The Ring, the (stupid) conclusion never-seen before!

23 Dec

So I had the funniest dream just before waking up, a rather dramatic one. The kind horror movie spoofs are made of.


I believe I only caught the dramatic conclusion to an episode that had already played itself out. At the helm was this real-life witch, probably this one, appeared to be spiritual guide to a little girl, probably one that had seen the video tape we all fondly remember from The Ring, and the witch seemed to have her own ideas of how to cure the little girl.

At the point of climax, everyone was in a dark room where a party seemed to be underway, with plenty of guests. The entire atmosphere was rather spooky and mysterious, with dark tapestries hanging from the walls. Very Harry Potter-ish. And there was a piano with gigantic keys on one side.
Suddenly, she started playing the piano, but no sound emanated from it. She, however, had a look of rejoice on her face and said “Doesn’t it sound beautiful?” and all the guests laughed at her.
Suddenly there was a white light and these mysterious figures seemed to be shooting out of a wall or a mirror or something, and colliding and becoming one with the girl. Which apparently seemed to cure her.

On the flipside, it turns out that the girl, though I could only catch glimpses of them, became evil and started killing other people. Almost as if the evil girl from the videotape had now possessed her. Except that it seemed she was slaughtering only people who had done evil. All through this, she had a (boy)friend [they were both quite young] who was assisting her all through. Eventually, girl ended up killing the boy, a scene that I didn’t witness but heard from a voice-over. And the dream ended right there.

Yes, I get it. I’m crazy.


One Response to “The Ring, the (stupid) conclusion never-seen before!”

  1. Dark Knight December 23, 2008 at 9:24 am #

    haha you too???

    good lord, i didn’t watch horrors 🙂

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