Delhi o’ Delhi

6 Dec

So one gets really caught up in this city, apparently. I checked into my Reader yesterday only to find some 30 blog entries by y’all in the 2 days that I was away. It’s almost divine intervention. These past days when I had abundant time to read and respond (which also includes my exam period, mind you), everyone was practically mum but 2 days I decide to take off and zip-zap; everyone’s donned their writing caps!

Anyhow, let me not stop you! Keep it coming, guys.

Delhi is nice and cold. The moment I got hear, I limped up to my bedroom, sat on my bed. Looked at the window through which the weak daylight came streaming in. Then I glanced at my possessions… dusty encyclopedias, CD player, old books. I opened my bedside drawer and found a 2-year-old sheet of paper with Organic Chemistry conversion reactions scribbled all over it. I looked at my old guitar, lying in a corner. I smiled and reminisced. Then another 5 seconds, and I told myself, “Damn, Delhi is boring.”

Anyhow, today I went in search for a technical internship to add something to my CV. This Monday, I check into a prominent Media org. in hope of finding something useful and qualitative in their IT department. As always, I have several apprehension because it seems to me that I’m being entertained by them purely because of my relations with an influential personality and not because they have any work for me as such. Or because I’m any good. I don’t think I’m any good at the moment… though I was hoping to become it. God only knows what sort of a project a Media house with an established and fully functional IT Infrastructure would have to offer. Probably none, but since it was the guy who set it up who referred me, they have no choice but to obey. Sigh!

Meanwhile, things at home are as normal as ever. The folks seem to be only as argumentative as they always were. I don’t blame Mother. I pity her, rather. Dad can be quite a pain sometimes. He’s so hypocritical and absolutely deluded about it. Thinks he’s very perfect. Mom says I’m quite an identical case. Unfortunately, she may be right. But I try and try to think of imperfections that I carry with me, and can name very few. I suppose I shall take some pen and paper and come up with a few, just so that I can prove her wrong. convince her myself that I’m not all that perfect.
I am, naturally, still considered not a day over 15 years old here. Most of what I say seems to be ignored. My atheistic inclinations are considered to be childishness. I had a rather heated argument about why I found the Ramayana as historical as Lord of The Rings or Angels and Demons. Dad insisted that since so many of the sites written about actually existed, the entire story must be true. I accused religion of stemming violence, he claimed that war was part of Nature’s Law of Balance! Naturally, we had many other arguments as well. Each drove my temper to the ceiling. We concluded with accusing each other of having the kind of character that causes unrest and terror in the society.

Meanwhile, both parents continue to think that marriage is a lifelong pact that both parties have to work to make a success out of. Like a business deal, as mom mentioned. She says that one has to have faith, goodwill and understanding and cannot be terminated prematurely. I told her that the Business partnership Dad was in was just as contentious, because of which he opted out, but naturally she never listens to anything I say.
Mom refuses to acknowledge the concept of “compatibility” in a relationship. My parents really are horribly suited for each other, but she thinks they’re like any other couple, only not compromising enough. Instead, they’re 2 2 contrasting personalities have expectations from each other that are a complete opposite of reality and will always be. Of course, they seem to think that that is the case with everyone. Sigh! Some couples are destined to fight it out all their lives, I see.

Yesterday in the kitchen, when we were having a discussion on the same, she told me how I’d understand when I set out to find a “suitable girl” for myself. I told her that such a complication would not arise. She challenged, saying that it would and “then I would know”. I could only smile and smile. In other conversation, she told me that I was getting my hopes far too high up with expectations of a better life abroad, and told me that I’d find a similar scene there as I did here. I begged to differ on several grounds but naturally, I couldn’t share the exact reasons.

Today, I got a real flavour of being (temporarily) disabled when I had to take the Metro back home from somewhere. For once, I was grateful for the escalators to take me up and down the station. In the train, I managed and grabbed a seat, which I kept for most of the journey. As usual, any person I passed would stare first right at me and then at my foot. I felt like such an exhibit! But after all my past experiences… moving about in the market in roller skates, carrying 80kgs of luggage in my first year of college all by myself and several other bizarre instances… one gets used to it.
As I was nearing my stop, an old man who had just sat down besides me started glaring disapprovingly at me, scandalised that a youth should occupy a seat. I didn’t want to be on the receiving end of his hostility, so I got up and limped towards the door. Naturally, I never sit in the train unless it’s quite empty, but pampered myself a little today.

I’m stepping out tomorrow to drop in at good ol’ CP. Hopefully, I’ll return home alive. I have rather strong sense of insecurity while visiting or having anyone I know drop in at any of these popular spots. In the present context, I doubt one can say that I’m being paranoid!

On Monday itself, I shall decide if I have the time to join a gym. I’ve cut down my meals to, as mom calls it, proportions smaller than what diet-conscious girls maintain. She’s not aware of the occasional chocolate I’m popping into my mouth every now and then. Besides, girls hardly ever seem to put on weight! It’s part of nature’s law of imbalance.

More later. B’bye then.


2 Responses to “Delhi o’ Delhi”

  1. TLOB December 7, 2008 at 3:09 pm #

    Ahha, it’s a sunday and you are going to CP..but aren’t all shops closed there on Sunday. ( I am told you get to see the best looking guys at CP, which I think is true from whatever little I have seen ) Let us know your birdwatching experience 🙂

  2. unsungpsalm December 7, 2008 at 5:45 pm #

    Oh, I was only dropping in to catch a cuppa coffee with Maddy but he had to work, so I didn’t go.

    Yes, there are some very fine guys in CP! I know from experience! I’ve stalked quite a few in my days 😛

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