FlyGye buzzes again

1 Jan


GTalk extract

me: omg
don’t believe it
can it be true?
anyway, i bet you have a lot of catching up to do with the internet
So will just say that we’re all missing you oh-so-much and you better better come back quick!

flygye: hi
me: and Bebe’s been awfully bad! He’s hardly updated your blog!
flygye: well i’m missin us too
yeah i know
he doesn’t like it too much (
me: haha
I know
poor soul
flygye: so how u been?
happy new year
me: me been ok
you too
flygye: thnx
me: what part of the world art thou in?
flygye: i’m still in the last year right now. USA
me: ahhh
when does india come into the picture?
it’s been 10 months already, I bet!
flygye: only 4
me: hmph
flygye: 2 months more
what did u do?
me: when do you meet Bebe?
flygye: last night i mean
me: What did I do?
flygye: 🙂)
me: ahh
friend’s place
flygye: ahem !
me: no no
small gathering
college friend
flygye: oic
me: straight and stuff (
flygye: and how’s ur lov life goin?
me: no love life, as always 😦
flygye: sorry dont get much time to read everyone’s
me: haha
flygye: i mean dont’ read any blog at all
will get back to it in march
me: even if you did have just a few seconds to read blogs, we’d rather you post on your own in that time
flygye: the bloggin frm ship arrngment didnt work too well
me: which you should do, at the moment
no connectivity?
flygye: not mucho privacy
me: no privacy?
not even in the loo?
flygye: lol
me: well, take the goddamn phone in there!
flygye: i shud be callin baby right now instead of chattin )
me: yes yes
do that
Take care
give him our regards
flygye: chalo u tc )
me: all the best for the rest of the dratted journey
and BLOG a bit
flygye: okies, u cud post this chat for everyone’s benefit ) tell em i miss em
me: Okie! Will do that
flygye: bye ta ta
me: ta!

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