L is for Library, L is for Lust

13 Nov

Who knew that a guy could (nearly) have a big-O while sitting in the library and listening to a bit of music!
No, the music was nothing special. I was basically sitting there, minding my own business when I saw someone approaching from one side. Who could it be but my Library adonis, walking towards me?
I hastily pulled the headphones off my ears, and lo behold, he stood there skimming through the pages of my book. WE DON’T EVEN STUDY IN THE SAME BRANCH!

“Don’t bother,” I jeered, “It’s beyond your understanding.”

He proceeded to answer back, but had to answer a phonecall just then. As he did so, he caught sight of the (empty) box of Gems that Hagatha had got me (bless her!). His eyes popped. Once he hung up, I asked him what he had against Gems, and he responded that he, in fact, loved them.

The target is thus clear…
Have gems at hand, whenever he is passing by!! And WITHOUT raising suspicions (“Hmm… You never offered ME any!”)

Finally, I have some ambition in life, albeit for a few days.
He leaves college in a fortnight 😦

In accordance with nearly everyone’s opinion of him, he did sound a bit gay while he was talking.
Is he? Or is he not? Is his 4-year relationship but one of convenience?
I suppose I’ll never know…

Sigh! The tragedy of life!


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