Hi’s, Hello’s and Mwah Mwah

22 Dec

College friends, school friends, sister’s friends, cousins from mom’s side of family, cousins from dad’s side of family, distant cousins from both sides of the family, nephews and neice, aunts and uncles, family friends from long ago, their kids from long ago…

I really felt like a superhero (or a wasp, whatever), zipping from one corner to another. The boots really helped by scalping my feet, so I was walking funny too, which didn’t help. A friend told another that I was a good host, and “flashy”. I wonder what that meant 😛

The sister, it turned out, had had one too many Mojitos, and I couldn’t make out any difference in her! An aunt wasn’t so incongnisant, and said in passing that she hardly seem to be without a glass in her hand!

The decorations were elegant, the afternoon was long and sunny and thus, I wasn’t freezing in my two-piece outfit. And no one asked me to grab something warm!

The weightloss really showed, it seems. Far too many people commented on it, a cousin who had once hinted that I should pick up a sport or something, asked me if I got AIDS or something to justify so much weightloss. Several asked me to put on some pounds, and way too many asked me if I’d eaten anything that day. Wheeee!

At the end of the day, we were totally devoid of any strength whatsoever. I went to bed last night with aching (and internally bleeding, thanks to the boots!) legs and dreamt of gym-bunking and career indecisions.

Which means that I have several issues to sort out. Beginning from how I plan to make up for missing 3 continuous workouts!

I suppose the apex was reached when a college friend extended an invite to a New Year party. Though he warned it may be a bit gay (i.e. not too many girls). So Whee on that too 😉

Thus, I shan’t be having a hopeless time this new year. Thank god for that!


2 Responses to “Hi’s, Hello’s and Mwah Mwah”

  1. D December 22, 2008 at 3:29 pm #

    The party season is officially on! 😀

    Seems like the anniv party went off superbly! Congratulations to your parents.

  2. Firebolt December 23, 2008 at 6:49 am #

    The party went great then, eh? I’m happy for you. Lots of fun, minus the boots…

    You’ve changed the look of your blog. I like this one.

    Cheers! ^_^

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