙂
And Bangalore happens the sooner I get to college. I hope I can focus at least a little bit, and get by a few weeks before finding reason to run off to B’lore.

Which reminds me that I have to start applying for a summer internship in the town for June-July. I’m quite certain I don’t want to come back to Delhi! Sure, I’ll miss Mom a lot, but she’ll probably fly down.

So Delhi Winters are almost over for l’il moi. A list of tasks I had planned to, but did not accomplish –

1. Attend my 1st Gay party
2. Prepare for GRE. (But I did learn that I probably don’t want to take the GRE yet!)
3. Start research for the paper I planned to write. (Haha! Ha!)
4. Add something to my CV ( 😦 😦 😦 😦

Well, there’s always tomorrow.

Except that after tomorrow, there’s no day after, so I better watch out!

I think I better read my Horoscope for Year 2k9 today!


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