Smokin’ lies

25 Dec

“Why don’t you like Hagatha?”

The same question was repeated over and over again at my folk’s do, last Sunday. The intent behind the question wasn’t to know why I didn’t like Hagatha as such, but people like Hagatha, aka, girls. Frankly, a fairly decent bloke who is on excellent terms with girls and is apparently straight would not go single for 21 years of his life, could he? And I don’t accuse them of being unnecessarily suspicious.

Which is exactly what they were asking me that day. “Why don’t you like Hagatha?” and not “Why don’t you like Hagatha?”
(The reason I’m supposed to like Hagatha is because that’s suppose to validate my spending so much time with her.)

Yesterday, as roomate, Alika, a school friend and I sat at a Hookah bar, puffing away, the school friend kept asking if I “liked any girls” or whether I’ve “ever liked a girl” and if yes, then who she is and so on and so forth.

Now the fact is, I’m not gay.

Ha, that was easy. If I could lie with as much ease in person as I did just now, then these things would be so much easier, would they not? But I cannot get myself to lie so blatantly, and I just push aside questions. The reason I don’t like to lie is because I want to tell them the truth, but think it would be unwise at the present juncture.

So I settled for saying that “Yes, I do like girls” (they never asked if I liked them in a romantic sort of way) and though I made clear that “There’s nothing between Hagatha and me in the immediate present”, does not mean that there may not have been something between us in the past. Which is technically not a lie, because she used to like me, immensely.

This, again, have Alika the wrong impression, and led her to believe that I used to like Hagatha.

You used to like Hagatha?” she kept repeating for the next 10 minutes, with her legs crossed, and a most distasteful expression on her face. Each time, I’d say “I never said that. I only said that I’m not denying there may have been something between us in the past” which she would conveniently ignore and repeat her question.
Eventually, I tried to change the subject by impersonating her rather amusing (read scary) demeanour, hoping she’d drop it. Which she eventually did. After the Hookah finished out, and we’d paid and had nothing left to do but to leave.

I don’t blame them for being utterly confused. I assume full responsibility for leaving them in that state. I just wish they’d be as unconcerned as my blessed room-mate.

Also, just we had settled in the bar, 4 people sat on the seat next 2 us. 2 girls, one Indian and one not, and 2 guys, one tolerable to look at, and another, hideous. They must’ve been a year or two younger, and made us feel so old. Not their age, but the fact that the 2 girls seemed to be competing with each other to see which of them could make out with the tolerable looking guy longer. In a friggin’ public place. The 4 of us just sat there scandalised, as either girl took her turn in stuffing her tongue down that guy’s throad, while the other timed. Each time they started off, Alika would prompt me with “3 o’ clock, 3 o’clock” (i.e. look 45 degreed) until room-mate eventually told her that it’s not exactly a secret codeword. Heehee!
What amused me about that entire episode is how the ugly guy sat with forced amusement on his face, with the other one getting all the action. I should’ve felt sort of bad for him, but I only could laugh. Maybe it was the Hookah climbing onto my senses, making me shameless.

In other interesting news, Alika keeps speaking of marraige and seems to be awaiting it eagerly, whereas in conversation with my roomie online the other day, he mentioned that he didn’t intend to get married till he was 30. And as they’ve been dating for 2 years now, I’m wondering what exactly is transpiring between them!

Oh, I also made the record for the longest drag (at the Hookah). 40 seconds. Woo hoo!


8 Responses to “Smokin’ lies”

  1. D December 25, 2008 at 12:23 pm #

    What are you waiting for to tell them the truth?

  2. unsungpsalm December 25, 2008 at 12:41 pm #

    For college to get over. Which is one year from now.

  3. Dark Knight December 26, 2008 at 9:41 am #

    Take your time.
    So you had fun having Hookah? I find it’s more fun playing with water than with it’s main thing 😛

  4. unsungpsalm December 26, 2008 at 9:45 am #

    Lol! Lnow what you mean 😉

  5. Jay December 26, 2008 at 7:24 pm #

    How broad/narrow-minded is your roomie? Do you ever fear he might think back on the last four years and suspect you of having done naughty things w.r.t him?

    Just asking for personal reference. 🙂

  6. unsungpsalm December 26, 2008 at 11:48 pm #


    He’s a very broad minded fellow. Would do nothing of the sort. But just in case there’s a 2% discomfort of having to live with a guy gay, I’d spare him of it… It’s a matter of one more year.

    As for your situation, you would want to come out to him as part of personal agenda, no? Don’t forget Roomie No. 3. He’s a consideration too!
    And you need to know their opinion on Homo~ before you consider that step. I know my roomie’s opinion, and he’s cool with it.

  7. Jay December 27, 2008 at 12:34 pm #

    Well, I know his opinion about the whole thing too. Told you about his best friend, right? And the third roomie is, well, just not important enough. Even if he does have a problem — which I’m pretty sure he doesn’t — it doesn’t make a difference to me. And he won’t find out anyway.

  8. unsungpsalm December 27, 2008 at 12:41 pm #

    Hmm… I totally forgot about that!


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