Another Year

30 Dec

passes by, and I turn a year older in just a few months. Turning 21 shan’t be as bad as 20. There was nothing positive about turning 20! The thought of leaving the teen-age behind 😦 Almost a Rites of Passage that I would’ve wanted to avoid.

But 21 is a completely different story! I will be eligible (legally) to attend gay parties. Not that I’ve been able to do it thus far (illegally) or would end up doing it in the near future. From what I hear, gay clubs are as bad as networking sites to meet people. And it takes tremendous courage to visit one alone… the kind of courage I do not have (under normal [well, as normal as they ever get] circumstances).
On the other hand, I could slow-dance with a guy… no wait, the guy at a gay club as opposed to a regular one. Or, alternatively, at a private place that we could find with music at hand. Geez!

What am I thankful for to year 2008?
1. The new friends and acquaintances I discovered here, a.k.a This Blog (One in particular… RM, take a bow)
2. (Slightly) Better (though still not good enough) grades
3. The hags 🙂
4. More frequent boozing
5. Understanding my family better
6. (I hope I’m not being delusional here) More maturity and rationality

Things that I missed out on

1. Finding (and meeting) him [Okay, I seriously have a one-track mind. But to be turning 21, and never in a relationship {even a straight one} is not easy. And I’m only talking about finding the guy-I’m-going-to-spend-atleast-a-substantial-amount-of-my-life-committed-to as opposed to guy-I’m-going-to-spend-the-rest-of-my-life-with; not that I don’t hope for finding the latter, but I wouldn’t want to get my hopes up or be unrealistic about it]

2. The music. I think I penned down more songs in 2007, and even more in 2006. Has the music gone from my head? I’ve suddenly started listening to several dance-able (read gay) tracks, compromising on the good music I used to enjoy. I hold my sexuality, my gymming and QueerAsFolk responsible for it!
In fact, “Another Year” (aka the Title of this post) was a song I’d written in early January 2005 in the wee hours of the morning while studying for exams or something of the sort. I don’t think I ever completed the song though. One last verse remains, and the rest that had been written lies penned down on a piece of paper that I’d have to turn over the house to find.
No Rakesh, I’m not sharing a recording!

Wow! 6 Thank-you’s and 2 Regrets. Either I’m being forgetful as always, or optimistic. For the time-being, add Optimism to the former 🙂


3 Responses to “Another Year”

  1. Nikita December 30, 2008 at 3:21 pm #

    Seems like both of us have been reminiscing about 2008 at almost the same time. It’s still a day too early to wave 2008 goodbye but let’s get rid of this year and its memories as soon as possible.
    Oh, it just struck me that maybe not everyone had a bad year and not everyone wants to get rid of the memories 🙂

  2. unsungpsalm December 30, 2008 at 7:30 pm #

    Well, a new year is always a fresh start. Only at the end of it does one sit down to reflect over whether it was a good one or bad, but that’s in time for the next one to begin 🙂

  3. 2005 February 20, 2009 at 3:06 pm #

    gay clubs arent that bad- and you might just be surprised and find some old school friends/acquaintances there 😉

    I remember my first time- I ran into this person i thought I knew so well from school but had no idea was gay

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