Mamma Mia … How can I resist you?

24 Sep

Okay, I started writing this post this morning, but didn’t post it until now. I suppose it was for a purpose. Which is that I was supposed to append this paragraph that you’re reading now. How can I resist what? Dear Old Ramby! He did an awful vanishing act for so many days, it is absolutely unacceptable! He doesn’t realise that people actually need him around to cheer them up. The selfish bastard! Shame on you, Ramby! How can I or anyone else resist you?

Now for what I began writing this morning…


All through my “Abba” phase, my sister would mock me over my liking for their music. It was through the ages of 12 to 14, maybe. It started with one old album that I borrowed from Alika in the 7th Grade (which turned out to be a really old cover album), followed by the purchase of (Abba) Gold (and my purchasing tapes back then was a big thing!)

After I bought Gold, there was no looking back really! The music… I began to consider as divine. Till today, I remember the words to almost every track with reasonable accuracy. The melodies are imprinted on my mind! I’ve been tempted on many accounts to walk up in a Karaoke and put a track by Abba on play, while I sing along. But I don’t want to “come out” in that fashion to a large group of strangers, so I suppose it would be better to avoid it!

But with the release of Mamma Mia and all recently (which I haven’t exactly watched yet), Hagatha told me that she’d downloaded the soundtrack. I was shocked to know that not only were all the tracks covers by the actors in the film, she had also never heard the originals… and that means I’ll be the one making her listen to them! However, I retrieved a copy of the soundtrack, and am now revisiting those good old days when all I wanted to do was come back home from school and hum along with some Abba track. That even when Alika and I had a HUGE fight of sorts, she rang me up and said that she wanted to express her feelings to me through a song, and then played “Knowing Me, Knowing You” from the tape she had borrowed from me, using her walkman, and transmitted it over the phone to me. That I would choreograph an entire dance sequence to “Voulez Vous” in my head. That I would have vivid recollections of Campfires while listening to “Chiquitita”, or imagine myself headbanging to the dramatic drums right at the end of that track. That I would get super-duper excited when the school choir learned and began to sing “Super Trouper” and how I wished I was amongst them. That I would listen to “The Winner Takes it All” or “Angel Eyes” when I was depressed.

Yes, I remember all those moments I spent alone in my room, as Abba’s music engulfed the atmosphere around me, and with each and every track, I associated a memory of childhood. And those songs are all that are left that can take me back to those days, because besides them… there isn’t really much left to revisit.


4 Responses to “Mamma Mia … How can I resist you?”

  1. Kris Bass September 25, 2008 at 8:46 pm #

    Mysteriously, I was never a fan of Abba. Now that I know they are gay icons, I have new found respect for them.

  2. Crazy Sam September 26, 2008 at 9:20 pm #

    I agree, it’s like our blog-friend-circle has no life without Whippy. But let’s assume he had his own valid reasons for doing such a cruel vanish.

    I love ABBA. My parents had their cassette and one time when I was young, I played that and I just loved it. According to me, “Money Money Money” is the greatest track from them.

  3. Jackdaw September 27, 2008 at 6:39 am #

    I used to be mocked by my friends about my ABBA Gold cd. As I alphabetize my cd’s in a ABBA Gold was always on top, so they all knew I owned it. It was not cool in college. Funny how they suddenly all loved the music during the ABBA revival a few years ago… Their music is amazingly authentic, was revolutionary, and has proven to really stand the test of time.

    I recently rediscovered ‘Eagle’ and ‘Head over heels’. Wonderful. On the piano I prefer playing ‘The winner takes it all’, but ‘The day before you came’ is my all time favourite ABBA song.

    Btw, if you know they music, lyrics and videos well, you may find this parody amusing:

  4. unsungpsalm September 27, 2008 at 8:22 am #

    Oh Jackdaw, if you can, you MUST record yourself playing The Winner Takes it All on the piano and send it to us. I’ve always wanted a version that I could sing along with. The ones out there aren’t meant to be Karaoke.

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