The Unsung Song

22 Oct

After months since the inception of this blog, I finally took the pain of listening to the song that inspired it. I regret not having head it before, because it is so beautiful!

I wouldn’t have dug it out of the collection, if it hadn’t been for the iPod that has found its way into my hands. The pod is over 2 years old, and has passed from my father’s hands to my sister’s and finally to mine, where it truly belongs. It’s a shame it’s prior owners thought they were interested enough in music to hog the pod.

Well, with 4 GB of song allowance, there’s little doubt that I’m going insane! The battery is a bit weak, so that’s a source of disappointment, but I’m not complaining at the moment! I’m an iPod user 🙂

So ladies and gentlemen… presenting none other than the mesmerising Tracy Chapman with…

Unsung Psalm

Thanks Tracy. This isn’t the first time you’ve inspired me.


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