When Irony bites you in the…

23 Oct

It’s not even a quick nip or anything but a vicious bite!

So I had to cancel my trip home for the festive season. It so happens that I had an exam scheduled during one of the days I was to be gone. Plans thwarted, hearts broken… that sort of a thing. I held on to my booked tickets, just in case fairy godmother finally decided to turn up.

And then, fairy god mother turned up today and magically had the exam postponed by a whole week! Except that the old woman was a few days too late. I already had my tickets cancelled. The fares at the moment would likely be skyrocketing, and there’s hardly a chance that I’d get a train ticket for my way back, as our rocketing air fares won’t let me travel both ways by air!

A somewhat wise person once said “Life is a Bitch”. He probably went through the exact same affair.


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