Amerika Calling… Err, Wrong number!

1 Jan

So Rakesh told me yesterday that he’d give me a call to wish me on NYE, and took my phone numbers.

Once 12 had struck, one made a few phonecalls here and there and sent out a few messages. I promptly answered all the calls I received, and was expecting Rakesh’s at any moment.

So I was in the middle of conversation, and felt a subtle sensation coming from my coat, which I realised was the phone again. It was flashing a phone number in unfamiliar format, so I smiled and preceeded to press the Answer key. A fraction of a second before I could, the phone stopped ringing and “Call Diverted” flashed on the screen.

“Shit! Mom!”

The Delhi number I use is quite unused for most part of the year, so all calls are diverted to my mom’s phone if unanswered on it.

Naturally, I panicked! “This had to happen now! How else can one explain an otherwise enjoyable evening…”

In the miliseconds that elapsed, I imagined Rakesh in conversation with mom, realising the situation a bit too late, mom ending up bloody sceptical with his alibi, and my having to answer numerous questions later!

I called him back almost immediately, and got his answering machine. “How does a person get the answering machine on a number he just received a call from?!”

I hung up, and messaged him, explaining the crists. The New Year backlog naturally would’ve delayed delivery.

In the meantime, it dawned upon me that calls diverted from my phone to mom’s would only appear as a missed call on her phone. So unless she called back, which I doubt she would,  all was safe. I could always lie later about school friends calling from the states or… wrong number (on ISD, the poor bloke 😛 )

A few moments later, Rakesh called again, and I explained the moment of panic to him (before even wishing him a happy new year!) and he calmly replied that I could always tell her it was a wrong number. Damn, I love it how he always has the answers!

We chit chatted for a bit. I was uncomfortable for most part, because I hate talking on the phone with people I’ve not known for a life-time, and because I was a bit woosy! And took great pains of once again explaining to him how I could not hit on any “cute guys” in small (or any) gatherings because it would have repurcussions to be felt as far as college.
Eventually, we hung up.

Haha, I wonder how many from the rest of my family had a friend calling from across the 7 seas!

Thanks a ton for that, and a happy new year, R-Babe!


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