Cyber Hex

30 Dec

So I have these cousins who’re perpetually insistent that I spend time with them. We grew up together having loads of fun, but have changed quite a bit since. Sure we can sit and chat over a dinner but I draw the line at spending extended time with them (read stayovers). When our respective parents went off on a trip together, they became unrelentingly insistent that I come over, and I eventually gave in. First stop was my grandparents’ home where my cousin bro stays. Just as I was reaching, he phoned and told me he had to rush out to meet a friend for half an hour. I didn’t complain for I was carrying my laptop and thought i’d misuse their WiFi. So I pulled it out…only to realise that the battery was out and i’d forgotten the charger! I tried using his laptop but it’s password protected and I wouldn’t dream of asking him for it, because 1. we’re not that close and 2. I know for a fact I would never give him mine if he asked for it over the phone! Not unless I knew it was ‘clean’ for another person to use.
Then I thought i’d surf on my phone (which i’m doing now) and realised that I didn’t carry its charger either, because I thought i’d hardly use it as I had my computer for the internet. So once I exhaust my phone battery, internet is out of reach. (Which is till tomorrow evening, by the way)
Geez, how complicated life is for a person who breathes internet.


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